Thursday, December 31, 2009

The word of the Lord for 2010 - Global Change

There is a global change underway. It's rapid. It will mean that in a generation much of what you thought would never change will be remade. In a moment. Like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Persia will be restored. China will continue to prosper and China will be Mine. Korea must become ONE...the prayers of the Saints are heard at MY throne. Small fires of My Spirit will break out in Europe starting in England and in the former Eastern European countries. The conflicts with Islam will become greater, But fear not, Islam is failing....from within. It's a supernatural work. I am showing Myself to every one of them. Jesus is Truth, Islam is a lie.

Africa has a mighty destiny in me, but her time is not yet. Many hearts of many men wicked and must be made right before restoration can come. South America will rise. Brazil, Argentina, Chile and others will find new places of authority. My Kingdom has been established there and will be made manifest. Mexico is being weighed in the balance. American will play a necessary role in restoring the corrupted broken system to some basis in hope. It will look like unity, but it will be distinct.

There is a shift that is to come. Truth about the political and spiritual vacuum Will become evident and things will change. I am exposing hypocrisy and evil at every level. As people become more and more aware of Truth, more and more are set free. Freedom is not a movement, freedom is Truth. Many people thought freedom was political power. True freedom starts when the spirit in a man or woman is set alive by MY Spirit.

I AM. There is no God but Jehovah. That will become evident and every knee will bow. And it will cause Global Change.


margaret said...

I am overjoyed and overwhelmed by what God has said through you! I am extremely happy about the Islam part. Islamic radical terrorism is the scourge of our age and the decade now about to be past. May Jehovah God finally bring it to an end - by changing men's hearts to Him!

The rise of Persia is interesting. That probably means the Iranian revolution will succeed!! Wonderful! Hope it doesn't mean the rise of "mystery Babylon" as interpreted by some prophetic scholars!!! (They used to say Persia as mentioned in Revelation was Iraq and Iran but actually it's only Iran. I noticed the Egyptian President was saying about the Iranian government that those 'Persians' were always trying to conquer everything!)

Anyway so much to read and re-read in what you have given us as God's word for 2010!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Margaret.