Friday, November 20, 2020


Here's what I believe is about to happen. You may not like it, but it is how I see it right now. It's important to face the future with an attitude that soars above fear.

I believe that the Trump administration will fight hard to reverse the election because of rampant systemic voter fraud. The battle will try to have Trump serve 4 more years.

I believe it will fail. Not because they have no evidence, there is a ton of evidence, some circumstantial, some statistical and some tangible, it will fail.   The evidence is real, despite what the lying media will say. It will fail because there isn't time. There have been 16 days.  Light speed development of the evidence has been accomplished. 

The deceitful media, the entertainment industry will go full out to discredit this effort.  Watch for Saturday night live to pillory the press conference.  They will make big fun of Rudy Giuliani.  The democrats will insist  they have done nothing wrong in spite of the overwhelming burden of proof against them.  If you look for even 3 minutes at the combinations of the evidence of fraud you become disturbed at it.  It is obvious.

I believe Joe Biden will assume the Presidency January 20, 2021 under the darkest of clouds. He will be considered completely illegitimate by a large part of the citizenry.. It will be divisive. There will be anger. There may even be open rebellion.  The division it will cause is not Trump’s doing, it is the blatant democrat fraud and corruption that imposes a false result and a false presidency in the nation.  This will mean any potential he has for leading is wounded mortally.

This will actually turn out to be a good thing. Trump is sacrificed but the result of the wind of corruption will expose the deep corruption in media, big tech, big pharma, the deep state and the democrat party. It will be very painful and slow but it will become a battle cry against the evil present in many cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta.  It is a lawless thug mentality meant to impose their will by any means possible.  It is a looting of the American system.  This exposure will stain in particular big Media.

I believe this battle must be fought on 3 fronts for victory.  One is in the courts.  Winning there might be easier than in the court of public opinion, at least at the beginning.  It also must be won by winning back the leadership ceded to corrupt evil people in the big cities mentioned above.  Some actually need to be prosecuted.  It will be more difficult in a Biden administration, but there are state courts and state justices.  Unfortunately many attorney’s general in these states are as corrupt.  Look at Illinois who’s attorney general is as dirty and corrupt as Kim Foxx is.

Trump will not leave quietly not with a concession speech. His term will simply end  with conclusion. He won the election in reality so there is noting to concede.  He will allow things to come to a conclusion when is nothing more to do by law. He will be a wrecking ball as he does this, wrecking what should be wrecked.  The leftwing press will vilify him, democrats will scream like demons, but there will be bells of liberty crying out for freedom from corruption that can never be unrung.  The war cry will go out. 

Many people in power will be exposed. I believe Barack Obama is a criminal and is at the heart of a great deal of the corruption.   He had plans to be the shadow president, which will now be called into question.  His fingerprints are on all of this, on the Covid handling by obedient democrat mayors and governors to damage trump, on the election fraud, on the Harris placement, on the election fraud itself.  He has been in cooperation with named evil forces on the earth to take over the USA.

The voting machine and mail in ballot scheme to steal this election will begin a drumbeat for better. MUCH better.  Much more secure. The idea that states and precincts can simply make it up as the go along must stop.  The Supreme Court will get involved as it should.  There will be exposure to the deep tentacles of big money and corruption to develop equipment designed to distort the voting process.  Too many coincidences exist to doubt this.  All the names you are hearing that morph into other names and locations like Smartmatic, Dominion and others will be discovered to be one Cyclops of evil with many tentacles.

Nothing is more sacred than the right and privilege to vote and have your vote count.  That has been destroyed in many places; destroyed by corruption and fraud.  The capacity to cast a legal vote and have it counted accurately can be done, best in person, by hand and in rare cases by mail with full documentation. 

I believe in two years we will see the fruit of this corruption and the American people will rise up against it to make the changes needed. This kneecap of the system by people with evil intent will have resulted in those very people put down.

History will treat President Trump very well, for his accomplishments, for energizing a conservative wave, for exposing intentionally and by his displacement unintentionally the deep corrupt media, state, democrats, tech and all the others.

