Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When I Prophesy better than I Can

I had a dear pastor friend from my teen years. He often said to me, I preach better than I'm able.

Now in later years I get what he said. Sometimes when I speak or write a prophetic word, it's clear it's not me. It's not my ability. It's something else. It's a supernatural thing. My Natural ability is actually fairly limited. I am blown away by very skilled and articulate people who write and speak with rich clarity. That is a natural well trained ability. That isn't me.

I know I won't get any argument. Verbally and in print I am a honey and locust eating desert dwelling skin wearing unkempt prophet. My three piece suit doesn't fit me anymore.

The comment Ron makes
in the post below is so excellent. So well written. So clear. I tip my hat and bow to greater skill.

Yet, beyond my ability, beyond my skill God chooses to use me, a chipped and cracked vessel without much honor in the earth to pour out what he has poured in me. I am faithful to do that.

Last Sunday in one of the Great Churches in America (Michigan), a prophetic word I had given the Pastor was read in part to the Congregation. It seems like much of what God has called me is to speak to leaders, not correction; confirmation, encouragement, vision, hope, faith and sometimes caution, sometimes a push to go ahead.

If that's what my purpose is, I'm happy with it. I'm in awe that God uses me. I'll never probably have a brochure with a picture of me with a microphone in my hand. I'll probably never have a big conference at Pheasant Run. That's not my calling.

If God's use of me is to be a bearer of His word to people who make a difference on platforms, I'm happy with that role.

God knows what he is doing even if I don't sometimes. He empowers me to say and write things beyond any human ability I possess.

Thanks be to GOD who CAUSES.....TRIUMPH

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