Monday, September 21, 2009

5770 and TENS toward Yom Kippur

There is significance in this New Year. There are always ten days between the New Year and the Day we recognize the forgiveness of our sin on the Day of Atonement where we bless our children, fast on the day and give thanks to the Father for Jesus as the Lamb of God.

It's a solemn time in the ten days. Time for reflection. Time for repentance. Time for recognition that our personal righteousness without the blood of Jesus is filthy rags. Time to say, GOD you so loved the world and ME that you send your only Son to carry MY sin to the cross.

These ten days leading up to the day of atonement are wonderful and awe inspiring. Like the bookend of Good Friday and Easter often is in the Church today.

We then celebrate the end of the day of atonement by a feast at sundown of Yom Kippur. This year Monday the 28th. Breaking the fast. In thanksgiving.

It is also a time to make an offering. The first of two special offerings, the other is Sukkot. More on that later. We give thanks for the provision of God in our lives.

There are a lot of TENS in this new year and they all have meaning.

The sevens have to do with the divinity of God in it all. God says in this that HE is in this new year in a double portion.

The Ten year 5770 can be understood by the TENS of God in the word. Last year was a 9 year. 9 is the number of Judgement. It was. 5769. 7 God, 6 the number of Man, 9 the number of Judgement. Let the reader understand.

This year is a ten year. A year of transition and instruction. And double 7's of God.

Ten is the number of instruction in Righteousness. TEN commandments.

Ten is the number of plagues that releases the Captives from Egypt. Look for release in a time of plague.

Ten is the number of Virgins waiting for the bridegroom to come. Be among the wise.

Ten is the number of tribes of Israel that were lost according to tradition and some biblical evidence. Now they are being restored, not as tribes but as a people. TEN as ONE. Look for restoration.

Ten generations according to scripture from Adam to Noah and the flood. A time for Judgement and renewal. Be on the Ark.

Ten days of waiting in the upper room for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Wait for his empowerment.

There are several other tens in the word and if we contemplate them we will figure out what God is saying in this year. Clarity and transition. From the old and to a new place as HE speaks clearly.

So, this new year is not without significance to those with ears to hear.

There is also a hatred by the enemy of this new time. Ten is also the number of Horns on the Beast of Revelation, horns represent Power. He wants to derail and cause chaos among his people. Watch out for the enemy as he tries to strike you, your family, your church, your nation and the World in these days. He hates the fact that God is in this new year in an extraordinary new way. Bringing people out of bondage and giving them a fresh word of clarity. There has not been a new year like this for a thousand years. 4770 was the last time.

Do not fear, but be aware of the attacks. It is going to get rough but YOU WILL prevail in Jesus.

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denise g. said...

God using numbers in the prophetic...!! yes.....i recieved a number once in a dream,, finally a unknown prophet guy on yahoo 360 got mad at me and told me what it meant cause i keept blogging question about it,,,,finally i posted it and some people got couldnt see the significence in prophetic numbers.....i just want to acknowledge your attempt to get this prophetic revealing out,,,,i will read it again...thank you...