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Kim Clement: There Are 'Eight Wells' That Are Going to Be Unstopped in the Year 2014

Kim ClementDecember 31, 2013 - New Years Eve at the Den:
"This is the Beginning of Acceleration"
The Spirit says, "Draw a little closer; gather around in one accord for this is what draws Me closer to humanity. I look for unity; I crave unity for it is there that I command My blessing. This nation has been torn to pieces; divided in discord even in My house. But I look for the sound of unity for it is as the oil that ran down the beard of Aaron, down his robe."
"This is where I will command My blessing for I have whispered in the ear of My prophets, Can these bones live? I spoke to Ezekiel and I said, Can these bones live? Yes, you know, Lord. And My Spirit came and as He spoke it went to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west. My question to you is, Can these bones live? Can My Spirit bring them back to life? Those who have died; those who are spiritually dead, can these bones live?
"For I have excitement for you," says the Spirit. "Though you are surrounded by fear, doom and gloom, I have set apart certain truths for My people to prosper and I say to you, It has now begun. They have spoken of the dinar. They have spoken of the amazing discoveries – the Big E, synchroton. I have spoken of these things that will be manifest, but yet there has been a cover upon these things. I say to you: I will release them one at a time because this is the beginning of acceleration," says the Spirit of God.
"This Year, the Discoveries Shall Flourish and Flourish"
"This is the beginning of motion, that what I've spoken over the last seven years has now been uncovered," says the Lord. "It shall move rapidly, but hear a mystery. Hear a mystery," says the Lord. "A mystery is – look at the thing, which is able to morph – the caterpillar. What is this that is being spoken? There is gold and there is silver and there are those that are waiting upon – I can see it, I can see it. There are wells.
"There are eight wells that are going to be unstopped in the year 2014. These wells shall bring a great provision to the people who are perceptive and who invested. Hear some of the things that the prophet has spoken. Was it not Jesus who said, Cast your net to the right side of the boat? How hastily and speedily fish moved from one side to the other and gathered around that boat. Was it not Jesus who said, Cast your net into the deep? They had fished all night long and caught nothing. Many of you are watching and saying, We have fished, we have labored, we have been industrious, but we have caught nothing."
God says, "There will be a shift where there will be a gathering together of the things that will provide for My people and even this nation. They have said we'll lose credit – I will unveil things politically and I will catch them with their pants down and I will say enough, for humility has come. I will then begin to upraise through the humble," says the Spirit of God. "I will say to those who are poor, you are now rich. I will say to those who are sick, you are now healed. This year, the discoveries shall flourish and flourish and flourish," says the Lord. "My people shall be prosperous," says the Lord.
A Season Likened to Solomon
By inheritance, your father Abraham dug these wells, but they are ours by occupation. In other words, the enemy said, "We are occupying wells that belong to you, the people of God." And so he was rejected as he looked for his father's wells and his inheritance and told these are yours by inheritance but not by occupation. This is the story of the world today. Those wells that our forefathers dug with righteousness, with blood, sweat and tears, now have been taken occupation by secular humanists, by atheists, and they say, "This is ours. They labored for it but we will enjoy the prosperity."
And God said to me, "Kim, that day has come to an end. Now for those who believe it, can accept it." For those who don't believe it and would prefer to believe that the end of the world, though predicted 95,000 times and never happened – you can believe it and fear. But I am choosing to believe that there is a season that is upon us that we are entering now that is likened unto Solomon. What is Solomon?
Solomon had wisdom; Solomon was industrious. Whatever he set his hand to prospered. Then He spoke to me about Isaac. Hear the word of the Lord, everybody watching all over the world. He said when Isaac realized that the old wells had been stopped up by the enemy and taken occupation of, he sent his servants out and said, Search. And they came running back to him and said, We have dug a new well. And the Spirit spoke to me and said that we have looked to certain resources and we've said, "Why are they not feeding us anymore? Why are they not prospering us?"