In the end we will thank him, I will be first.  He will not disappear.  There is now the Trump party and a smaller Republican party.  Some Republicans hope we can go back to the facade of a two party system which is two wings on the same bird.  We won’t.  This must not stop.  There are others waiting in the wings to take back states from Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin, California and Pennsylvania.   Up and down the ballot.  To take out those who do not stand for righteousness.  And when the time comes, a new person equal to Trump will rise and stand against the evil.  I don’t know who.  Not yet.  I see several potentials.  They are genuine.  Trump has demonstrated that the good old boy network is a loser.

All in all it will be a good thing; we needed a flush of the system.  Watch it swirl down the toilet.  This statement is how I see it.  We shall see.



Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I will tell you what I think may happen. (not prophet Gene)

 It will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Ergo, as prophesied, Trump wins the election. It will go to court, but time will run out. The liberal media drumbeat will silence any voices of Justice as has already happened. Biden will be certified the winner by the states and the Electoral College.  He will take office under a dark cloud. There will be some dark things reveled within a few months of his inauguration.  It will cause him to leave office.  This means Harris becomes Potus.  Her hands will be tied and it will prove to be a huge embarrassment.  The old crowd will return.  Clinton, Rice, and OBAMA who will be a shadow President.   He will be in Harris' ear.  This will become obvious. The nation will deepen in it's divide.  It will be a fragile peace.  There will be outbreaks of terrorism.  Then the Mid Term elections will kneecap Harris and the shadow Obama administration. The election rules will then go thru a huge revision which will start to reverse the trend towards more Free and Fair elections.  In the end, Father will be true to his promise and work things.  But the division that is tormenting the nation cannot be resolved except by a spiritual transformation.  The antichrist spirit alive and well in the USA is at war with righteousness.  It hates you and me.  There is no compromise with this evil.  Now the soldiers of the Cross must stand and push back with truth and yet in love.  Some of those most against the cause of Christ as Saul was will become Apostles  of Grace after conversion.  So fight on.. but be aware and don't be disappointed.  

Of course I could be wrong. I am sometimes.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Present Truth is so Much More Powerful than Futurism

 I am not a fan of futurism.  All the things that are easily dispelled if a person simply reads the word of God with fresh eyes.

I will offer a list another time.

What prompts this is a Pastor I care about was preaching a powerful sermon on Esther.  I won't make the whole of the points.  It was good.

However as he closed he made this statement.  Just as the King wanted to show off his Queen to others, So Jesus wants to show off His Bride, and someday he will do just that.  He will return and the world will see how glorious His Bride is.

I agree with the concept, but it was so much weaker talking in terms of some potential future event.. which is in doubt in my theology.

How much more powerful would that closing have been if Pastor had used present truth:

Jesus is proud of His Bride and loves to show her to the fallen world.  He uses people who are seen as unusual by the world and the ungodly but they can't deny her beauty.  Look at people who end up in the public eye and although hated, the world must know they are something unusual, something peculiar, Holy, Special.  Recently Amy Coney Barret was scrutinized, criticized but she was a great example as the bride.  Nick Foles, Quarterback and Carson Wentz and Russel Wilson all of whom live exemplary lives Beautiful bride-like.  Look at men like Mike Pentz.   Even Kanye West.  None of these are professional preachers, they are simply people who have put on the robe of righteousness and are paraded in front of a fallen world as examples of the Bride of Christ.  The fallen world hates them, but there is admiration as well.

How much more does Jesus want to use us as a bride.  Put you before men.  Let the world see what beauty he imparts to you.  We can all recognize and strive to be worthy to be put on public display and in God's eyes without spot or wrinkle.  The world might look for a spot and it won't be hard to find sometimes, but the reality is.. we are the bride of Christ and WE are on display.

Let's do well.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Evil's Attempt to Rule the World is in Full Swing

I woke this morning and was disturbed in my spirit.  I had a sense that things are not right.  Things spinning out of control. That the wrong people are trying to place a hammerlock on our lives.  The new world order is in full play.

