Friday, January 31, 2014


Since the beginning, God set into place divine order. Infinite in Wisdom, and Love, the Creator knew how to establish order. Within that order, He has set cycles of times and seasons. One of those cycles involve the history of man – the stages that mankind has journeyed through, since the beginning of man.

Below, my Lord revealed what I call “the Seven Cycle History of Man”. As with all things, go before the Lord to see if these be Words of Truth.


1 - God establishes a work, and a people;

2 - Growth and expansion on what God has done;

3 - The refining process occurs, regarding what God has done;

4 - A falling away occurs for those that do not advance through the refining process;

 4a - The cycle continues to repeat itself for those who do not advance & grow;

 4b - A remnant remains of those that advance & grow;

5  - Persecution comes to the people of God; and, as a consequence, everyone else;

6  - Judgment comes upon all, yet a remnant are sheltered – and prosper;

7  - Revival comes, as a result of the judgment;

8  - new beginning; the process repeats itself

 The “seven cycle history of man” may be seen throughout history. The process occurs both locally, and globally. At any given period of time, an individual, a nation, or a people group may be at any stage of the cycle. At any given period of time, there will be multiple individuals, or people groups, experiencing various stages of the cycle. At certain periods of time, a “perfect storm” occurs in which all people groups move into a unison of cycle stages. At the end of that “perfect storm”, various people groups resume the cyclical process. The period of time, corresponding to each cycle – and groupings of cyclical processes – may vary according to an infinite array of determining circumstances. There will come a time when the cyclical process comes to an end – and the new heavens and earth begin.

 Does the cyclical process continue through eternity? According to the revealed Word of God – apparently not. But only God truly knows.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meeting Jesus

Last night I was part of a church service where a formal liturgical communion was administered.  I grew up with formal liturgical communion.  Full on.  45 minutes.  It was a Holy thing.

There was explanation, responsive readings, prayers and words of consecration.  The whole thing.

So you understand, this was in a Pentecostal Church but was administered by an Anglican priest.

One of the things that struck me was how manifest Jesus presence was in this.  I don't want to get into the discussion of how all that happens.  I only know this, that when communion, the Eucharistic sacrament is administered with the right reverence and recognition, Jesus shows up.

I grew up in a liturgical environment, but for the last 33 years I have been part of the Charismatic move of God.  Yet I have always recognized that something is missing in our expressions.  The recognition of the Holiness of Communion and the Presence of Jesus in the sacrament.

Robert Schimdgall was the Pastor of Calvary Church in Naperville IL. It was an Assembly of God church and Pastor Schmidgall was a presbyter in the denomination.  I loved that man.  Before he died in a conversation he said, "I am convinced that we do not understand what is happening in communion.  It's more than a memorial. I don't agree with what we teach in the AG.  It's an encounter with Jesus.  We meet him in Communion". 

Paul the Apostle writes in 1 Corinthians 11
27 Therefore whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of the body and blood[d] of the Lord. 28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29 For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner[e] eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s[f] body. 30 For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep. 31 For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.

There have been a few in Pentecost who have captured the truth of Jesus manifest presence in communion, Perry Stone is one who wrote a book called "The Meal That Heals".  

Of course Catholics have held to theology that caused all kinds of strange events.  If a drop of wine was spilled on the carpet... that carpet had to be taken up and preserved.

As much as we poke at this extreme, we must  re examine the other extreme, how flippantly we treat this encounter in our churches.  How we run folks thru the line without a clear examination of ourselves; without a genuine comprehension of what is really going on.  The Holy is missed completely.

Last Sunday morning I had a vision during the communion "sheep dip" that tries to pass for the sacrament (it's the least spiritual thing we do in church sometimes). In the vision Jesus was trying to get thru all the procedure and program but was shoved aside by those delivering the elements. No encounter took place. I may refrain from taking communion because of this shallow administration.   It goes against what Paul warns about in 1 Corinthians 11.

Here's where we have gone wrong.  We treat Communion as something we plug in because we should. We know the instruction.  So to punch our church program ticket, we  do "something", even if it meaningless.  That is the epitome of a church program.  If you hate programs, as I do, you will hate this even more.

I have advised, prodded, encouraged, warned and admonished church leadership I am able speak to about this.  I keep saying, "have communion, but make it special, rare, Holy".  It should be focused on the uniqueness of the sacrament. Preach only on the sacrament. Set the table in the center of the whole service and spend the full service administering the sacrament.  This can be a place where Jesus touches people for healing, for deliverance, for salvation, for comfort, for hope.  Hands should be laid on. Sometimes prophetic words given.  Help people comprehend what is happening.  AND to make sure it doesn't become mundane, make it less frequent.  Much less frequent. Once a month is great plenty.  And it should be ONE SERVICE.  In some church traditions, once a quarter.  Every week is wrong.  You can't do what needs to happen in a weekly weak program.

The weekly communion app as practiced in most churches is weak and the people are weak because of it..  It makes what should be an encounter with the Holy, something to get done because we do this every week.  You know, TIME.

And nothing happens.  No one meets Jesus.

Last night when the bread was placed on my tongue, the priest laid his hands on me, stopped looked in my eyes and I met Jesus.  I knew HE showed up to lay his hands on me.  The priest was just a vehicle.  It was the communion.  Jesus spoke to me... not in words.

I love to encounter Jesus in the Gifts of the Spirit, in worship, in Spiritual songs and tongues, in mercy, in the prophetic, in the expulsion of evil and invasion of good, in all the ways Jesus shows up.

It's just that last night, I met Him again, I have missed that encounter. It has been a very long time since I have had real communion.

Can we cut out the programs and start allowing Jesus to manifest in this?

That is a prophetic prod you need to hear.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Key of TIME - Maryam Ziadat

One very important Key to the manifestations of the kingdom of God is TIME.

The Lord in heaven has his own agenda, his own calendar. Scrolls upon scrolls of plans and purposes over nations as well as individuals since eternity. Some of those scrolls has been opened, some still sealed. Some of what was in those scrolls came to pass, some does not yet. As long as there is life on earth, there will be actions and in it all God is sovereign.

ONLY IN HIS PERFECT TIMING THINGS WILL BE REVELED TO MANIFESTATION. It all started and approved in heaven by HIM and in His Perfect Timing it will be released to us on earth.

We, as his children, believers who truly know the one who they believe, have the Grace and all the tools that he already gave us to know his timing and when we do we will not miss the opportunity of the blessing that is so much needed (healing, delivery, redemption, heart desires, dreams, etc.).

Knowing the times will always allow us to be prepared to receive what he is releasing to us. Our prayers will be directed accordingly with his heart, mind and will with all that he wants to bring to manifestation.

When the Lord speaks to reveal things to his prophets, he is releasing a knowing of the timing as well. Ok, Lord, this is what is on your scrolls for me now, or for the nation, I agree with you Lord and will pray accordingly with your will.

Lord, what are you doing now and how can I partner with you in it? I promise you that you will know for the Lord will make sure to bring you into alignment with him when you are seeking him and his will.

The Lord spoke so many wonderful things, so many powerful promises for this year 2014 and beyond. This is THE TIME OF RELEASE for these specific promises. Get a hold of them and pray accordingly while preparing your land to receive. God bless you.

from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do--200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command; 1 Chronicles 12:32

…14 But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD, I say, "You are my God." 15 My times are in Your hand; Psalm 31:4-5a

Job 14:5
A person's days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.

Daniel 2:21
He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rick Joyner: Sheep and Goat Nations - Be A Part of What God is Building

Rick JoynerYou do not need to be a prophet to see that we are in the times that the apostles and prophets spoke of when the kingdoms of this world would be collapsing and the Kingdom of God growing. However, even many Christians who see how shaky the governments of this world are becoming do not yet see the signs of the coming Kingdom. To understand the times, we must become increasingly discerning of these two kingdoms. Now there is one more factor we must consider as a basis for this study, which is declared in Revelation 11:15:
Then the seventh angel sounded; and there were loud voices in Heaven, saying, "The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever."
This indicates a transition, a "becoming." Though the kingdoms of man are now collapsing, we have this and other prophecies which indicate that some of the kingdoms, or governments, of this world will not utterly crumble, but will transition into becoming part of the Kingdom of God. We should discern these too so that we can, if possible, help them. Discerning them begins with understanding how this transition will take place for those nations that embrace the Kingdom.
The Lord compared the Kingdom to leaven that is sown into a lump of dough and spreads throughout the dough (see Matthew 13:33). The Lord uses many ways to sow His Kingdom principles into governments and nations. These will spread and be a foundation for His coming Kingdom. He is using His people to do this.
Be A Part of What God is Building
In Isaiah 40 we see that we prepare the way for the Lord by building a highway—a path built on God's higher ways. This highway is being built now and, in some ways, has been under construction since the King, Jesus Himself, walked the earth. This is why The Great Commission is not only to make disciples of individuals, but nations. The "go into all the world" is not merely geographical. True missionaries sent by God are now going into every field of knowledge, industry, and government. They are being sent to these fields to help build this highway.
In one parable, the Lord said that when He returns, He is going to separate the nations into two groups—sheep and goats. He gives the distinguishing characteristics of both. As we are called to be salt and light in this world, both watchmen and shepherds, we should care deeply that whatever nation we have been born into, or sent to, becomes a "sheep nation" and not a "goat nation."

