Sunday, September 6, 2009


Olufunso J. Omidiran

The other day I was watching a movie that was set in a remote African village in which a local parishioner was just sent to serve in the village Church. This Pastor goes to the village chief and seeks for the right hand of fellowship of the elders. They then assure him that since a larger majority of their people have come to embrace ‘the White Man’s Religion’ alongside their idol worship, they have learnt to live together in peace. The village chief simply assures this new minister that all will be well since they all exist for the common benefit of all. As time goes on, the parishioner begins to have conflict with the village idol priest who begins to hate and see him as an obstacle or enemy. The Pastor preaches that salvation and deliverance is free in Jesus’ name, but the local priest who apparently earns his living by bewitching and imposing oppressive gifts and sacrifices on poor villagers is offended. Eventually, the wicked priest is exposed, put to shame and the parishioner is vindicated as more people receive the gospel. End of story.

What really caught my attention as I watched this movie was the reference made by the village chief to the ‘the White Man’s Religion’̶ an obviously erroneous description of Christianity! We are ever mindful of the fact that the Lord first sent European missionaries to Africa to show us the way of salvation. My own Grandfather was among the first set of converts of the CMS missionaries who came to the village in the early 20th Century; he accepted the gospel as conveyed by the white missionaries who indeed hazarded their lives to save the lost, preached the gospel and brought literacy to the people. Their impact is positive and eternal.


The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all THE NATIONS THAT FORGET GOD (Psalms 9:17).

It doesn’t seem realistic anymore to call Christianity ‘the White Man’s Religion’ because succeeding generations of Europeans have actually forsaken and rejected God. A most tragic case in point is that of the British society which has quickly drifted towards self-destruct: a nation that has purposely denied God and teaches their children so. What shall be their lot? What is the hope of the wasting youths and future of the UK? Through senseless and ungodly legislation, the rulers have carved an indelible pathway of doom for their children and children’s children because they have become fools. This hedonistic generation indeed claims to be wise, advanced, sophisticated and updated while stopping at nothing to satisfy the flesh. They are advanced in drunkenness, revelry, tobacco and drugs, teenage pregnancy, sexual perversion, occultism and violence. Their aim is to derive entertainment or pleasure from lewdness, absurdity and indecency. In fact, the most indecent and stupid acts often attract the largest audience, publicity and celebration just because a nation is irreligious and doomed. Unfortunately, they readily offended and provoked at the mention of God or Jesus!


Let us cry to God for the salvation of the Great Britain and the entire Europe, if perhaps we may be able to avert an imminent and catastrophic judgment. God will avenge the wasted blood of youths and helpless children who have been misdirected and destroyed in the land. The judgment may no more be delayed. Besides, let us strive to save the youths by first making sure that our own children become a perfect pattern and example of God’s desire for this generation. Let us invest (to the best of our ability) in missions to the lost continent. Should we fail at this, we may not be spared from the doomsday. Shalom.

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