I’m not prone to gloom and doom.  I am prone to being optimistic.  Yet, something is wrong.  Evil is afoot.

There is a convergence that is taking place.  It has been for a while but in the last few weeks has begun to culminate in bad way.  Very bad.

Here’s why:
The pandemic has run a course that should be saying good things. But Europe is going back on lockdown.  Several states are still locked down.  There are states where freedom reigns, but too few.  Evil people  have used this to crush state economies and cities.  New York City and Chicago are chief among them.  They are for all practical purposes ghost towns.  Skeletal visions of what once was.

In many countries of the world there is a virtual police state revolving around the idea of stopping or slowing the pandemic.

These efforts are being driven by evil political types who want to rule by force.  They are using the whole covid pandemic as a lever to impose restrictions that serve the new world order.

Combine that with the no touch purchasing.  You can’t use cash many places anymore.  Cards are the only acceptable form of payment.  Therefore evil tracks what and where you buy and controls what you are allowed.  Your privacy is gone.. what little you had left.

Banks are not open in most places anymore.  

Businesses are closed by the thousands and will never open again.

People are dependent on government.. and government is creating even more forms of dependence.

Add this to the terrorism by radicals burning down cities and countryside.  To conduct riots outside people’s homes.  And to the random violence that entitled people feel they are allowed to engage since they are the right color.  Black Lives Murdering.

The evil in the world is leveraging off that rage by dividing out nation into two distinct camps.  If the evil succeeds it will attempt to subjugate many who have another opinion.

In addition to all this is the reality that our economy held up artificially is teetering.  The new world order masters have decided that it is worth destroying the nation, its people and our economy to accomplish the goal of total power.

I would like to tell  you I have seen this before.  Perhaps in Nazi Germany.  Maybe in the Ukraine under Stalin.  Maybe in Venezuela.  I only know this, an ignorant populace is being romanced by satan to encourage the domination of the overlords in the new world order.

Is this too Dark?   Look at the Family.  Look at the Church. They are under attack in ways we never have seen in our lifetime.  

Evil in on the march and those of us who should see this are silent.  I am not.  Out of this will either come war or revival.  Or both.  We must not lose what we had in January 2020.  We must look to a better day.  This passage is often used regarding the Day of the Lord.  Yet.. it applies to those who call he name of Jesus as Lord.

I think of the Passage in 1 Thessalonians 5 (Passion Translation)

5 Now, beloved brothers and sisters, concerning the question of God’s precise times and specific seasons, you don’t need me to write anything to you. 2 For you already know quite well that the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly and as a complete surprise. 3 For while some are saying, “Finally we have peace and security,” sudden destruction will arrive at their doorstep, like labor pains seizing a pregnant woman—and with no chance of escape!

4 But you, beloved brothers and sisters, are not living in the dark, allowing that day to creep up on you like a thief coming to steal. 5 For you are all children of the light and children of the day. We don’t belong to the night nor to darkness. 6 This is why we must not fall asleep, as the rest do, but keep wide awake and clearheaded. 7 For those who are asleep sleep the night away, and drunkards get drunk at night.

8 But since we belong to the day, we must stay alert and clearheaded by placing the breastplate of faith and love over our hearts and a helmet of the hope of salvation over our thoughts. 9 For God has not destined us to experience wrath but to possess salvation through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. 10 He gave his life for us so that we may share in resurrection life in union with him—whether we’re awake or asleep. 11 Because of this, encourage the hearts of your fellow believers and support one another, just as you have already been doing.

I have not lost heart.  I am still fully preterist.  Yet there is instruction for us in this passage in how to deal with radical change.  We need to not look for escape as the evil one rains destruction on us.  Is it judgment?  I don’t think so. It’s not good and perfect.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Evil is on the prowl.  If there is to be Judgment, it is evil that will be judged.  Lets believe for the exposure of every kind of evildoing.  The mask must come off the demonic in the world.  Let the DAY OF THE LORD as in Thessalonians be the judgment of evil.