Once we start to see the Kingdom of God, even the greatest works of men begin to look boring and insignificant. I understand why some who begin seeing the Kingdom lose all interest and hope in the governments and ways of men. This is why Abraham, who was obviously a member of the aristocracy of the greatest nation and culture of the time, left it all in pursuit of the city that God is building.
In leaving everything to join with what God is building, Abraham became a blessing to all the families on the face of the earth. The primary way that we too will become the greatest blessing to the earth is by pursuing our calling to be a part of what God is building.
When we see what God is doing, nothing man has done will ever compare. Even so, although it may be boring, our job is to help the nations we have been sent to. We are to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and help them in any way we can to become "sheep nations" and not "goat nations." It is our job to give them hope. We have been given the greatest message of hope the world has ever, or will ever, hear—the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Therefore, along with this study of how we can see the coming Kingdom, we know that we must, in practical ways, be preparing the way for it. We also need the deepest understanding and strongest grip possible on the message we have been given—the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries


Friday, January 24, 2014


There is a day coming when the economy will go thru a very hard reset. It's going to be painful. Our nation for the last decade has been moving towards this. I have tried to point out the drift. When it comes to a conclusion and the collapse happens, you should expect these things to happen. I wrote of these things when I posted the 2014 word of the Lord.
It's my ministry to let you know what it will be like so you can prepare the best you can:

From Lew Rockwell:
Travel Restrictions. This will begin with restrictions on foreign travel, including suspension/removal of passports. (This has begun in a small way in both the EU and US.) Later, travel restrictions will be extended within the boundaries of countries (highway checkpoints, etc.)

Confiscation of wealth. The EU has instituted the confiscation of bank accounts, which can be expected to become an international form of governmental theft. This does not automatically mean that other assets, such as precious metals and real estate will also be confiscated, but it does mean that the barrier for confiscation has been eliminated. There is therefore no reason to assume that any asset is safe from any government that approves theft through bail-ins.

Food Shortages. The food industry operates on very small profit margins and survives only as a result of quick payment of invoices. With dramatic inflation, marginal businesses (suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers) will fall by the wayside. The percentage of failing businesses will be dependent upon the duration and severity of the inflationary trend.

Squatters Rebellions. A dramatic increase in the number of home and business foreclosures will result in homelessness for anyone whose debt exceeds his ability to pay—even those who presently appear to be well-off. As numbers rise significantly, a new homeless class will be created amongst the former middle class. As they become more numerous, large scale ownership of property may give way to large scale “possession” of property.

Riots. These will likely happen spontaneously due to the above conditions, but if not, governments will create them to justify their desire for greater control of the masses.

Martial Law. The US has already prepared for this, with the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which many interpret as declaring the US to be a “battlefield.” The NDAA allows the suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detention, and the assumption that any resident may be considered an enemy combatant. Similar legislation may be expected in other countries that perceive martial law as a solution to civil unrest.

The US government, for the last decade, has been moving increasingly closer to what can only be described as a police state. With watch lists, militarized police departments, legislative actions, and executive orders the government has already set the stage for these secondary events.

When the system itself is no longer able to support the tens of millions of Americans receiving monthly government assistance, one hiccup could set the whole thing ablaze.

While it can’t be avoided on a national scale, there are advance preparations that individuals and their families can make to, at the very least, insulate themselves from the secondary event triggers. This includes storing essential physical goods and keeping them in your possession. Things like long-term food supplies, barterable goods, monetary goods, self defense armaments and having a well thought outpreparedness plan will, if nothing else, provide you with the means necessary to stay out of the way it all hits the fan.

Final Comment from me:
This is not an end time event. Don't be deceived. This is essential and is the mercy of God to demonstrate how futile the efforts of humanity are without HIM. It will lead to the greatest revival that has ever happened in history. This event will be global. There is no rapture to take out out of this. This is not the great tribulation, it will be difficult, it will be a time of great trouble. The result will be a new and better civilization. We will learn much from this. Trust in Government will collapse. Even though there will be despots attempting to grab power in this time, it will fail. There will be warfare but it will be sporadic.

Gods word is "Fear Not" ... however be prepared and face the end of this time and the beginning of the next with great courage. The worst that can happen is you could die, and if you are secure in Christ.... that's not so bad. Be bold be strong for the Lord thy God is with you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The KEY to grasping the Real meaning of the book of Revelation. IF you Hover over the passages noted they will appear

 From Apostle Axel Sippach

You cannot understand the Book of Revelation - or the other New Testament books for that matter clearly without an understanding of the Old Testament? In the Revelation there are so many either direct or alluded to references from the Old Testament. By going back and seeing what OT Scriptures were referenced, you have a better picture of how to interpret the verses from Revelation, which is not about the "destruction of the planet" but about the "apokalupsis" - "unveiling" or "revealing" of Jesus Christ. The list here is from the which is a great study resource tool. I just thought this might help someone who is currently or planning on soon studying Revelation again.

Rev 1:6
Exodus 19:6

Rev 1:7
Dan 7:13

Rev 1:7
Isa 40:5

Rev 1:7
Zec 12:10-14

Rev 1:8
Isa 41:4

Rev 1:8
Isa 44:6

Rev 1:12
Zec 4:2

Rev 1:14, 15
Dan 7:9

Rev 1:14, 15
Dan 10:5, 6

Rev 1:14, 15
Eze 1:27

Rev 1:14, 15
Eze 8:2

Rev 1:14, 15
Eze 43:2

Rev 1:16
Isa 49:2

Rev 1:17
Dan 8:17

Rev 1:17
Dan 10:8 &

Rev 1:17
Isa 44:6

Rev 2:1
Deuteronomy 23:14

Rev 2:7
Gen 2:9

Rev 2:14
Num 25:2

Rev 2:14
Num 31:16

Rev 2:20
1Ki 16:31

Rev 2:20
1Ki 21:23

Rev 2:20
2Ki 9:33

Rev 2:23
Jer 17:10

Rev 2:27
Psa 2:9

Rev 3:7
Isa 22:22

Rev 3:7
Job 12:14

Rev 3:9
Isa 60:14

Rev 3:17
Hsa 12:8

Rev 3:19
Pro 3:11, 12

Rev 3:21
Psa 110:1

Rev 4:2, 3
Eze 1:26, 28

Rev 4:5

Rev 4:5
Eze 1:1-28

Rev 4:5
Eze 11:1-25

Rev 4:5
Isa 6:1-13

Rev 4:6
Eze 1:22

Rev 4:6
Exodus 24:10

Rev 4:6
Eze 1:5

Rev 4:6
Eze 10:12

Rev 4:7
Eze 1:10

Rev 4:8
Isa 6:2

Rev 5:1
Eze 2:2

Rev 5:6
Isa 53:7

Rev 5:6
Zec 4:10

Rev 5:6
2Ch 16:9

Rev 5:8
Psa 141:2

Rev 5:10
Exodus 19:6

Rev 5:11
Dan 7:10

Rev 6:8
Eze 14:21

Rev 6:12, 13
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Rev 6:12, 13
Isa 13:13

Rev 6:12, 13
Hag 2:6

Rev 6:12, 13
Joe 2:31

Rev 6:12, 13
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Rev 6:14
Psa 102:26

Rev 6:14
Isa 34:4

Rev 6:15, 16
Isa 2:9 &

Rev 6:15, 16
Isa 2:19 &

Rev 6:15, 16
Hsa 10:8

Rev 6:15, 16
Isa 13:13

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Rev 9:7, 8, 9
Joe 1:6

Rev 9:7, 8, 9
Joe 2:5

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Psa 135:15

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Eze 2:9

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Dan 12:4, 7, 9

Rev 10:8-11
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Rev 10:11
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Rev 11:1
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Rev 11:1
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Rev 11:1
Eze 40:47

