Saturday, February 1, 2014

Doing what I can to Warn

I have tried to be a rifle shot prophet rather than a shotgun.  We have too many who just scatter gun all kinds of airy fairy platitudes about how God loves us, is going to prosper us, shift, alignment and new power.

I'm not against this.  People need encouragement.  Lord knows there is enough discouraging in the world to go around.

Yet, we must not allow ourselves to be either lulled into a false sense of security or a sense of unease and near terror.  There is balance.  It's found in our dependence on a Loving God for Protection and Provision.  Without Him we are nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

So with that in mind, here are a few bullet points we need to know about:
  • Wheels are coming off in our economy.  Without some change in direction we will see decline not imagined here to date.
  • The evil in the world sees our weakness and is taking full advantage of it. 
  • The cultural divide in the nation is nearly at civil war levels.  At that time it was about states rights and revolved around slavery.  Today it is about abortion, homosexual rights, corruption and the invasion of a toxic element in our society.
  • There is a great divide now in our spiritual panoply.  The remnant is actually getting smaller but more powerful.  This is not the case in much of the rest of the world.  Western (USA) Christianity is a joke in the eyes of the global body of Christ.
  • There is a tipping point coming.  It will disturb all our assumptions when it comes.  We will assume things are going to work out OK, and they will, but not the way you suppose.

The last is not a bullet point but a consideration as I look thru the eyes of the Spirit at the whole of mankind.  While there are many who want to do us evil, nations who pretend to be our friends but are not, there are many who would try to take over if they could catch us at a point of collapse.  IF our nation continues on it's self deceived path of destruction, an enemy like Iran, China, Russia or an anti American group from outside might use a weapon (like EMP) to further collapse.  Then at the last minute come in as a rescuer, but in rescue become an occupier.  Of course it would look like France during the Vichy days.  French in name only governed in reality by forces from elsewhere.

If we do not see a turn around soon in this nation.. this which I have outlined will come to pass.  May God in his mercy may see fit to spare us and intervene.  We can only pray and warn. I just did.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't have anything to do with the post. It's late I'm hurt can't sleep. I had something interesting happen come to mind. Don't seem to be getting much revelation on it. Figured I would post it see if anybody does. I was sitting at a prophetic meeting. No prophets of course, Big church famous ministers walking around moving in prophecy most anyway. Deacons standing all over. I heard clearly loudly in the Spirit Deacons are to be full of the Spirit. Attended this church several years. Thought about it comment was scriptural, never saw one moving in any gift. Pastor stands up and says any one who thinks we don't need deacons and worship leaders is a fool. remember several weeks prior him telling the band to go to some other church they said what will you do without us. He said I did just fine starting out without you or anyone and he taught a good message that night. Several international ministers had said their where around 7 prophets there. none aloud to speak. It was odd. I wonder have deacons and worship leader become more important than acknowledging 4 of the five ministry gifts and are the majority of those being merchandised by men. Any thoughts would be helpful.

The Daydreamer said...

Good word Gene. Well said, Where are the leaders in the Church speaking up. USA is in some very serious times.

Anonymous said...

Agreed thanks for the reply. Oddly enough full of the Word and Full of the Spirit seems to be sadly lacking and no longer a requirement it's a buisness. A form of religion exalting one man who openly denies scriptural truth instead of actually equipping disciples to move in confidence and order according to scripture.
I have constantly heard over the last three years very prosperous and gifted ministers beating the saints repeatedly. Give to my ministry look at me look at what I have accomplished. Why aren't you doing more. Bring up 1 cor 14 and the order of service along with eph 4 and the responsibility of ministers not only Give God opportunity in service but make confident disciples. Prepare to be fired on if not linched. perilious times indeed