Saturday, December 5, 2009

Discomfort means Change

It's early in the morning. I'm waiting on God. He's speaking.

You are feeling uncomfortable. Dis Ease. Not ill. Just antsy. Like something is left undone. This is not an attack from the adversary. This is of ME. I am moving you from one place to another. From one Glory which has become comfortable to one that is not yet comfortable. That is what you are feeling.

It's a change. It's a movement. You feel in in your body. You feel it in your spirit. You know it's true.

Part of you is holding back, you are wishing you could just stay in that zone of comfort. You have done well in that zone. Now I am taking you to a new place and larger zone.

The old wine is gone, the new wine is coming. It causes discomfort, a swelling, a near bursting.

Re-oil the wineskin of your life. Become what I destined you to be. I wrote it before the earth even was. There is GOOD works for you to do. Let me take your hands and use them. You are my hand, my feet, my eye, my ear, my presence on the earth.

Did you think you would be able to remain the same as I used you more and more? There is a demand you can place on me and I will provide all you need. It will mean change.

Have courage. Do not fear. Even if your stepping out should cause you to be in danger, you have nothing to fear. Fear only the destruction of your soul, and he cannot do it as you are hidden in ME. Even if he should destroy your mortal body, your new Glory will be greater than you can imagine as you find yourself in the ultimate destiny I have for you.

There is nothing I have placed before you that is impossible. Opposed? Certainly. You have seen and felt the opposition. You needn't wonder why. He tried to KILL ME when I manifested myself on the earth. But you are already immortal. He cannot kill you.

I will accomplish what I have purposed in the earth as in heaven. My will is perfect. Sometimes you struggle with understanding it. Your mortal body cannot truly ever fully understand on your side of the veil. I will give you revelation grace sufficient for you.

You can trust ME to take you to the place you never thought you would go. The suddenlies are here....even in delay....even in Dis Ease.

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