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Dan 7:25

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Rev 22:18
Deuteronomy 12:32

Rev 22:20
Hab 2:3

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kim Clement: There Are 'Eight Wells' That Are Going to Be Unstopped in the Year 2014

Kim ClementDecember 31, 2013 - New Years Eve at the Den:
"This is the Beginning of Acceleration"
The Spirit says, "Draw a little closer; gather around in one accord for this is what draws Me closer to humanity. I look for unity; I crave unity for it is there that I command My blessing. This nation has been torn to pieces; divided in discord even in My house. But I look for the sound of unity for it is as the oil that ran down the beard of Aaron, down his robe."
"This is where I will command My blessing for I have whispered in the ear of My prophets, Can these bones live? I spoke to Ezekiel and I said, Can these bones live? Yes, you know, Lord. And My Spirit came and as He spoke it went to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west. My question to you is, Can these bones live? Can My Spirit bring them back to life? Those who have died; those who are spiritually dead, can these bones live?
"For I have excitement for you," says the Spirit. "Though you are surrounded by fear, doom and gloom, I have set apart certain truths for My people to prosper and I say to you, It has now begun. They have spoken of the dinar. They have spoken of the amazing discoveries – the Big E, synchroton. I have spoken of these things that will be manifest, but yet there has been a cover upon these things. I say to you: I will release them one at a time because this is the beginning of acceleration," says the Spirit of God.
"This Year, the Discoveries Shall Flourish and Flourish"
"This is the beginning of motion, that what I've spoken over the last seven years has now been uncovered," says the Lord. "It shall move rapidly, but hear a mystery. Hear a mystery," says the Lord. "A mystery is – look at the thing, which is able to morph – the caterpillar. What is this that is being spoken? There is gold and there is silver and there are those that are waiting upon – I can see it, I can see it. There are wells.
"There are eight wells that are going to be unstopped in the year 2014. These wells shall bring a great provision to the people who are perceptive and who invested. Hear some of the things that the prophet has spoken. Was it not Jesus who said, Cast your net to the right side of the boat? How hastily and speedily fish moved from one side to the other and gathered around that boat. Was it not Jesus who said, Cast your net into the deep? They had fished all night long and caught nothing. Many of you are watching and saying, We have fished, we have labored, we have been industrious, but we have caught nothing."
God says, "There will be a shift where there will be a gathering together of the things that will provide for My people and even this nation. They have said we'll lose credit – I will unveil things politically and I will catch them with their pants down and I will say enough, for humility has come. I will then begin to upraise through the humble," says the Spirit of God. "I will say to those who are poor, you are now rich. I will say to those who are sick, you are now healed. This year, the discoveries shall flourish and flourish and flourish," says the Lord. "My people shall be prosperous," says the Lord.
A Season Likened to Solomon
By inheritance, your father Abraham dug these wells, but they are ours by occupation. In other words, the enemy said, "We are occupying wells that belong to you, the people of God." And so he was rejected as he looked for his father's wells and his inheritance and told these are yours by inheritance but not by occupation. This is the story of the world today. Those wells that our forefathers dug with righteousness, with blood, sweat and tears, now have been taken occupation by secular humanists, by atheists, and they say, "This is ours. They labored for it but we will enjoy the prosperity."
And God said to me, "Kim, that day has come to an end. Now for those who believe it, can accept it." For those who don't believe it and would prefer to believe that the end of the world, though predicted 95,000 times and never happened – you can believe it and fear. But I am choosing to believe that there is a season that is upon us that we are entering now that is likened unto Solomon. What is Solomon?
Solomon had wisdom; Solomon was industrious. Whatever he set his hand to prospered. Then He spoke to me about Isaac. Hear the word of the Lord, everybody watching all over the world. He said when Isaac realized that the old wells had been stopped up by the enemy and taken occupation of, he sent his servants out and said, Search. And they came running back to him and said, We have dug a new well. And the Spirit spoke to me and said that we have looked to certain resources and we've said, "Why are they not feeding us anymore? Why are they not prospering us?"
And God placed us in this position to where we have no choice but to begin to look for new wells. And suddenly the servants came and said there are new wells. There are new wells opening up. God showed me a caterpillar. He said, "Keep your eye on this, as I want you to keep your eye on the Big E and all the different things that I've spoken about because this is that time for it now to be revealed.
"During the year 2014, I will first bring an exposure that will be highly embarrassing in the political world, to such a degree that it will force a fusion between political parties. They will say, We have no choice because of this that has begun to happen. But this is all My doing," says the Spirit of God, "because as this happens, My people will find wells that are unstopped and they will begin to invest." Some will only have just a few dollars, and God said, "Suddenly it will flourish and it will flourish and it will get bigger quickly because this year is the year that is coming upon you of acceleration. This is the year of multiplication. This is the year where I will Prayerquicken things up and I will speed it up and cause you to advance," says the Lord.
What Do You See? - "Accelerated Favor"
This specific word that was given to me was accelerated favor. You've heard good words before. We've had, you know, in 2008 you can open the gate, 2009 you're going to be divine – all this...this is not a rhyme. This is something that I came across when I was praying and when God lifted me into the air. And I began to see this tremendous weather taking place and I said it would happen in the next two weeks and bring us to the New Year. God showed us a sign. I said I need you to do it because Your people have waited for too long and if You could reveal it to the Sons of Issachar, then why not us?
What is this time that we are in? Is it a time to hide away? Is it a time to be fearful? No, it is a time to look with your eyes; your perception is sharpened because there is a fusion that is going to take place, not only in parties, but in music and in medical science. This fusion will begin next year and people will begin to say when will this begin? And I got something clearly from the Spirit.
When God spoke to Jeremiah, He said to Jeremiah, I this day have given you power over nations. Please hear what I'm saying. The Lord God said to him, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to build and to plant. Now stop! God didn't say a few days from now. He said, This day. But listen to this. Then the Lord said to him, so What do you see? I want you to listen carefully, all over the world. Listen to what I have to say. God says to Jeremiah, Today it's already happened. In 2010, He spoke about the beginning of the end of debt. I have testimonies here of people that are writing in that are debt-free because they believed the promise.
Now hear this little mystery I'm going to reveal to you. The Lord said to Jeremiah – He said, What do you see? My answer would have been who cares what I see? But this is called optical fusion. God requires a certain amount of perception from you. He needs it from you because once you have an optical fusion (and I'll explain that in a minute), that is the only time that God can speed up things, for where you left off, He can bring you up to date. He can redeem your time. The redemption of time means the rescuing of wasted time, where you missed an opportunity.
"I say to you today," God says, "that opportunity may have been missed, but if you can see things the way I think, the way I see them, I will hasten and speed it and catch you up." Think about that. Isn't that a great word? And this is what He said, and it's a play of words; I didn't realize it. Jeremiah said, Well I see (he's a young boy) – I see the branch of an almond tree, a shoot of an almond tree. And the Spirit stopped me when I read that and He said, "I want you to realize this is happening now." Jeremiah needed to see something in order for God to know that his eyes were perceptive enough that God's image and Jeremiah's image could be united together so that there would be one percept.
"A Fusion Between Those of the Middle East and Those of the West"
We have prophets and teachers all over the world calling this the end of America. We just had a recent one say that when Billy Graham dies, that is the end of America. My dear friends, I beg to differ! I know that you're listening all over the world and you're saying, "I don't know if I really like it, but I'm starting to like it" – because we've been fed fear. The man that predicted how many times the world would end with 80 million dollars a year just died. No, I'm not condemning him, but the Spirit said enough!