And God placed us in this position to where we have no choice but to begin to look for new wells. And suddenly the servants came and said there are new wells. There are new wells opening up. God showed me a caterpillar. He said, "Keep your eye on this, as I want you to keep your eye on the Big E and all the different things that I've spoken about because this is that time for it now to be revealed.
"During the year 2014, I will first bring an exposure that will be highly embarrassing in the political world, to such a degree that it will force a fusion between political parties. They will say, We have no choice because of this that has begun to happen. But this is all My doing," says the Spirit of God, "because as this happens, My people will find wells that are unstopped and they will begin to invest." Some will only have just a few dollars, and God said, "Suddenly it will flourish and it will flourish and it will get bigger quickly because this year is the year that is coming upon you of acceleration. This is the year of multiplication. This is the year where I will Prayerquicken things up and I will speed it up and cause you to advance," says the Lord.
What Do You See? - "Accelerated Favor"
This specific word that was given to me was accelerated favor. You've heard good words before. We've had, you know, in 2008 you can open the gate, 2009 you're going to be divine – all this...this is not a rhyme. This is something that I came across when I was praying and when God lifted me into the air. And I began to see this tremendous weather taking place and I said it would happen in the next two weeks and bring us to the New Year. God showed us a sign. I said I need you to do it because Your people have waited for too long and if You could reveal it to the Sons of Issachar, then why not us?
What is this time that we are in? Is it a time to hide away? Is it a time to be fearful? No, it is a time to look with your eyes; your perception is sharpened because there is a fusion that is going to take place, not only in parties, but in music and in medical science. This fusion will begin next year and people will begin to say when will this begin? And I got something clearly from the Spirit.
When God spoke to Jeremiah, He said to Jeremiah, I this day have given you power over nations. Please hear what I'm saying. The Lord God said to him, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to build and to plant. Now stop! God didn't say a few days from now. He said, This day. But listen to this. Then the Lord said to him, so What do you see? I want you to listen carefully, all over the world. Listen to what I have to say. God says to Jeremiah, Today it's already happened. In 2010, He spoke about the beginning of the end of debt. I have testimonies here of people that are writing in that are debt-free because they believed the promise.
Now hear this little mystery I'm going to reveal to you. The Lord said to Jeremiah – He said, What do you see? My answer would have been who cares what I see? But this is called optical fusion. God requires a certain amount of perception from you. He needs it from you because once you have an optical fusion (and I'll explain that in a minute), that is the only time that God can speed up things, for where you left off, He can bring you up to date. He can redeem your time. The redemption of time means the rescuing of wasted time, where you missed an opportunity.
"I say to you today," God says, "that opportunity may have been missed, but if you can see things the way I think, the way I see them, I will hasten and speed it and catch you up." Think about that. Isn't that a great word? And this is what He said, and it's a play of words; I didn't realize it. Jeremiah said, Well I see (he's a young boy) – I see the branch of an almond tree, a shoot of an almond tree. And the Spirit stopped me when I read that and He said, "I want you to realize this is happening now." Jeremiah needed to see something in order for God to know that his eyes were perceptive enough that God's image and Jeremiah's image could be united together so that there would be one percept.
"A Fusion Between Those of the Middle East and Those of the West"
We have prophets and teachers all over the world calling this the end of America. We just had a recent one say that when Billy Graham dies, that is the end of America. My dear friends, I beg to differ! I know that you're listening all over the world and you're saying, "I don't know if I really like it, but I'm starting to like it" – because we've been fed fear. The man that predicted how many times the world would end with 80 million dollars a year just died. No, I'm not condemning him, but the Spirit said enough!

"I have something yet planned for the globe, for the nations of the earth, where there will be a fusion between those of the Middle East and those of the West..."
