Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God's Word for 2010 - Geophysical Change

The shakings and upheavals will continue. Don't be surprised by anything that happens. I am using them to bring people to Me. Pay little attention to the predictions of Man. When it comes to weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods and droughts never forget. I am the GOD of all things, even the weather.

I use the weather to humble the arrogant. I created all things and all things hold together in me. Do not call what I created for good, evil. Carbon Dioxide is not poison. It's part of my purpose in life.

I can change a nation in Moment. Sometimes I use events to accomplish my purposes. Five years ago I changed Indonesia. I will do what I will do. It's not anger, it's not always even judgement. It's creating a way for those who have lost sight of who I AM to discover ME. Watch for the fruit of what I am doing.

Things will intensify. Signs in the sky. A double full Moon in a single month is a sign. Change is coming and you will see it everywhere. Fear not. It has always been so. Have faith in Me. I am the God that heals you. Makes you whole and preserves you in the pestilence, flood and famine.

After three days, I will send healing rain. Sweet rain. Expect a rain (reign) of mercy. It's on the way.

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