"I have something yet planned for the globe, for the nations of the earth, where there will be a fusion between those of the Middle East and those of the West..."
The Lord said to Jeremiah, You have seen well. But I want to speak to you about what the almond tree means. The almond tree, or the shoot or the branch of the almond tree, is the emblem for alertness, activity, and blossoming in late winter. Some of you got it. You mean it's that close? Yes! "But Kim, don't you listen to the news?" No, I don't listen. I hear it once in a while and I realize that what they're doing is heaping the garbage into our minds and our souls so that the enemy of our soul can do what he did right from the beginning – drive man away from the presence of God.
God is crying out to every one of you all over the world and saying, "Do not run away from My presence. For My presence," and He said this to Moses and He said this to David – He said, Prayer"the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." He said to me, "Kim, has that happened?" I said no. He said, "It's going to happen because knowledge is increasing. I spoke to Daniel and I spoke to him about how knowledge would increase throughout the earth and it would go forth to and fro throughout the earth and My people shall be mighty and they will do mighty exploits in My name. This is that time," says the Spirit of God!
I'm just prophetically preaching. We're going to get somewhere very quickly because every one of you watching, you know what I spoke to you about. I said we are going to enter into 2014 with our desire, because God wants to hear them, and our offering. Our five's or our two's, our 50's or our 20's, whatever it is, we are not going to come empty-handed and we will not step into this precious promise without giving unto God the evening sacrifice that He deserves on this eve of 2013, which I'm happy to say goodbye to.
God said to me, "What I spoke to Jeremiah I am now speaking to My people." I said, What did you say? He said, "Read about the almond tree, the shoot of the almond tree. It speaks about activity in the late winter; blossoming in the late winter. I want you to keep your eyes in the late part of this winter, in the west. You may be in summer now; it doesn't matter. You can look to the countries that have this, the winter. It's that period of time that there will be a stirring. It's that period of time that there will be a blossoming, an opening up."
"I Am Ready to Perform My Word"
For those that are doubting me now and saying, Oh, you're just giving us false hope, I am not. I will not be insulted to that degree. Do you think we have fought and labored for this? Do you think I'm building a church and a house in Los Angeles for no reason? Do you think I'm adopting children for no reason? Well, Kim, the end is near. Why are you adopting? Because it's not!
There is a global shaking about to take place that the world will say, I like the Jesus that they have made famous. I like the Jesus – not notorious with a bad disposition or reputation, which religion has done, but a Jesus that will be famous in the marketplace, a Jesus that will not be clothed with religion. This must happen before the end, for the Church to be glorified and glorious. Are you ready for that? Everybody watching, are you ready for that?
God says to Jeremiah, He says to him, You have seen well. Now because you have seen well and accurately, He says, "I will hasten My word to perform it." Now I did a study, for those that are watching, that are so ready for a break from this war, from this battlefield, into another reign altogether. Listen to this. He says, "You have seen well; I am ready to perform My word." I thought God is always ready to perform His word. There's only one little hindrance – lack of faith, unbelief – and that's what is being given to us through every news media on every channel, even Christian channels.
What hope do our children have? What hope does this generation have? What must I tell Matt Yong? What must I tell Mia? What must I tell Li-Ann? These girls and this little boy that I adopted? What must I tell them...there's no hope? No! You will be educated, you will be sharp, you will learn about Christ and you will run and you will show them who He is. That's what I'm doing with my adopted children! Come on!
Isn't God always ready to perform His word? The word "ready" – when He says I'm ready to perform My word, it means, "I will hasten and accelerate" My word. That's the word for this season. You're about to step into accelerated favor! Everybody say it, please. Accelerated favor! Accelerated favor! All over the world, I want you to join those that are with us and I want you to stop for one minute and say those words with me. Accelerated favor! Say it again! Accelerated favor! One more time! Accelerated favor!
I looked up the word "accelerate" as it is shown there. Listen to this, you're going to love it, and then we're going to do what God wants us to do and then celebrate and go into the New Year celebrating. Where is the God of Elijah? Listen to me quickly. The word "hasten" or "accelerate" means "to cause faster and greater activity." How many of you are really ready for that? No more doldrums. No more passivity.
A lady wrote to me today and she was so upset. She said, "I'm sick. I'm so sick of waiting for God to show up." I said, Let me tell you this, there's a lot of people that feel like that. But this is a time and a season where He has caused a dynamic – not a demonic – but a dynamic that has pushed us, that has pushed us to dissatisfaction to the point where we will kill (and I'm not talking about murder) – kill demonic forces and whatever stands in our way for our promise to be fulfilled.
The word "hasten" or "accelerate" means "to cause faster and greater activity; to change the rate of motion; to reduce the time required for something." To reduce the time required for something; to progress and to develop faster, to develop faster. God spoke to me and said there will be a fast development of these things that I've promised in the medical world, in the scientific world, in the religious world, in the political world – the things that have been spoken are going to progress and develop faster. It's from the Latin word "acceleratus" which means "to quicken" and "to be swift."
The Big E, Firepointe, Inventions, Medical Breakthroughs and More
A few things that God showed me this next year of the mystery that will be revealed, that will be revealed swiftly, is the Big E. You've all waited; you've been frustrated. Why not more? Because that thing has been covered and only the prophets have seen it – but now they have spoken, God said, "Now it will be seen." Firepointe – inventions that have been spoken about that'll bring cures where cancer will no longer be a disease of this world. And Carmen, who has been attacked now with a very rare form of cancer, God is able to hear your prayers, how you've been shaking for hours in the night. But God wants you to know that He's standing there ready to move in for you. We cry out for Him.
PrayerMedical breakthroughs, energy in the USA and Israel that are going to just unfold so quickly, and then once that happens, a paralysis of energy reliance in the Middle East. How about that! And then I saw a caterpillar and I looked at this caterpillar and I said, What is this? He said, "Look how it straggles and how ugly it looks." Look again – that beautiful butterfly. Look at that beautiful morph, feeding on the lilies and whatever. God said to me, "Look at that very same thing."
The caterpillar is going to be not only a spiritual sign and an event for us, but it is going to be a force that you can invest in. Listen to me carefully, because people say, "You've given us so many great clues." The prophet Elisha did the same. He used flour to take poison out of a pot. That was ludicrous! God spoke about a thing called "ludicrous" that would come forth – a speed that is so fast. I could go on and on and on. "What are you trying to tell us? As the Sons of Issachar, we want to know." THIS IS THAT SEASON WE'RE ABOUT TO STEP INTO!
Enough of your toil, enough of your labor; it's time for the fish to come to the right side of the boat. It's time for the fish to get on the deep side. It's time for the fish to have a silver coin in its mouth so we'll use one hook – not a bunch of hooks, but one hook to get that fish with the silver coin and pay our taxes.
"Barrenness is Coming to an End"
January 11, 2014 - Prophetic Alert:
What you are getting today is a revelation from God, "That at this time," says the Spirit of the Lord, "that as there's been a decay of a powerful man that I spoke through My prophet and said that once he leaves the earth, once his body shuts down, Ariel Sharon, that something shall shift in the heavenlies and shall take place in Israel and in the United States of America. I will uncover, I will uncover, and I will uncover and then I will reveal that which I have for this season at this time."
And the Lord says, "There is a fresh dew that is coming from the heavens that will fertilize your lives and remove barrenness completely. Enough of this barrenness," says the Spirit of God. "There is enough barrenness of the soul – a barrenness of the soul of America, barrenness of the soul of the nations." God said, "Barrenness is coming to an end and there will be a fertilization of your souls and the soul of this nation and the soul of Israel. And I will defend you," says the Lord, "and I will take Egypt, and once again Egypt shall say, 'We want to work with you – we cannot stand against you,' – for that terrorist organization has now been brought to nothing." God says, "I will raise up those who are righteous in Egypt and they will bless Israel again," says the Lord!
Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center


Monday, January 20, 2014

***TRUE STORY*** by ~HB CherMen

I spoke to an acorn last night, and told him he was an oak tree.
He got really uncomfortable.
I spoke to the acorn and told him that if I were to take a sample of his DNA right this very moment. The results would be.... He is an oak tree.
He wanted to argue but couldn't.

"The thing is, You see, You can't tell me I'm an oak tree. I LOOK NOTHING like an oak tree"

"No matter how you look right now, it does not change the fact that you are an oak tree - the sooner you see who you truly ARE, the better your life will be"

"You have to let the acorn mindset die, if you are going to be the tree you were designed to be."


Then I turned to the gentleman beside me, and told him, "You are Perfect"

He got really uncomfortable........

Col 1:28 "teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:"

Matt 5:48 "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

John 12:24 “Timeless truth I speak to you: Unless a grain of wheat falls and dies in the ground, it remains alone, but if it dies, it yields much fruit.”

You are Perfection Maturing Day By Day

~HB CherMen

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A word for your discernment- It takes a man to do a man’s job. rachellbiblestudy

2014 has left you angry and unfulfilled. You perceive yourself as small and not contributing or making a difference to life and to lives of others. I will allow you to see the bigger picture because your contribution is part of my bigger plan. Put your anger behind you. Forgive those that you blame and step into my victory. It is now our victory.

I will use you and other people for my glory. Consider all the other people that I have used and consider the part that they played in your life and in this world . You are all part of my body and will all share in my glory.