Friday, May 8, 2020

It's always darkest before the Dawn... but it's still dark

The news on so many fronts are discouraging.  Depression, unemployment, maybe a couple hundred thosand dead from Covid-19.  Lots of discouragement.

Yet God isn't discouraged. He sees the end from the beginning.  Many people believe this will all end and we will magically snap back to how it was at the end of 2019.  Never going to happen.  Things have changed for good.. or not good.

It isn't about behavior, although that is the outcome. It's about making a new path when the old disappeared.  We are now in an undiscovered country. 

Many of the things we thought could not fail.. did.  I won't list them.

Plus there is an agenda of evil in the world.  It is the same evil that the Nazis used, the idea of Safety, Security and Protection. Of course the Nazis demanded that we give up much of what life in 2019 gave us to obey their demands.

Christians will need to resist, to keep in mind who we are and make certain that freedom isn't lost at the altar of Safety which is only Tyranny in a mask.

While I know that the darkness before the dawn is real, we can hope for a better day.. but that day won't dawn until the darkness of the present night is pushed back.  It is in your heart and mine where the darkness lives.  We can control that... by the help of the HOLY GHOST.

It's Kairos new day is coming.  You can help form it if you don't end up submitting to the evil anti-christ spirit on the earth today.

Monday, May 4, 2020

A GREAT Pruning is Happening - A look at the future

The grape vine doesn't enjoy being pruned.  In fact if it could speak it would say, "NO, leave me alone.  I'm quite happy being here  growing.  I offer us fruit, right?

No movie maker needing to get his film edited for best use uses all the hours of video for his presentation.  He in the old days would cut and paste together essences of the very best.   What was wasted was left on the cutting room floor, swept up and discarded.

This Virus invasion is not and act of God, but Father never wastes our difficulty.  He uses it to prune off the parts that needed pruning.

Here are some things that will be left on the ground of the vineyard and on the cutting room floor.  They really were superfluous and not fruitful   This great pruning has put them destined to the burn pile.

  1. Many entertainment venues are gone for good (theaters)
  2. Many sports will never return
  3. Many recreational parks and ships will die
  4. Many governmental bodies will find themselves destroyed
  5. Many gatherings will be very muted like fairs and festivals. 
  6. Domestic air travel will change forever.. and not for the better or cheaper
  7. Bankruptcies will roll thru the economy.  Many not because of the virus but because they were marginal in the first place.
  8. A transfer of wealth will occur as some additional over 70 pass away
  9. Major Cities will find themselves stagnating.  Financial difficulties will become even more severe.
  10. Many poorly run states will become even more stressed.  A huge battle will ensue.
  11. A falling and failing in the Church will occur.  A portion of Churches will prosper as the return begins, but many more will fail.  Denominational churches will prosper believe it or not.  Those who served their congregation in tangible ways will prosper.  The true shepherds will be revealed, those who were not will discover the pruning.
  12. Inflation will stay quiet for a while but then will become rampant as money flows thru the economy.  This will take 3 years.
  13. Agriculture will suffer for a while and then will become vibrant.  
  14. The social distancing and other things will become a hangover.  Those who need the human tough will find themselves wanting.
  15. There are hundreds of other changes you will see in the years to come.. your life will  never be the same. Knowing that you can look forward and leave your past behind.

Many things that we once expected will no longer exist.  It will be a different world. The good news is in some ways better, but in many, we will never go back again. We are now strangers in a strange land, an undiscovered country. 

You are leaving the Land of Ur.  Your stopping off place is the place of Haran.  Then you will leave there to the place of promise.  You will  never go back again.  That land no longer exists.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

We are NOT all in this together

The meme on TV encouraging all to stay in is WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

That means I am in this with people who depend on government, depend on science alone, depend on authorities or depend on corrupt governors of states like Illinois.

That's not my boat. I'm in a different boat.

We can't all be in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.

Some boats will stay afloat, some will sink, some will be driven  off course and some will remain adrift aimless.  Other boats knowing the destination and being driven by the right winds of the Holy Ghost will arrive safely.

Find your boat, trust the captain.

For me and my house, I will serve the Lord.