Friday, January 1, 2010

Word of the Lord 2010 - FEAR

There is a primary tool the enemy uses to keep you in chains....Fear. Fear is a lie. You have nothing to fear except he who can destroy your eternal soul. Death is not a fearful thing. Those who have seen the waiting Glory never want to come back. When the fear and sting of death is conquered you will fear little else.

As the news, the talk shows, the Internet, friends, news articles, gossip and a hundred other influences propagate and perpetuate myths and fears, MY WORD TO YOU IS AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN....FEAR NOT! Have faith in GOD. Have the Faith OF GOD.

Perfect Love long ago cast fear out. You have to work hard to get fear back.

There are workers of terror on the earth. The Islamic fear machine uses fear to direct and control. Only courage born of ME will carry you thru as the fear efforts arise.

Much of what you see and hear is a tool of the enemy to provide you good reasons to be afraid. FEAR NOT.

Be aware. Be prepared. Be ready. Be confident in ME. There is no other one but ME. Be sure of that truth.

It is well to be concerned for the future, for your family, for your health, for your finances. All of them are common to all men. When I walked the earth, I wondered after these things just as you do. However, do not allow the storms to come to strike fear in your hearts. I AM MASTER OVER THE STORM.

Trust fully in ME and you will find all fear cast out by perfect love.

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