The weapons that you will use in 2014 are offensive weapons. They will help you to chase the enemy instead of standing without hope. Do not trust your feelings of tiredness and fatigue. You have strength because I have clothe you with new strength so that you can fight and overcome.

Many will refuse your request for provision, resources and replenishment, but I will feed and restore you. I will encourage and strengthen you. For the battle is mine. Do not look to other people, partners and neighbours for assistance. I am your partner, your redeemer, your friend. Continue to move forward in faith.

You will start your battle, your race, your venture together as a group but you will leave many behind, some because of tiredness, some wounded, some will give up, some will move on and some will die. I give you the element of surprise, the advantage. You will have the right questions to bring knowledge and wisdom. Ask me to prepare your questions for the strategies will flow and follow from the answers to the questions.

You will be granted the opportunity and platform to reign over the enemy, your circumstances, your partners and to reign over those who oppressed you. You are given the tools to go into foreign and protected territories. I have brought you into manhood for you fulfilled the expectation of man doing a man’s job.

Judges 8

Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Visions

Tuesday Night Apostle Spoke on the Prophetic at Crusaders. He always starts the new year with this emphasis. It was great. Then the time of ministering the prophetic to people began. I had several come. All good. All precious.

But.. having just finished "The Veil" I found myself trusting what I was seeing at a higher level. Not timid about calling out the vision of God's love and compassion. A new higher level of the Prophetic which is Saying what God Says.

The last man I gave a word of the Lord to was an older man. When I laid hands on him, I immediately saw a huge black yoke on him. HUGE. He was all weighted down. That yoke was made up of all kinds of worry and stress, but what made it more painful was that it was soaked in rejection. I know for those who don't see these things it seems a bit weird. IF you do, it's not weird at all. I told him what I saw, how Father saw it, what Father wanted to do and I demanded that the yokes be broken. It was only his second time ever there. He had never had anyone prophesy to him.

I saw light of hope once again in his eyes. Here's the hard part. He had been a worship leader at another church and was put down by the pastor. That rejection along with having to deal with a great deal of stress and struggle had almost destroyed him. He was ready to give up. I didn't pray for him. He didn't need prayer. He needed hope. A word of God's love for him. A sense that Father sees even the sparrow falling and how much more.

Is it any wonder why the Prophetic is so essential in our churches today? Isn't is a crime that so many are so vacant of any real testimony of Jesus..which is the Spirit of Prophecy. IF you are a leader, I beg you, allow the activation of the prophetic among your people. They are dying without the word of the Lord.

 There have been times when I have seen things face to face. A few times I have seen a demon. One demon was the demon of religion. I saw it graphically. Another time I saw a demon called condemnation. Like a person standing there.

When I lay hands on someone to prophesy i see as in a dream. Like when you remember someone or something from the past. It can be more or less graphic. Then sometimes I see in the Spirit. I did Tuesday night. Above as the service was in full-force I saw angels, small ones, many swirling above the worship team. That was in the spirit. So it's not just one thing. I often see things on people. I see joy, or pain, or expectation or fear, or whatever. I see more than I will tell. It's not right to share all you know. The prophetic comes with great responsibility. It's not to be feared. One thing that has happened I am able to see things in people who are in public spotlight. Politicians, Celebrities and personalities. I am able to actually see the things in the spirit that they may think they can mask. It isn't easy to do. It's not always good to tell all you know. Love is the primary responsibility in being a Prophet. Yet we must be watchmen. One thing for sure, reading the Veil has helped me trust what I see and if you read the last chapter you know how much the Prophetic is involved in Jesus LOVE for us all. I can now say what I see with much more confidence. Yet as Apostle said, Moses said, "I would that all would prophesy". That is God's heart toward us.

I had always "seen" things. It's just didn't talk about it much to people. The Veil gave me an opening to comment on these visions. I know not everyone sees these things, but some do and can and doing so shouldn't seem weird. It's certainly not scriptural that everyone should always see all these manifestations, but it's certainly unscriptural that no one should. I agree that causing people to feel condemnation or inferiority for NOT seeing such things as some might shouldn't mean that we spiritually should reduce the common denominator of our experiences to such a level to make everyone feel We should all be cultivating the ones we move in ourselves. There just hasn't been much validation of this in evangelical Christianity. I am thankful for The Veil for that reason. IF you haven't yet read it, I commend it to you. It will change the way you see people, because all at once you will begin to see them as God sees them... and that will change everything. He loves you, me and everyone much more than we can possibly think or imagine.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A good guide for joining a Church- Dr Matthew Stevenson

     My theology on Church choice selection is extremely controversial and much different from the majority of the Body of Christ. I believe God chooses a pastor and a community suitable for people (Jeremiah 3:15). I am not particularly a fan of the democratic church/pastor selection process. I believe God plants people in places where the temperature is right for what he put in your life. Here are some principles to consider.

    Delivered- A place that provides resources, revelation and opportunity for you to get both instant and progressive deliverance,

    Discipled- A place where the power of community and teachers are available to bring you into a greater depth of the truth of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

    Destiny- A place that moves you to discern your destiny, its program, requirements, possibilities, timing and phases.

    Disciplined- A place that holds you accountable not just to who and what you are now, but to the standards that belong to who you were called to be!

    Density-The PRESENCE of God should be present in a weighty manner, during times of worship, prayer, praise, preaching and ministry. This presence is what encourages hunger to pursue God during the week.

    Either you are in a place and too isolated to take advantage of these aforementioned powers of the Local Church OR

    The place you attend is more like a heavenly hotel, where God comes sometimes and isnt interested in living.

    Choose to be where God is and where your future can flourish!!!

Church "HUH" What is it Good For?

Remember the old "WAR -- HUH What is it good for?... absolutely nothing" Song from the 70S?  Sometimes we need to evaluate things. 

I started to think of things that should not be done in Church. Or to put it another way, are far more effective if NOT done in Church. Here's a short list:

Witnessing... be a witness, don't DO witnessing.

Healing... sick people aren't in Church. Lazarus couldn't make it.. he Stinketh. You gotta go to them

Deliverance.. Demons might show up, but they are mostly in the square. Confront and cast out... Paul did and they were

Worship... HUH? I mean that's what we got a team for.. to lead us.. It's a start.. but it must lead to a lifestyle of worship.

PRAYER.. I think it's OK to pray in Church.. but being in a church doesn't amplify or enhance your prayers. Corporate prayer is good if it's not read and rote. God already knows what you wrote down... effective and fervent are hard in a redux.

Giving.. if all you give for is to make sure you are well recorded for you contribution to the IRS and a member in good standing (which to a pastor usually means you are a giver) then you aren't generous. It's good to support ministry, it's good to enter into God's provision, it's good to have someone release over your life in response to giving. But if you see a person and Holy Spirit says give to them... and you don't because you can't get a receipt... you are a fraud.

Ministry... all of it should be available, but if you are called to be a minister of God you probably can't do it inside the four walls. That's where equipping takes place. Ministry is what you do when no one is looking. The best prophetic words I ever give are private, simple and alone with them. The prophetic line isn't near as good.

So then you ask..What's a church good for? Fellowship. Bury and Marry Venue. Sometimes an encouraging word. We just need to keep from stumbling into making it a destination unless it is.. sometimes.

Sometimes I need to experience God. To touch a manifestation of Jesus in his revelation. That can come thru Corporate worship. That can come thru the Prophetic or Apostolic word. That can come thru the activation of the gifts of the spirit. That might even come thru preaching.. though less often than most preachers believe.

We cannot be effective trying to activate the vision and ministry of another man or woman. We can help it. We can encourage. But we cannot do much more.

The ministry of a Church and those gifted enough to lead them is to raise up disciples and then drive them OUT of the church into the areas of ministry they were long ago called of God to pursue. Keeping them in the fellowship and under the covering is like keeping hogs in a hog-house. It's a constant battle to not let them get a whiff of what is outside the four walls. They might just get out and you'll never get them back again.

Raise em up, send em out. Sometimes they'll end up all bloodied and wounded and wander back into the fold.. patch em up and shoo them back onto the battlefield. That's what a General in the Faith does. NOW TEN-HUT!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No one will get out of here alive in this body.. you will be GLORIFIED

Repeated Requests from good friends and pastors who must minister to those who are facing certain death, I offer up the portion of this year's "Word of the Lord" to help those facing the end face it with faith and courage. When you are facing death, most of what we thought mattered will not matter any more.  There will be a recognition of the hopeless worthless materialist things that costs so many everything, even their lives.  For the saint of God... it doesn't have to be this way.  We have a blessed hope.

