Saturday, February 8, 2014

Johnny Enlow --- SUPER BOWL 2014 Messages: 1) SEE Hawks dominate. 2)Isaiah 43:8 3) Russell Wilson- Why not You? 4) Richard Sherman gets a Limp 5) Seattle- Promise City for the 4400's 6) The 12th Man: Apostolic Encouragement

 The Super Bowl was full of prophetic messages and I will comment on the highlights of what I saw. The Denver Broncos 43-8 thrashing at the hand of the Seattle Seahawks was extremely unexpected and there are important messages for us to absorb.

1) SEE Hawks dominate In my prophetic word for the year of 2014, The Year of the Catapult, I shared about this being a year with a focus on how to see. This year is Ayin Dalet in the Hebrew calendar and the Ayin is all about learning to see. This is a message from here on out until the restoration of all things has been fulfilled- He or she who can see will dominate in his or hers sphere of influence. Seers will in effect "rule" the world in the coming days and the only seeing that will matter will be that which can be seen from the perspective of a hawk. You must have wings to rise above the fray of what is naturally observable and from that high place even the strength of horses is really nothing. Peyton Manning is a great player and by all accounts a great man of character and believer in Jesus Christ. Yet his name for this game carries the symbolism of the strength of Man and Biblically horse/broncos speak also of human strength. Human strength and resistance will now be cut through like butter by those intimate ones of Jesus Christ who can see form His vantage point. It was impacting seeing the blue hawks eyes on the helmets as it is through the Holy Spirit we learn to really see.

2) Isaiah 43:8- This scripture of course matches the score of the game. Isaiah 43 (Seattle's score) is a chapter most renowned for its phrase "Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old, Behold I will do a new thing, NOW IT SHALL SPRING FORTH" (think catapult). Appropriately enough, verse 8 (Denver's score) says, "Bring out the blind people who have eyes, and the deaf people who have ears." We already pointed out the need for seeing, and it was interesting to watch the first play of the game where Manning looked like he had eyes that couldn't see as the ball went over his head- but that was brought on because the center couldn't hear the count- though he had ears. So the Broncos were quickly behind in the game because of some blindness and deafness. Later in chapter 43, it says specifically of horses "they are extinguished, they are quenched like a wick," (v.17). In the coming days being a mighty "horse" will not be enough. You will need to learn how to see and how to hear. Deut. 4:38 is another scripture that applies, " driving out from before you nations greater and mightier than you, to bring you in, to give your their land as an inheritance, as it is this day." The Broncos were considered greater and mightier but they were driven out. This is God's plan today for his valiant seeing ones.

3) Russell Wilson- Why not you? It was great hearing from the Seahawks young star quarterback as you could quickly pick up he is a lover of God. He also spoke of a motivational question that he originally picked up from his dad, who would say to him, "Why not you Russell?". It was provoking him to believe he could achieve great things. I think this is something that the Lord desires to challenge all His kids with. "Why not YOU?" He has chosen the weak and small and foolish things of this world to confound the wise and the strong, and it of course was manifested in the "too short to be a quarterback" 5'11" Russell Wilson being the great leader all year. It is further demonstrated in his name Russell which means "red headed" and that was how David the giant killer was described as in the chapter he killed Goliath. The last name Wilson, means "son of William" whose name means "determined protector". The Lord is our Determined Protector and He who shows himself strong on our behalf.

4) Richard Sherman gets a limp In another story within the bigger story, Seattle's talented but overly cocky defensive star Richard Sherman, was forced to celebrate on crutches as late in the game an injury left him with a limp. No need for long sermons here, but as the Lord grants us victories He desires graciousness from our part and He's not going to let us get away with nasty pride. I believe Richard learned a whole lot about life in the last couple of weeks and in the future will no longer distract from the team of champions.

5) Seattle- Promise City for the 4400's A most amazing parallel has been playing out as my wife and I recently enjoyed watching a TV series called The 4400's. I can't recommend all aspects of it but it clearly carried some strong unplanned prophetic threads in it. The 4400 are 4400 individuals who have special supernatural gifts that the earth can't decide whether they love or hate. In the series 4 year unintended finale (for financial reasons not because plot was complete) the 4400 have moved to Seattle as their safe haven and in the final picture they have taken over the whole city and renamed it Promise City. The 4400 with the most attention and impact during the series is a man who has a gift of healing anyone he lays hands on- mirroring the call of healing that is on the city and as I have shared on the entire Northwest. In the final episode the powerful plant of enemies from the future- named Isabel(Jezebel) -has been killed and so all is a cliffhanger as to how things will now be with the 4400 firmly in control of Seattle. As part of my word of the year I had written of the prophetic value of the numbers 44 and 444 (please go read for that) and it truly is amazing that this would connect so to Seattle in this catapulting year for this city that represents the whole Northwest.

6) The 12th Man: Apostolic Encouragement Much was made all year of Seattle's boisterous fans called the 12th Man because of their ability to be game changers with the loudness of their cheers. Though the Super Bowl was played in a neutral site this group was again able to affect the game from the very first play. It has also been pointed out that it was at exactly the 12 second mark of both of the halves that a game changing play was made (second half TD run back by Percy Harvin) for Seattle and in those two plays enough points were made to secure the game. 12 is the number of divine government and also the apostolic. I believe that the apostolic has often been wrongfully looked at in an upside down way, where the emphasis is "who are you apostolically under?" rather than "who lifts you up apostolically?". What the church is in most need of is radical boisterous apostolic encouragement and that dynamic can be a game changer. The crowd knew to cheer on what some have called "a group of misfits" and allowed them to believe "why not me/us?". This apostolic encouragement can come directly but also in the form of doctrine being preached.

 A leader who doesn't carry a hopeful, victorious eschatology has nothing to encourage his team with. Additionally all of us as an apostolic people need to be radical encouragers of each other and it really can be the great difference. Of course, there is more messaging from the Holy Spirit in all this game, but it includes all the above plus validating the breakthrough day and time of destiny and history that the northwestern part of the United States (into Canada) has at this time. Whatever else you get from this, let this be a year you take wings and rise above the fray and learn to see with eyes of hope and destiny. Your personal catapult will be the result.


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