Monday, January 4, 2010

Court Prophets

I do not prophesy because I get paid for it, because I get approbation for it, because I am appreciated (the opposite is true) or because it gets me speaking dates. None of that is true. Yet, I prophesy.

Why. Why do I breathe? Because I must to live. Why does a dog bark, because it's a dog and dogs bark. So I prophesy because I'm a prophet. No more no less.

Since my motivation is purely to respond to the call of God on my life, since I am beholden to no man, since my only prophetic purpose in life is to see the Body of Christ stronger, I am able to fulfill my call without fear.

It's a good place.

But to many who are "known and famous" they have a problem. If they tell the truth, the raw truth, the truth God gives them, without couching it in either abstract or cloudy terminology they will clear their calender and conference schedule pretty fast. It isn't that they don't hear from God. They do. We all do. Some more directly than others. Like Prophets.

Yet, here we are. Many are saying what they believe the hearers want to hear. Court Prophets.

In days of old, kings and courts hired prophets. It was a good gig. You got to live off the generosity of the court and as long as you didn't rattle too many cages you were in fat city. OH, you might from time to time prophesy some truth or another but then you could make it seem like you were prophesying about the king or court down the street. Indirect.

Today, particularly in America, we are loaded to the gills with court prophets. They know the truth. They hear from God. They just want to make it palatable. And that requires dilution.

In the end it will fail. They are NOT false prophets. That's not the accusation. Just cowardly. Court Prophets. Saying what those who hire them want to hear. Go to any conference, any meeting, any conclave and you will see what I am saying.

Sure there were a few prophets who spoke directly and clearly. So few that they are noted as doing so in Scripture. Nathan, Micaiah and Jeremiah come to mind. Where are they today?

IF we take the example of Jesus in addressing the seven churches of Asia we might have a clue as how the Prophets of today could address problem issues in Churches.

Would I like being a court prophet? I don't know if I could stand the pressure and temptation to comply. Therefore I'll remain what I am. A prophet who prophesies, not for money or fame, but for the Honor of God.

That's enough.


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