This is how people can face the pain, the difficulty. The key to overcoming is grasping an ancient yet now forgotten way of death and dying and the solid trust we can have in an everlasting Father.  Our modern culture no longer faces death with the power of the Holy Ghost and a life lived for God.  We see our life as one thing and our purpose in God as another.  Yet, I can make this promise to you; You will not see death until your eternal purpose in the Father is completed.  If you have lost a child or a loved one prematurely, you might question that.  But it's true.. You are immortal in the flesh until then.

The fear of death has created a culture that grasps at life above its value.  How did the martyrs of old face death?  Bravely, welcoming, fearlessly, with joy and hope. How did the ancients as they lay dying pronounce blessing to others and then were laid up with their fathers?  How do those who fight in wars are often killed for the cause they fight for and die with courage?  How did the Apostle Paul or Peter face the executioners?  They knew death was coming but with little fear.  They had a revelation of what happens at death.

Facing the End .. Overcoming the FEAR of DEATH

Satan has caused many saints of God to allow the sting of death to return. He has deceived many into clinging to our mortal meat shells without Godly reason. Yes, we want to live, we can't do much for the Kingdom when we are dead, but we will all die. There is no escape. It is, was and always will be appointed unto man ONCE to die. There is a second death. It is the death of the lost. To the pagan, those lost for eternity, death does and should hold fear. I will not address those things that they fear. There is a way to enter into eternal life. It's visible at nearly every football game. I am more concerned with Christians who fear death needlessly. We need to know with confidence how that last breath happens and means.

What happens when we die? There is great confusion; it's the second time we go thru such radical change. Change is confusing. All change is perceived as loss. Birth was confusing. Darkness to light, Warmth to something new and colder. We cried out. We were confused in this transition. Uncertain. Death has the same effect. As we lie on our deathbed, sometimes we face this with fear, sometimes amazement, a metaphysical roller coaster ride. I understand that as Steve Jobs lay dying, just before he took his last breath, his eyes opened and he said, WOW!. I don't know what that means but I am sure WOW fits. Some withdraw further and further. Sleeping more and more. Recognizing the end and accepting it without struggle. Some do struggle right up till the end in fear. It's understandable.

Yet there is a way to understand death and overcome the fear, the sting, until we can say, “Oh Death where is your sting?”

Is there pain in death? Yes, momentarily. Particularly in a gruesome death. A gunshot, stabbing, bad car accident, execution, torture, a painful death by drowning, suffocation, heart attack or hanging.

Most people imagine they are going to die lying on a bed with friends and family surrounding them. That is not always the case. What of these more difficult unexpected situations of dying in pain. To deny pain is to deny the reality of death. There is however good news, pain is the last ditch effort our flesh fights with to keep us here.

Those who have gone thru this and come back say the pain was momentary, brief, intense and then erased from all memory. Like having a really bad tooth pulled. Pain for a moment and then no more pain. Mortality is not sloughed off easily. This flesh doesn't want to become an empty shell to be buried, burned or eaten by worms. It wants to hold on as long as it can. But like a teenager who becomes such a pain in the neck that a parent is glad when they leave, so too our flesh causes us more and more discomfort as we age until staying in it is no longer acceptable. It's very much the same syndrome and if we must learn to accept it as normal.

Not that there isn't regret and pain in separation from those we love. That's part of it too. Yet to the Christian, it is those loved ones left behind that suffer. Once death happens for the Believer all pain is gone, all memories that would cause grief dissipates. The sentiment is I'll see you soon. An eternal perspective offers that.

If we could grasp the temporary nature in dying we might not enter into it as full of trepidation as we do. Much of the heroics we commit ourselves to in the false hope that we might live forever in our bodies (or longer anyway) are vain attempts to postpone that which will take us all. It's not a sin. Doing battle with disease is part of life. Jesus (the great physician) healed the sick and raised the dead. Yet all died. It's that eventual reality that must be recognized as we step from time into eternity.

We come into a new reality as a believer who dies in Christ. No pain. No grief. No fear. In the next chapter I will tell you what happens right AFTER you die. And what it's really like on the other side of the veil that stands between time and eternity. Most people don't understand this. If we can.. it will change us forever and we will live in victory --fearless and purposed.

It IS Fathers intent for you to know this as he has downloaded this to many prophets who are speaking the same thing right now.  This is why I am so confident in sharing this at this time.

Facing the End - Entering Eternity Fearlessly

Imagine that you are one and then the other of the two thieves on the cross on either side of Jesus as they died.  One mocked him.  Bravado.  Anger.  Pain.  The other appealed to Jesus.  “Remember me” he said.  Jesus assures him thru his anguish, pain of scourging and beatings, pain of torture on a cross designed to make the dying as long and painful as possible.  All three were suffering.

The mocking thief faced his final moments in terror.  Not knowing what would be next.  His last breath was a desperate attempt to forestall the moment of life's termination.

On the other side was the thief that heard the word of the Lord; “TODAY YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE”.  His last breath was welcomed.  He knew that Jesus, the Creator of the universe opened heaven's welcome center for him.  Fear was gone.  He may have been in pain.. But he entered into eternity with hope.  That is Gods best for his children.  Fear of the sting of death is we will lay dying He says once more ... “TODAY YOU WILL BE WITH ME”.

So what happens to us right after we die? It's the moment after.  Time has now ceased.  We enter eternity. All pain is gone.  Our carcass is empty.  Body and soul are no longer one.   What do we see or experience? What is that moment like?

What we will experience in Heaven

There are scriptural evidences and testimonies of a some who have witnessed these things to help us grasp what happens.  We can construct what it will be like using clues with Biblical support.

The song we can only imagine, as wonderful as it is, comes short of the mark. We can and if we can grasp the vision, fear dissolves.

The moment the thief Jesus Promised died, all people who die in Christ, the moment you die here's what happens:

There is a shock into well being.  We suddenly feel indescribable peace.  Beyond all understanding.  It's overwhelms us.  We can hardly take it in.  Then there is the unimaginable beauty.  It is a manifestation of the fullness of Jesus beauty. Every color comes so alive that we can taste it.  In fact we will taste colors.  Music is everywhere.  All at once.  Remember this is eternity where everything is now.  So our experience in non linear.  It's all now.  Hard for those of us trapped in time to grasp, but to get a small glimpse of what that might be like, think back to a wonderful childhood memory.  A good one.  Think of it.  All the color, music, joy, fun, and love you felt. Now let that emotion come over you.  You see it not in linear fashion but as one good memory, all at once.  The parts you really enjoyed come back again and again.  That's a bad imitation of what eternity is like.  All at once, but able to be parceled out. 

I hear people ask what kind of music will I hear?  It will be your fullness of joy to experience... whatever fits you will be heard. For some hymns, for some chants, for some choruses, for some classical, for some a gospel song, or even a joyful rap.  It's your eternity and Father will speak to you in the context you understand.  You will grasp that it's all one.  Yet differentiable, yet we will not know of the differences others have.

You will have unspeakable joy.  No remembrances from earth that have contain any regret or pain. The pain you had in life will fit into your understanding and there will be no questions.  The Idea that you are going to ask questions of Jesus when you get there will be needless.  You will have full understanding of all.  You will know who you really are.  There will be no more self doubt.  How you fit in the whole time while on earth will make perfect sense in a supernatural way.  That is why there is no recognized hierarchy in heaven.  One saint is as another.  Fullness and fitly joined together.  This sudden recognition of your place in the universe will take your breath away.

Your capacity for experience will multiply a thousand times or more.  You will experience heaven as if you had 5000 senses instead of 5.  Every color, every sound, every taste, everything you hear, everything you feel, and the fragrance... it will be amazing.  You will understand what a vapid colorless place life on earth was.  You won't regret it...but wish everyone could experience what you are experience.

You will live without confusion. No question. Your only desire will be to worship.  It will all be so clear.  Bowing in worship, raising hands.  Singing.  The Sea of Glass is a desire hidden in the hearts of every person.  We want to be there.  Whatever we do will make all the sense in heaven.  It will be automatic.  You will want to enter into who HE is so completely as to be lost in Him.  You were created for this.  The beauty of Jesus will be revealed again and again. It will be all one, but eternal.  It will never be boring.  Love will be overwhelming.

