Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A good guide for joining a Church- Dr Matthew Stevenson

     My theology on Church choice selection is extremely controversial and much different from the majority of the Body of Christ. I believe God chooses a pastor and a community suitable for people (Jeremiah 3:15). I am not particularly a fan of the democratic church/pastor selection process. I believe God plants people in places where the temperature is right for what he put in your life. Here are some principles to consider.

    Delivered- A place that provides resources, revelation and opportunity for you to get both instant and progressive deliverance,

    Discipled- A place where the power of community and teachers are available to bring you into a greater depth of the truth of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

    Destiny- A place that moves you to discern your destiny, its program, requirements, possibilities, timing and phases.

    Disciplined- A place that holds you accountable not just to who and what you are now, but to the standards that belong to who you were called to be!

    Density-The PRESENCE of God should be present in a weighty manner, during times of worship, prayer, praise, preaching and ministry. This presence is what encourages hunger to pursue God during the week.

    Either you are in a place and too isolated to take advantage of these aforementioned powers of the Local Church OR

    The place you attend is more like a heavenly hotel, where God comes sometimes and isnt interested in living.

    Choose to be where God is and where your future can flourish!!!

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