Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not all are called, some are not -- if some are: See Ephesians FOUR

I have heard and read all the arguments for and against the manifestation of the five fold ministry. It's becoming somewhat silly now.

The five fold is here, now and if we embrace it we can release the equipping power of God for Christians around the world.

How do I know? I have been privileged to know or spend time with people who are genuinely Five Fold people. Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists and many Dear Pastors. When they are in the right place they manifest gloriously the power of God to change lives and equip the saints for the ministry.

I have known or met some True Apostles, people I have spent time with or have been under their apostolic leadership. Bill Hammond, John Eckhardt, Ron Carpenter Jr, Don Lyon and others. These come to mind because they represent the kind of person I believe God is using to equip the Body of Christ in this day. I know many who are gifted to the apostolic. Many who manifest apostolic tenancies. Who without a level of tentativeness and caution would today be counted among the apostolic of their generation. The true apostle opens doors that were closed, makes clear by declaration the plan of God, calls things into existence, causes people to lift up and move toward the purposes of God.

I know some TRUE modern prophets of God who operate in the Office of the Prophet. I know what it looks and feels like. I also know the nearly so's. A true prophet is one who when he or she speaks you hear the voice of God in their language. It's like they see and hear what God is seeing and hearing and when they put it into words and print you are pushed momentarily off center. Most good prophets do NOT predict the future although they can and do. Some I believe to walk in the office of the true prophet are Kim Clement, Chuck Pierce, Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, John Belt and Larry Randolf. They bear the marks and rejections that all Prophets bear. I understand this, I was called as a Prophet years ago and watch prayerfully the manifestation of this call in my life. One thing about a true prophet, they can't stop from prophesying. It's not an option. They are prophets, like they are men or women, black or white, tall or short. They can't change it. It's just who they are.

The Evangelist Office is most exciting. Many who are called Evangelists, aren't. An Evangelist is a fire carrier. They evangelize because it's the nature of the Call and the Office. The one who most represents this today in our generation is Reinhard Bonnke. I have been around this man. He just wins souls. There are others. Rodney Howard Browne would be one. Bill Bright was. Billy Graham. They aren't just good speakers, they love souls and win some every day. Like Moody. They usually need other ascension gifts around them to keep them on the path. It's hard to keep a fire in the box. We shouldn't. On the other hand, we need to work hand in hand with the Evangelists to help welcome souls into the fellowship. Equip them and send them out too.

The office of the Teacher is a tough one. The bible says not many should desire to be teachers. A teacher loves the word and truth. And he or she will dig and poke and prod to find fresh manna every day. Teachers don't need to be educated. They just are ravenous towards the word of God. Some teachers I have known are Kay McArthur, Beth Moore, Dan Rothwell, Butch Deer, Les Feldik and Mellisa Scott. They are often referred to as Pastor. But these are people extraordinarily gifted to open the word of God and make it clear to anyone listening. It's the supernatural office of the Teacher. We need them to keep the other offices from going off the deep end. I do. You do. When you are talking to a teacher of the word who is in the ascension gift they can't help but show you some fresh concept the Lord just opened to them. Like all the offices, they don't teach because they are teachers, they are teachers in the five fold because they can do no other. They are married to the word of God. When a teacher preaches he or she seldom refers to an outside book. They see so much in the word they can't help but share what they have found. I'm thankful the teachers. I have some of a teachers gift but do not see that I am at any level a five fold teacher in office. Just a gift.

The Pastor, mentioned as an office in Ephesians Four is the gift we find most of in fellowships today. A true pastor, a pastor who flows in the true gift of Pastoral anointing will be constantly on the lookout for lost and wounded sheep. They love the Body of Christ. They are passionate toward the people. They will give themselves sacrificially to be a lifter of the head of a hurt one. They are without asking, THERE. Pastors often end up leading churches. I'm not sure that's a good plan. I have known some dear passionate pastors toward the people of God. I won't mention names. Most people who carry the Title Pastor aren't. Many successful Pastor Title leaders are actually apostolic or Teacher in gift and calling orientation. Many have a rich gift of Administration and Wisdom. Education helps but it's what happens in the trenches that matters. A truly called anointed pastor who walks in the fullness of the fivefold spends much of his time in Prayer, anguish, and travail for his or her flock committed to them. I have known a few. It's not a system with them. They really want to see the flock prosper spiritually and in every other way. Therefore they pursue people. A person with a natural gift of healing most of the time has a Pastoral calling on his or her life. They are moved with Compassion.

No one has all five gifts at once except JESUS. He was all of these and is King. God in his wisdom is careful to not share his glory with any man. If someone truly had all these gifts he or she could use it for manipulation. I am thankful that I am called to the Office God has placed
me in. I don't want to be anything else. I want to walk in the fullness of the anointing in my life. I won't even try to be what I'm not. That is the flaw of Saul. I see Apostles who have some gift of the Prophetic believe they don't need to hear from God thru others. That is dangerous. I know Pastors who resent the Evangelist. The problem is they need him. How will people be healed unless more come? I know Church Leaders who are jealous of their pulpits such that they believe the only truth must come from Their mouths, so the office of the true teacher is silenced.

We need the Five Fold. We need all the gifts God gave for Equipping. We need all the spirituals. Let's allow God to put in place what and who he wants and get out of the way while he redeems the world thru the well equipped saints.

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