You will have a form.  A spirit form.  Yet you will look to others as you were remembered.  Known as you were known. Recognized... yet it is your spirit that they see.. the rest is construct.  In fact you are a spirit.  It's hard to explain, but you won't have arms, legs or a head as you know yourself, but to those who see you, you will look as you did to them.  Sometimes someone walks up to you and you don't see him or her, but before looking you know who it is... you sense their spirit man. I know that's hard to understand but think of a child who dies young.  Her daddy is 25 years old.  She will see him thus when he arrives.  His brother who dies at 50 will remember him as about his age and his wife who follows him in death will see that man thru the eyes of love. His mother who bore him and died in childbirth will see him as a young boy.  They will all know him, but all in context and construct.  Its how people who die see grandparents and such waiting for them... as they knew them.

It will not seem an unfamiliar place to be explored.  You will already know all about it.  It will seem normal, someplace you already knew.  In a strange way, heaven was always in your heart. Eternity written on the hearts of man. Ecclesiastes 3:11

You have had glimpses of it.  This is why the idea of reincarnation keeps coming up in false religions.  There is a sense of going back, so people try to explain the origin of all life (JESUS saying let there be) as a reincarnation.  It's not.  But it is a type of returning... Remember, once there, all here is now.  To grasp this scripturally, you are already seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus...yet you are here.  In that way you return to heaven.  Yet you are already there.  It's a paradox.

It is impossible to describe so those who have had a glimpse of Heaven are lost for words. One thing is certain, once you have been there and come back the fear of death, even the fear of the pain of death is gone.

People don't GO to heaven.  They enter heaven.  Heaven is infinite in proximity.  Right here. Right there.  Just there.  It is easier to think of it a long long away somehow out there, but it's here. Not on earth, well kind of.  More on that in the last part.

When people die they step from the cloak of time into the uncloaking of eternity.  We are locked in a box called time and enter into an unlimited vista called NOW..  Eternity.

Facing the End.. Left Behind

The hardest part for those still here after someone steps from time into eternity is the sense of being left behind (there is still pain in loss).  Once our loved ones step from time into eternity they are unaware of us.  They don't forget us, they know who we are, but they are not aware of us once they are in eternity.  They are not part of any cloud of witnesses.  They are oblivious to us after the point of death.  Think about what it would be like for them to be aware of our actions, reactions and rebellions.  They do not become angels. Not even Mary the Mother of Jesus. She is there, but she is not an angel.  I don't want to upset my Catholic friends but the apparitions of Mary are supernatural communications but not Mary.  People saw her because it was a form of communication.  Sometimes perhaps even demonic. Measurement of that must be made in the light of Scripture.  An Angel taking a form acceptable to us can be a way Father uses His messengers to communicate something he can't get done another way.  Look at all the times angel messengers were used and documented to communicate something. It's still happening.

Those people now in heaven don't see or sense us.  They are in glory.  BUT we can sense them.  They can't come to us, there are no ghosts.  We will only go to them.  They can't come to us.  David proclaimed that when his infant son died.  It's a truth we must grasp.

When someone who has lost a loved one says, "It feels like they are still here or I can feel or sense their presence" it's true.  They are just there.. just on the other side of the veil.  A very thin veil.

You can feel it. You sense them. Yet this is not so for them.  They wait for you.  They remember you in the completed tapestry that was their life in time.  But you are now frozen in their memory.  After they die, they don’t see you again.  You can talk, pray and cry out to them, but they are deaf to your cries.  Praying to saints is fruitless.  YET... of your loved ones gone - you can sense the love they had for you and bask in it... as they wait for you to come.  The veil between you and them is very thin and sometimes is breached for a moment.. you to them but not them to you.  They are in Glory and you are still here in the battle.  They are right there... just there, you can almost reach out and touch them on the other side of the veil.  Think of what the transfiguration was like for Moses?  Did he see to our side?

Jesus and all the angels have no problem moving from time into eternity and back again.  There is no confusion for them.  That's how Jesus ascending into heaven and returning seemed to break thru some veil.  I wonder how high it appeared Jesus was when he seemed to disappear?  Fifty feet, a hundred, a thousand?  It seemed as if he entered a cloud and then was gone.  In the same way he came back again.... in a cloud.  The veil appears like a cloud.  Not that it is a cloud.. it is the separation between time and eternity.

Cloud is the only way someone seeing it can describe it.  It's a portal that opens and as angels step thru it looks like stepping into or out of a cloud.

Jesus appears often on earth. Has to many.  He sees us.  He is God.  Your uncle Art is not.  He is now like Jesus in bodily form in heaven, but not God.

Angels are assigned messengers and with messages come from and return to heaven.  Your uncle Art will never be an angel.  Your uncle Art will be one who came into heaven a little higher than the angels yet never assigned to return to earth.  That's for other created beings.

This is also how supernatural provision comes.  Remember the storeroom of heaven is just over there.  Just the other side of the veil.  Very close in proximity.  So when we look to heaven's provision we are able to receive as the veil is breached and those things stored up for us are delivered into our hands.  Sometimes it's manna.  Sometimes it's rain when you need it.  Sometimes it's deliverance.  Sometimes its protection.  Sometimes it's money in a fish.  Those things happen as heaven touches earth for a moment in answer to prayer.

One thing that becomes clear in heaven when the revelation comes of HIS greatness and majesty. The earth, the sun, the moon, the solar system, the galaxies, all the galaxies, all of creation suddenly fade into proper perspective in our sight of the Creator.  Will earth exist...?  Yes but in proper perspective.

All of creation will roll up like a scroll into the proper relationship to her creator.  You won't be in awe of them any more, but in awe of the maker.  There will be very little to cause you to want to be other than in HIS presence... except that HE is everywhere.  If you decide you want to visit Jupiter or Mars (like the old song says) you can think it and be there.  You won't need air or a spaceship.  You won't --- not moving, you'll just be.

All the things you read and memorized from scripture will make sense.  There will be things you were taught or believed here on earth that will seem like nonsense. But that was then.  In eternity the silly things you thought will fall away as the TRUTH takes center stage.. I AM the TRUTH HE said.

Not everyone will make it to heaven.  Will you know if your loved ones are missing and grieve?  No.  There are no tears in heaven.  No grief. No pain.  So from the moment you die till your loved ones appear at heaven's portal you will be unknowing.  It's not a sanitized experience; it's one that provides only for your fit into the whole of eternity.

These things are hard to explain.  The centrality of Jesus is what makes it all hold together (according to Scripture).  He will so overwhelm you with His glory you will not notice so many things that distract on earth.

You can live like this.  You can grasp your eternal nature now.


There is much more to say, but like Paul the Apostle said,

“It is doubtless not profitable for me to boast. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord: I know a man in Christ who fourteen years whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows—such a one was caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows— how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter. Of such a one I will boast; yet of myself I will not boast, except in my infirmities. For though I might desire to boast, I will not be a fool; for I will speak the truth. But I refrain, lest anyone should think of me above what he sees me to be or hears from me” (2 Corinthians 12:1–6)

I won't tell you how I know all these things, you must measure them all by scripture.  They will prove to be true as they are.


I have become a willing student of the things that Apostle John Eckhardt Teaches.  He has opened so many things to me over the last few years I have been connected in one way or another to his ministry. So when he writes on this topic, I not only listen and endorse, my heartbeat is to live this out. 

It is imperative that apostles and prophets come into their appointed positions of leadership in the church. These are governmental gifts that have tremendous authority to execute the plans and purposes of God. In order to do this they must be identified and released.

When apostles and prophets come into their place, the church will experience great blessing. Individuals must begin to walk in these callings with confidence and boldness. They need to know the functions of their offices in order to execute them faithfully. Clarity and understanding of these gifts and callings will help them to walk in them fully. This includes planting, activating, imparting, and demonstrating the kingdom of God.

These gifts need to be confirmed and strengthened. The church will advance and experience great breakthroughs as a result of these gifts coming forth. The saints will experience a new level of perfecting, maturity and release. Fear, ignorance and unbelief will hinder these gifts from coming forth fully. Overcome fear with courage and boldness, overcome ignorance with knowledge and revelation, and overcome unbelief with faith.

Apostolic alignment is important in this hour. We must align ourselves with the apostolic and prophetic movement. The following are 60 trends that I see emerging in the church with the full restoration of apostles and prophets.

