Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prophetic Fulfillment and the Challenge Facing us ALL

Before I was fully bold enough to allow others call me Prophet or allow myself full bold exposure in the office of Prophet I was flowing in the prophetic under the radar. This has been going on a long time. At the end of 2004 I knew not only the gift was but that the office was where I was supposed to be. To own up to my calling. Publicly. This was before confirmations, this was before appellations, this was before ordinations, before the laying on of hands. This was the Prophetic in Motion alive in my life. It was new ground.

Some of the things that were prophesied early on have not yet come to pass. They will.

One of the things was the reaction that I had in the Spirit to the Tsunami in 2004. Here is what I wrote prophetically about that area on the first day of 2005. Five Years ago.

The Tsunami devastated area will rebuild and be better than ever. In fact tourism will triple. The net effect will be more prosperity than ever would have been possible before this disaster. A horrible price to pay but this too shall pass.

It has happened.

The report at the link above is clear evidence of this:

The stunning television pictures of a phenomenon almost nobody had ever seen, coming a day after Christmas, and killing thousands of Western tourists on sun-drenched beaches prompted an unprecedented outpouring of charity from across the world. Governments, aid agencies and individuals pledged $7.1 billion for Indonesia alone, and remarkably, $6.7 billion was disbursed -- and used effectively by all accounts -- in a country that ranks near the bottom of world corruption rankings.

The biggest task was building permanent homes for the 635,384 people displaced by the Dec. 26 disaster and another big earthquake that hit western Sumatra three months later.

Nearly a year afterward, hundreds of thousands were still living in tattered tent communities or temporary barracks.

"The one thing that I don't think we figured out is when you have got hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless, getting them back in permanent homes is always the slowest thing," Clinton, 63, said.

The reconstruction effort faced other daunting challenges. Aceh was a conflict area, beset by a three-decade old rebellion that had killed 15,000 people, mostly civilians. The province was under martial law and relations between the people and the central government were tense.

An August 2005 peace agreement took care of that, and the former rebels have now been elected to power in the provincial government, which has been granted special autonomy.

"The greatest testament to building back better was the peace agreement," says Jonathan Papoulidis, special adviser to the U.N. coordinating office in Aceh. "It can't be stressed enough."

The peace agreement allowed reconstruction to proceed unfettered. Some 900 organisations either gave aid money or put in work. A motley army of backpackers, retirees, and religious do-gooders including Scientologists, began pouring into a province that had hitherto all but banned visitors.

Aid experts say given those conditions what ensued was nothing short of a minor miracle.


  • Let's see. It stopped a war.
  • People who were at one another's throats are not.
  • Opened a closed society
  • The Gospel of Jesus Grew in the area


It's my opinion that God while not causing the calamity, did his best to make from it a way for people to come to recognize His hand in all things.

This seems to have happened.

When this did, I wrote a response almost at once that reflected this truth. It has come to pass.

What is more important is that we recognize that what the USA and the Western world is going thru that has often been called a Financial Tsunami will end up having the same effect. If the Church of Jesus is ready we too will be laborers in a very white harvest field.

Let's not miss what God hath wrought. He never wastes our pain.

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