Friday, September 25, 2009

Freely Given - Freely Give

I don't know if this is a thus saith the Lord, It might be, it certainly rings true with me.

Every prophetic ministry as it becomes more focused on raising money for it's perpetuation becomes less effective and accurate.

That may be why prophets of Old were wandering vagabonds many times.

And those condemned by Jeremiah were the Court Prophets. Paid. Comfortable. Unreliable.

It seems like Isaiah became more effective as time went on after Uzziah died and until he was murdered by Manasseh.

Ezekiel was radical in many ways. Unconventional. Even weird. Daniel became more effective as he shook off the offices and money that followed.

So, if you are a prophet, prophesy. Freely. Without expectation for financial remuneration. You must not be muzzled by a fear that you will lose money by saying what God says.

Depend on God to keep the cruze of Oil and the barrel of flower filled. Depend on Him to send the ravens with your lunch.

Seems like we are in that time right now. Freely given, freely give.

Or serve mammon and become an inert voice in the nation.

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