Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rick Joyner: Sheep and Goat Nations - Be A Part of What God is Building

Rick JoynerYou do not need to be a prophet to see that we are in the times that the apostles and prophets spoke of when the kingdoms of this world would be collapsing and the Kingdom of God growing. However, even many Christians who see how shaky the governments of this world are becoming do not yet see the signs of the coming Kingdom. To understand the times, we must become increasingly discerning of these two kingdoms. Now there is one more factor we must consider as a basis for this study, which is declared in Revelation 11:15:
Then the seventh angel sounded; and there were loud voices in Heaven, saying, "The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever."
This indicates a transition, a "becoming." Though the kingdoms of man are now collapsing, we have this and other prophecies which indicate that some of the kingdoms, or governments, of this world will not utterly crumble, but will transition into becoming part of the Kingdom of God. We should discern these too so that we can, if possible, help them. Discerning them begins with understanding how this transition will take place for those nations that embrace the Kingdom.
The Lord compared the Kingdom to leaven that is sown into a lump of dough and spreads throughout the dough (see Matthew 13:33). The Lord uses many ways to sow His Kingdom principles into governments and nations. These will spread and be a foundation for His coming Kingdom. He is using His people to do this.
Be A Part of What God is Building
In Isaiah 40 we see that we prepare the way for the Lord by building a highway—a path built on God's higher ways. This highway is being built now and, in some ways, has been under construction since the King, Jesus Himself, walked the earth. This is why The Great Commission is not only to make disciples of individuals, but nations. The "go into all the world" is not merely geographical. True missionaries sent by God are now going into every field of knowledge, industry, and government. They are being sent to these fields to help build this highway.
In one parable, the Lord said that when He returns, He is going to separate the nations into two groups—sheep and goats. He gives the distinguishing characteristics of both. As we are called to be salt and light in this world, both watchmen and shepherds, we should care deeply that whatever nation we have been born into, or sent to, becomes a "sheep nation" and not a "goat nation."

Once we start to see the Kingdom of God, even the greatest works of men begin to look boring and insignificant. I understand why some who begin seeing the Kingdom lose all interest and hope in the governments and ways of men. This is why Abraham, who was obviously a member of the aristocracy of the greatest nation and culture of the time, left it all in pursuit of the city that God is building.
In leaving everything to join with what God is building, Abraham became a blessing to all the families on the face of the earth. The primary way that we too will become the greatest blessing to the earth is by pursuing our calling to be a part of what God is building.
When we see what God is doing, nothing man has done will ever compare. Even so, although it may be boring, our job is to help the nations we have been sent to. We are to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and help them in any way we can to become "sheep nations" and not "goat nations." It is our job to give them hope. We have been given the greatest message of hope the world has ever, or will ever, hear—the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Therefore, along with this study of how we can see the coming Kingdom, we know that we must, in practical ways, be preparing the way for it. We also need the deepest understanding and strongest grip possible on the message we have been given—the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries



Anonymous said...

accurate but a little late in the game. Billye brim stated on the day of 911 rabbis she knew stated and pointed out in the Word to her the judgment of the nations had begun. Oral rocerts was given a vision a qote from it. The church is not ready for my coming the Israel nation is not ready for my coming the nations are not ready for my coming. but I have aet a time and it will not change,,, summary

Anonymous said...

oh and oral took it to Copeland and Copeland called billye brim in they did a short interview with oral and a two day discussion between brim and Copeland and packaged it for sale.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me. The message is free on the web.( How to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in a meeting ) It was given to billye brim to present to coplands church. It made her a tad uncomfortable it seems as Copeland was present. She was obedient though it was a good message. My observation is God may be trying to tell churches and leaders. 1 Cor 14 was a command not a suggestion !

How many are actually listening who knows unless the Lord build the house they labour in vain. Lots of building going on I strongly wonder in America how much the Lord has actually ordered. As in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Lord....