1. A greater emphasis of the importance of signs, wonders, and miracles (especially deliverance). This will prevent the church from depending too much on rational, intellectual ways of approaching ministry. (2 Cor.12, Matt.10). Greater demonstrations of the power of God.
(1 Cor.2:4)

2. A greater release of revelation and insight into the mysteries of God. Many portions of scripture will come alive and be relevant for this current move of God. (Eph.3, 1 Cor.4)

3. Continue to expand the vision and outreach of the church in order to break complacency, apathy, and limited vision. This includes expanding into new nations and territories. The release of a pioneering (proton) anointing. (1 Cor.12:28)

4. The raising up of new leaders and ministries, confirming, ordaining, and activating new gifts and callings. This will assure a continual supply of new ministries for the expansion of the kingdom. Increase of emerging apostles and prophets mentored by more seasoned apostles and prophets.(2 Tim.2)

5. Enforcement of biblical standards for leadership including elders (bishops). This will help to stem the tide of immorality and bad character in leadership. Standards concerning marriage, family, and divorce will be once again emphasized as a standard for leadership. (1 Tim.3)

6. Establishing the kingdom into new regions and territories through church planting. This includes the release of apostolic, church planting teams. Raising up of Antioch churches that will have a sending and releasing mentality. (Acts 13)

7. Greater emphasis on spiritual warfare, including binding and loosing. Greater authority over territorial strongholds including principalities and powers. (Matt.16, 18)

8. Release of greater grace to handle increased persecution and suffering of the church worldwide.

9. Release of greater boldness to press forward in spite of suffering, persecution, and increased opposition to the message of the kingdom of God.

10. Release of greater resources for kingdom advancement, including finances and human resources. Greater release of missionaries, both long term and short term for the expansion of the kingdom. This includes kingdom businessmen and marketplace apostles. (Acts 4:34-37)

11. Strengthening of existing churches and confirmation of new churches. This will greatly strengthen the church worldwide. (Acts 14:22, 15:32)

12. Releasing and maintaining an atmosphere of liberty in the churches that will be conducive for the moving of the Holy Spirit and operation of the gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy.
(Acts 15:10)

13. Contending with heresy and doctrinal divisions that keep the church separated and divided. Defending the truth and preventing apostasy from infiltrating the church.

14. Releasing the saints into their individual destinies and purposes. Releasing churches into their corporate destinies and purposes. Activating believers into their callings and empowering them to do the works of Jesus Christ.

15. Releasing the spirit of faith in believers and assemblies for kingdom exploits. Apostles and prophets help us to believe for supernatural breakthroughs. As power ministers they often operate with the gift of faith and release the spirit of faith. They help destroy and overcome the spirits of doubt and unbelief that hinder the saints from operating in faith. Warning the church against the dangers of unbelief. (Acts 13:40-41)

16. Releasing the fear of the Lord for greater reverence and respect for the things of God.
(Acts 5)

17. Greater release of the spirit of prayer and intercession. Increased burden for prayer and intercession. The release of prophetic prayer warriors for regions and territories. Restoration of all night prayer, city wide prayer, watch of the Lord, and corporate prayer. (1 Tim.2)

18. Encouragement of fasting that releases humility and greater grace. (2 Cor.11:27)

19. Encouragement of individuals and churches to embrace a global vision and sending mentality. (Acts 13:47)

20. Emphasis on foundational and important truth that establishes believers in the faith and prepares them to go to perfection (maturity). Rejection of teachings and any emphasis that are not important and do not matter. Bring re-definition to terms and doctrines that have been taught erroneously.

21. Encourage the baptism of the Holy Spirit as the doorway into the supernatural realm and Spirit filled living. Emphasize the importance of utterance including tongues and prophecy, along with impartation and release of these things through the laying on of hands. (Acts 2, 8, 10, 19)

22. Upgrade of churches and regions into present truth. (Acts 19)

23. Creation of new wineskins to receive the new wine that is being released from heaven. Renewing of old wineskins including denominational structures and churches. (Mark 2:22)

24. Bringing reformation and change. Establishing and releasing new models for ministry.
(Heb. 9:10)

25. Helping the churches transition into new moves and patterns for ministry. Apostles are raised up during times of transition. (Joshua.1)

26. Help interpret new moves and validate them scripturally. (Acts 2)

27. Changing and shifting spiritual climates over regions and territories causing a new receptivity to the gospel and the things of the Holy Spirit.

28. Relieving and helping the poor, orphans, and widows. A greater release of good works. (Acts 11, Titus 3:8)

29. A greater release of angelic activity through worship. prayer, and utterances (Including apostolic decrees and prophetic declarations). (Acts 12:5-7)

30. Redigging old wells. Re-establishment and restoration of truth that has been neglected or underemphasized.(Gen.26:18)

31. Greater release of judgments against immorality and sin both within the church and society. Pronouncement of judgment upon wicked rulers, governments, wicked religious, economic, and political systems. (Acts 12:23, 13:6-13)

32. Release of greater peace and grace in churches, especially persecuted and suffering churches. (Eph.1:2)

33. Release of greater favor for churches with local governments. (Acts 2:47)

34. Greater multiplication and church growth through evangelism and discipleship. (Acts 6:1,7)

35. Pulling down of strongholds and ideologies including humanism that have kept people from receiving the truth. (2 Cor.10:4)

36. Greater acceleration of the purposes of God worldwide including the fulfillment of bible prophecies and prophetic utterances. (Jer.1:12)

37.Greater manifestation of God’s glory in the church including the manifest presence of God and the restoration of the tabernacle of David. (Acts 15, 2 Cor.3:8).

38. Greater release of the prophetic, including personal prophecy, corporate prophecy, prophetic teams and companies, prophets, prophetic worship, arts, dance, banners, and prophetic teaching and preaching. Apostles will encourage the prophetic in local churches and regions. (1 Cor.14)

39. Greater clarity and understanding of the purposes of God including the Great Commission. (Isa.14:24-27, Matt.28:19-20)

40. Greater unity and cooperation between leaders and ministries in localities.(Eph.4:3)

41. Greater release of women and minorities into ministry and authority. Destruction of spirits of racism and sexism in the church. Smaller nations and people groups being released into their destinies and redemptive purposes. (Acts 2)

42. Greater release of small groups through cell structure releasing more believers to share their gifts with the body. (Acts 2:46)

43. Greater testimony released in the earth including martyrdom.(Rev.12:11)

44. Greater impact and breakthrough into Jewish and Muslim people and those who have been historically resistant to the gospel. Historical and generation rebellion will be confronted by apostolic leaders. (Acts 7:51)

45. Greater breakthroughs into media for the promotion of the gospel, including Hollywood.

46. Greater manifestation of demons, hardness of heart as the demonic realm reacts to the advancement of the church and increased breakthrough. (Acts 16)

47. Restoration of proper government in the church including the restoration of governing presbyteries of apostles, prophets, and teachers. Challenging false government including congregational and episcopal control. (1 Cor.12:28)

48. Greater emphasis on holiness and righteousness in the church. This will help stem the tide of worldliness and carnality. (1 Thess.4:1-7)

49. Greater impartation through the laying on of hands and prophecy. This will accelerate people into their callings and giftings. (Rom.1:11; 1 Tim.4:14; 2 Tim.1:6).

50. Greater unity and team ministry. This will be especially true of apostles and prophets working together to build, plant and breakthrough. Greater understanding of these gifts will help believers walk in them accurately and bring greater blessing to the church. The result will be the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ as all five ministries are released and work together. (Eph. 4:11).

51. Establishment and recognition of spiritual gatekeepers and gateway churches that operate in apostolic authority in cities, regions and territories. (Lam.5:14)

52. Increase of knowledge and breaking of spiritual ignorance and darkness including superstition and idolatry. (Dan.12:4)

53. Greater breakthroughs in inner cities and areas that have been neglected and abandoned. (Isa.54:3)

54. Greater emphasis on justice and righteousness in society. Dealing with unfairness, inequality, racism, and discrimination. (Isa.56:1, Isa.59:4)

55. Greater emphasis on outreach, street ministry, prayer walking. Greater visibility outside of the four walls of the church. (Acts 5:15)

56. Greater encouragement to sell all and forsake all for the sake of the kingdom. More radical conversions and commitment from the saints. (Matt.19:27)

57. Greater release of youth and children in salvation, gifts of the Spirit, and ministry.(Isa.44:3)

58. Greater release of apostles and prophets and more ministers step into these callings being inspired to move into these gifts because of others who have preceded them. The fear and unbelief that have prevented many from walking in these callings will be overcome. The restoration of these gifts means that an abundance of these gifts will be seen in the church as it advances the Kingdom. Multiplied thousands will come forth in different cities regions and nations. (Deut.1:11)

59. The church will begin to contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. (Jude 1:3)

60. Continuous revival and refreshing released to the church (Acts 3:19). This is a result of repentance that comes from the conviction of the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:20). Restoration of all that have been spoken by the prophets. (Acts 3:21)