The Lord said to Jeremiah, You have seen well. But I want to speak to you about what the almond tree means. The almond tree, or the shoot or the branch of the almond tree, is the emblem for alertness, activity, and blossoming in late winter. Some of you got it. You mean it's that close? Yes! "But Kim, don't you listen to the news?" No, I don't listen. I hear it once in a while and I realize that what they're doing is heaping the garbage into our minds and our souls so that the enemy of our soul can do what he did right from the beginning – drive man away from the presence of God.
God is crying out to every one of you all over the world and saying, "Do not run away from My presence. For My presence," and He said this to Moses and He said this to David – He said, Prayer"the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." He said to me, "Kim, has that happened?" I said no. He said, "It's going to happen because knowledge is increasing. I spoke to Daniel and I spoke to him about how knowledge would increase throughout the earth and it would go forth to and fro throughout the earth and My people shall be mighty and they will do mighty exploits in My name. This is that time," says the Spirit of God!
I'm just prophetically preaching. We're going to get somewhere very quickly because every one of you watching, you know what I spoke to you about. I said we are going to enter into 2014 with our desire, because God wants to hear them, and our offering. Our five's or our two's, our 50's or our 20's, whatever it is, we are not going to come empty-handed and we will not step into this precious promise without giving unto God the evening sacrifice that He deserves on this eve of 2013, which I'm happy to say goodbye to.
God said to me, "What I spoke to Jeremiah I am now speaking to My people." I said, What did you say? He said, "Read about the almond tree, the shoot of the almond tree. It speaks about activity in the late winter; blossoming in the late winter. I want you to keep your eyes in the late part of this winter, in the west. You may be in summer now; it doesn't matter. You can look to the countries that have this, the winter. It's that period of time that there will be a stirring. It's that period of time that there will be a blossoming, an opening up."
"I Am Ready to Perform My Word"
For those that are doubting me now and saying, Oh, you're just giving us false hope, I am not. I will not be insulted to that degree. Do you think we have fought and labored for this? Do you think I'm building a church and a house in Los Angeles for no reason? Do you think I'm adopting children for no reason? Well, Kim, the end is near. Why are you adopting? Because it's not!
There is a global shaking about to take place that the world will say, I like the Jesus that they have made famous. I like the Jesus – not notorious with a bad disposition or reputation, which religion has done, but a Jesus that will be famous in the marketplace, a Jesus that will not be clothed with religion. This must happen before the end, for the Church to be glorified and glorious. Are you ready for that? Everybody watching, are you ready for that?
God says to Jeremiah, He says to him, You have seen well. Now because you have seen well and accurately, He says, "I will hasten My word to perform it." Now I did a study, for those that are watching, that are so ready for a break from this war, from this battlefield, into another reign altogether. Listen to this. He says, "You have seen well; I am ready to perform My word." I thought God is always ready to perform His word. There's only one little hindrance – lack of faith, unbelief – and that's what is being given to us through every news media on every channel, even Christian channels.
What hope do our children have? What hope does this generation have? What must I tell Matt Yong? What must I tell Mia? What must I tell Li-Ann? These girls and this little boy that I adopted? What must I tell them...there's no hope? No! You will be educated, you will be sharp, you will learn about Christ and you will run and you will show them who He is. That's what I'm doing with my adopted children! Come on!
Isn't God always ready to perform His word? The word "ready" – when He says I'm ready to perform My word, it means, "I will hasten and accelerate" My word. That's the word for this season. You're about to step into accelerated favor! Everybody say it, please. Accelerated favor! Accelerated favor! All over the world, I want you to join those that are with us and I want you to stop for one minute and say those words with me. Accelerated favor! Say it again! Accelerated favor! One more time! Accelerated favor!
I looked up the word "accelerate" as it is shown there. Listen to this, you're going to love it, and then we're going to do what God wants us to do and then celebrate and go into the New Year celebrating. Where is the God of Elijah? Listen to me quickly. The word "hasten" or "accelerate" means "to cause faster and greater activity." How many of you are really ready for that? No more doldrums. No more passivity.
