Friday, January 31, 2014


Since the beginning, God set into place divine order. Infinite in Wisdom, and Love, the Creator knew how to establish order. Within that order, He has set cycles of times and seasons. One of those cycles involve the history of man – the stages that mankind has journeyed through, since the beginning of man.

Below, my Lord revealed what I call “the Seven Cycle History of Man”. As with all things, go before the Lord to see if these be Words of Truth.


1 - God establishes a work, and a people;

2 - Growth and expansion on what God has done;

3 - The refining process occurs, regarding what God has done;

4 - A falling away occurs for those that do not advance through the refining process;

 4a - The cycle continues to repeat itself for those who do not advance & grow;

 4b - A remnant remains of those that advance & grow;

5  - Persecution comes to the people of God; and, as a consequence, everyone else;

6  - Judgment comes upon all, yet a remnant are sheltered – and prosper;

7  - Revival comes, as a result of the judgment;

8  - new beginning; the process repeats itself

 The “seven cycle history of man” may be seen throughout history. The process occurs both locally, and globally. At any given period of time, an individual, a nation, or a people group may be at any stage of the cycle. At any given period of time, there will be multiple individuals, or people groups, experiencing various stages of the cycle. At certain periods of time, a “perfect storm” occurs in which all people groups move into a unison of cycle stages. At the end of that “perfect storm”, various people groups resume the cyclical process. The period of time, corresponding to each cycle – and groupings of cyclical processes – may vary according to an infinite array of determining circumstances. There will come a time when the cyclical process comes to an end – and the new heavens and earth begin.

 Does the cyclical process continue through eternity? According to the revealed Word of God – apparently not. But only God truly knows.

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Vincenzo said...

The cycles seem to presently serve a purpose for God in dealing with his fallen creation. They are however,just scaffolding for the construction of the Kingdom of God. Eventually, the scaffolding is dismantled to reveal the finished work. So, IMO, the cycles will cease to make way for the New Heavens/New Earth, where man will no longer strive against his Creator and sin/death will be gone, forever.