Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One world Currency is Coming, but not this way

I hear a lot about the Amero, about China and the UN's drive for a one world currency. Then I look at the Euro. Some countries are questioning the wisdom of the whole one currency.

I believe I hear the Spirit say, this is not that. People will not willingly go into a mark of the beast economic system and it's one world currency. They will retreat from it.

Not until it is imposed will it be enforced.

Until then the money systems of the world will do battle, ebb, flow lose and gain value. There will be exchanges. There will even be generated regional and local currencies.

Until the Beast.... Which is not yet.

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Ron McK said...

The bible does not prophecy a world currency. Revelation describes a situation, where people cannot trade without a mark. We must be careful not read things into that passage. I can think of about twenty ways that it could be fulfilled. Everyone has the same mark, so this cannot be a personal banking number.