Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Word for the Five Fold...Get out of your Church

A five fold minister according to Ephesians 4 should NOT be the permanent leader of a Church. Don't hate me for this. Read the book of Acts and the epistles. Then show me how the five fold operates inside four walls on a permanent basis. Consider:

  • An Apostle travels, plants, reproves and enables.
  • A prophet speaks truth and encouragement to kings, warriors and declares destiny over them.
  • Teachers make clear the mysteries in exploring the word of God in supernatural ways.
  • Evangelists go from Phillipi to deserts burning with the fire of God's passion for the lost.
  • Pastors are the Oil and the Wine in healing, restoring, encouraging and prayerfully gap standing providing for the Children of God.

None of these are well suited for leading a church over a long term. There MUST of necessity be people of organization, discernment and encouragement to make the House of God a fruitful house, in order and with opportunity for release of all the giftednesss God calls people into.

If you are truly a five fold minister in a five fold office you have been unsettled being at the head of a church or ministry where you have to be the administration and organizational center. God may have called you to Ephesus to find and collect the saints for a Hebrews 10:25 purpose, but Macedonia calls. You will be ill served and serve Ill if you don't answer and go.

When a five fold office tries to lead a church it's like an 8 cylinder car running on 3 cylinders. It will get up the hill, but it'll be slow, wasteful and tedious. When you are hitting on all 8 cylinders you know it, you are in the center of the office God called you to. You can't believe how it works. Then you go back to your church and the box is built around you.

You need a base. I knew a Five Fold Minister by the name of Reinhard Bonnke, he attended Church. Faithful. He wasn't the pastor. He would have been bad at it. He still does. Has a Pastor. Is faithful. Was then. And understood even if he could have preached better than Brother Bernt, he was resting and finding new places in God to launch from.

I hope you don't hate me, but the word of the Lord for Five Folds today is fulfill your call, occupy your office. Be released. Stay connected. Even to the church you may have started or the ministry you may have founded. But, be released to take the Gift God has given you to the places Jesus talked about unto the uttermost parts. That may only be down the block. A lot of uttermosts are very close.

Step into your calling, your office and be released to be what God gifted you for.

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