A lady wrote to me today and she was so upset. She said, "I'm sick. I'm so sick of waiting for God to show up." I said, Let me tell you this, there's a lot of people that feel like that. But this is a time and a season where He has caused a dynamic – not a demonic – but a dynamic that has pushed us, that has pushed us to dissatisfaction to the point where we will kill (and I'm not talking about murder) – kill demonic forces and whatever stands in our way for our promise to be fulfilled.
The word "hasten" or "accelerate" means "to cause faster and greater activity; to change the rate of motion; to reduce the time required for something." To reduce the time required for something; to progress and to develop faster, to develop faster. God spoke to me and said there will be a fast development of these things that I've promised in the medical world, in the scientific world, in the religious world, in the political world – the things that have been spoken are going to progress and develop faster. It's from the Latin word "acceleratus" which means "to quicken" and "to be swift."
The Big E, Firepointe, Inventions, Medical Breakthroughs and More
A few things that God showed me this next year of the mystery that will be revealed, that will be revealed swiftly, is the Big E. You've all waited; you've been frustrated. Why not more? Because that thing has been covered and only the prophets have seen it – but now they have spoken, God said, "Now it will be seen." Firepointe – inventions that have been spoken about that'll bring cures where cancer will no longer be a disease of this world. And Carmen, who has been attacked now with a very rare form of cancer, God is able to hear your prayers, how you've been shaking for hours in the night. But God wants you to know that He's standing there ready to move in for you. We cry out for Him.
PrayerMedical breakthroughs, energy in the USA and Israel that are going to just unfold so quickly, and then once that happens, a paralysis of energy reliance in the Middle East. How about that! And then I saw a caterpillar and I looked at this caterpillar and I said, What is this? He said, "Look how it straggles and how ugly it looks." Look again – that beautiful butterfly. Look at that beautiful morph, feeding on the lilies and whatever. God said to me, "Look at that very same thing."
The caterpillar is going to be not only a spiritual sign and an event for us, but it is going to be a force that you can invest in. Listen to me carefully, because people say, "You've given us so many great clues." The prophet Elisha did the same. He used flour to take poison out of a pot. That was ludicrous! God spoke about a thing called "ludicrous" that would come forth – a speed that is so fast. I could go on and on and on. "What are you trying to tell us? As the Sons of Issachar, we want to know." THIS IS THAT SEASON WE'RE ABOUT TO STEP INTO!
Enough of your toil, enough of your labor; it's time for the fish to come to the right side of the boat. It's time for the fish to get on the deep side. It's time for the fish to have a silver coin in its mouth so we'll use one hook – not a bunch of hooks, but one hook to get that fish with the silver coin and pay our taxes.
"Barrenness is Coming to an End"
January 11, 2014 - Prophetic Alert:
What you are getting today is a revelation from God, "That at this time," says the Spirit of the Lord, "that as there's been a decay of a powerful man that I spoke through My prophet and said that once he leaves the earth, once his body shuts down, Ariel Sharon, that something shall shift in the heavenlies and shall take place in Israel and in the United States of America. I will uncover, I will uncover, and I will uncover and then I will reveal that which I have for this season at this time."
And the Lord says, "There is a fresh dew that is coming from the heavens that will fertilize your lives and remove barrenness completely. Enough of this barrenness," says the Spirit of God. "There is enough barrenness of the soul – a barrenness of the soul of America, barrenness of the soul of the nations." God said, "Barrenness is coming to an end and there will be a fertilization of your souls and the soul of this nation and the soul of Israel. And I will defend you," says the Lord, "and I will take Egypt, and once again Egypt shall say, 'We want to work with you – we cannot stand against you,' – for that terrorist organization has now been brought to nothing." God says, "I will raise up those who are righteous in Egypt and they will bless Israel again," says the Lord!
Kim Clement
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