Friday, September 4, 2009

5770 - A new Season of Clarity and Transition

Last fall, 2008, a monumental change took place during the high holy days. God used the Hebrew Calender to put his impratur on the fact that this was HIM and not man. We had economic collapse and it all happened with absolute precision tied in with those days. Even the number of the year, 5669 that is now coming to a close is a number that speaks of judgment on MEN. Six the number of man, nine the number of judgement.

I take the Hebrew calender seriously. So does the Father. He uses it often to demonstrate his moving. Many believe Jesus was born on Sukkot. He proclaimed that man may have living water on Sukkot from the steps of the temple. He chose those High Holy days to proclaim his divinity clearly. Clarity and Transition. Some even teach that Jesus will RETURN on the last day of Sukkot when he does. The in same manner principle. Born and Return.

This year's most important times begin on Friday the 18th of September and continue thru the 9th of October. Be aware of the changes that take place. They will not be insignificant. God is on the move.

The number of this year 5770 speaks of double 7. The number used by God last year during the High Holy Days to announce his intervention in the economic collapse we have seen.

This is also a year of ten. There is no zero in Biblical number systems. Ten is a number of transition and the number of clarity. The tithe is 10, the ten commandments, Noah's flood was the tenth generation from Adam, there were ten plagues of Egypt and there are Ten Virgins, 5 wise, 5 unwise.

All of these speak of transition and clarity. The flood, the harvest season for the tithe, the law of God given, the troubles that released the captives in the Exodus and the return of the Bridegroom.

We are now in that season. Transition and Clarity.

God is saying to us:
I am bringing you out, giving you new instructions and telling you to be on watch like the virgins. You will see what I will want you to do in this new season, this new year, this ebb of the Flood that will place you on HIGH GROUND.

Things will not be the same. They will be new. I will place my clarity in your heart as you move into this new time.

Watch and see what I will do. Stand still and see the salvation of YOUR GOD.
Prepare for this time.....It's Holy, and HE is HIGH and Lifted UP. Now HE says, "Come UP Here"

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