Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Visions

Tuesday Night Apostle Spoke on the Prophetic at Crusaders. He always starts the new year with this emphasis. It was great. Then the time of ministering the prophetic to people began. I had several come. All good. All precious.

But.. having just finished "The Veil" I found myself trusting what I was seeing at a higher level. Not timid about calling out the vision of God's love and compassion. A new higher level of the Prophetic which is Saying what God Says.

The last man I gave a word of the Lord to was an older man. When I laid hands on him, I immediately saw a huge black yoke on him. HUGE. He was all weighted down. That yoke was made up of all kinds of worry and stress, but what made it more painful was that it was soaked in rejection. I know for those who don't see these things it seems a bit weird. IF you do, it's not weird at all. I told him what I saw, how Father saw it, what Father wanted to do and I demanded that the yokes be broken. It was only his second time ever there. He had never had anyone prophesy to him.

I saw light of hope once again in his eyes. Here's the hard part. He had been a worship leader at another church and was put down by the pastor. That rejection along with having to deal with a great deal of stress and struggle had almost destroyed him. He was ready to give up. I didn't pray for him. He didn't need prayer. He needed hope. A word of God's love for him. A sense that Father sees even the sparrow falling and how much more.

Is it any wonder why the Prophetic is so essential in our churches today? Isn't is a crime that so many are so vacant of any real testimony of Jesus..which is the Spirit of Prophecy. IF you are a leader, I beg you, allow the activation of the prophetic among your people. They are dying without the word of the Lord.

 There have been times when I have seen things face to face. A few times I have seen a demon. One demon was the demon of religion. I saw it graphically. Another time I saw a demon called condemnation. Like a person standing there.

When I lay hands on someone to prophesy i see as in a dream. Like when you remember someone or something from the past. It can be more or less graphic. Then sometimes I see in the Spirit. I did Tuesday night. Above as the service was in full-force I saw angels, small ones, many swirling above the worship team. That was in the spirit. So it's not just one thing. I often see things on people. I see joy, or pain, or expectation or fear, or whatever. I see more than I will tell. It's not right to share all you know. The prophetic comes with great responsibility. It's not to be feared. One thing that has happened I am able to see things in people who are in public spotlight. Politicians, Celebrities and personalities. I am able to actually see the things in the spirit that they may think they can mask. It isn't easy to do. It's not always good to tell all you know. Love is the primary responsibility in being a Prophet. Yet we must be watchmen. One thing for sure, reading the Veil has helped me trust what I see and if you read the last chapter you know how much the Prophetic is involved in Jesus LOVE for us all. I can now say what I see with much more confidence. Yet as Apostle said, Moses said, "I would that all would prophesy". That is God's heart toward us.

I had always "seen" things. It's just didn't talk about it much to people. The Veil gave me an opening to comment on these visions. I know not everyone sees these things, but some do and can and doing so shouldn't seem weird. It's certainly not scriptural that everyone should always see all these manifestations, but it's certainly unscriptural that no one should. I agree that causing people to feel condemnation or inferiority for NOT seeing such things as some might shouldn't mean that we spiritually should reduce the common denominator of our experiences to such a level to make everyone feel We should all be cultivating the ones we move in ourselves. There just hasn't been much validation of this in evangelical Christianity. I am thankful for The Veil for that reason. IF you haven't yet read it, I commend it to you. It will change the way you see people, because all at once you will begin to see them as God sees them... and that will change everything. He loves you, me and everyone much more than we can possibly think or imagine.

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