Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Dead Dog Can't Bark

Many prophetic voices are pointing to the times and seasons as harbingers of the end times.  Others are warning of the collapse of our society.  Some are advising people to store up in barns money, gold, sliver and goods for a season of great difficulty.  Some advise becoming well armed to defend one's self against the imminent time of the end.

The dispensationalist are looking for an easy out.  The rapture that will save all true believers.  Those nasty pagans will just have to endure the tribulation and the oppression of the Anti Christ.  If ONLY they had listened to "us" (much wiser and more alert then they) they would have been sucked up to heaven and not left here to writhe in pain from the sting of scorpions or some such.  Sure I saw all the Holy Horror movies back in the 80s.

Now we have a new one coming out.  Isn't it interesting that godless Hollywood is now desperately preaching the exact same deception that has paralyzed the body of Christ.

Only truth sets people free.  But truth can only be conveyed by living witnesses.  People can't be saved unless there are examples of the fruit of being saved in crisis situations.    That is witness.  You don't witness by sharing a half dozen or so spiritual laws, you witness by being Jesus in flesh here and now in plain view of the world.  IF however you are gone, raptured, dead, whatever, you aren't much value to the kingdom of God on earth. 

It is this illusion, this great deception that must be confronted by the True Prophets of God.  Father needs every saint on the planet to be there to help the lost and desperate souls find truth, Jesus.  It's not going to happen in churches.   When the collapse comes (yes one IS coming) churches will cease to function.  Informal small fellowships of those who need peace will be all there is.  These organic cellular pods will become the only body of Christ manifesting on the earth and it will be more powerful by a magnitude of ten then all the Churches and so called Christian TV on the planet today have been able to effect in their efforts.  Sure there will be larger gatherings.  These small pods will assemble from time to time, sometimes they might even USE a church building sometimes (now empty).

I am called as a prophet to warn and encourage Christians to prepare themselves for this day.  Become spiritually grounded.  Allow the Five Fold to equip YOU for the work of the Ministry. Learn to build community.  Connect with your neighbors.  When it all goes dark they will be all you have and you must be light for them.  Forget about escape.  It's a myth.  Begin now to prepare for the end with courage and looking for a new beginning.  IF you die, you die in Christ, but your true destiny is to be a voice and a witness that draws people into the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God expands on earth as it is made up of living souls redeemed from sin and destruction.   You can't do that if you are dead.  Or raptured.

Prepare to face the end and usher in the new beginning of what will in fact be the greatest expansion of the Kingdom of God ever seen on planet earth. 

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Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up. Several years ago. I watched as a well respected prophet supports selling food and the things you mentioned. I heard merchandising the saint's. They where selling water purification bottles at around 40 dollars, I took a relative to the store. God had been dealing with me. I was led to a shelf the store sold the exact same thing for 20.

Regardless of how things go. You are right in the sense. Evangelisism needs to be taking place. Dead dogs don't bark but dumb dogs won't as God stated in the old testament. While people are merchandising the saints. Valuable time for teaching rebuke instruction and sound doctrine is being lost. As I stepped out the other day I began to think of all the professing saints and ministers I knew, the battles I faced occult demons exct. and realized I would not want most of them by my side claiming to be soldiers yet not even in the war.Several hours later I stepped out and heard very clearly many are not what they appear to be.

play times over the war is on and will increase until the day of the Lord, for those who truly are soldiers please be mindful to guard the children and listen for the voice of the Spirit. This has nothing to do with physical age there is grace for growth not to draw back or build barns and sit feasting on godliness is always gain. Doctrinal balance is very important this is a dangerous time to live.