Monday, September 14, 2009

What is a Prophet, how do you know if someone is or not? Or how do you KNOW if YOU are a True Prophet

We will know them by their fruit. What is the fruit of a prophet?

To say what God says, said and is saying. His encouragement, His vision, His building up, His sometimes correction and sometimes direction and from time to time reassurance and warning.

If a person is doing this, and this is what they do primarily then the word Prophet may be what they are.

If a person doesn't do this, is tearing down, is speaking at odds with the Written Word, is discouraging, vision destroying, blaming and doomsaying, they are not a prophet.

It doesn't mean a Prophet never speaks of difficult days to come. Certainly to be faithful they must. It does mean that when he or she does, they always couple that with a promise of God's mercy and grace.

So, how do we know if someone is a prophet or not? Do they say what God says, consistently, faithfully. When you are with them, do you feel challenged and encouraged? That is the true sign of a prophet.

Should a person call themselves a prophet? Only after it has been over and over confirmed as the call on their lives and the fruit they produce. If you are called to be a recognized prophet, people WILL recognize you. You will be a prophet to them. You can't NOT be a prophet. It will be your spiritual calling to those with any level of discernment at all. Then, when someone wants to refer to you, or when you refer to your call in the Body of Christ, just as some are called to be Pastors, Teachers, Apostles and Evangelists, you are called to be a Prophet. Does Father want you or me to be secret agents, never publicly acknowledging the Gift God Gives? NO.

Of course, the world is at odds with the Prophetic. It's constantly denying the Power of God at work. It hates the fact that God uses fallen broken weak people to do mighty works by His Spirit. That's why there are accusations. It comes from fear.

If you are a true Prophet, you will be dismissed, abused, made fun of, rejected and ignored. Just like Jesus. You are no different.

Yet, if you are a true Prophet, it won't matter. The call of God on your life, the gift he has entrusted to you will be so valuable you wouldn't have it any other way. Just to hear his voice, just to have Him whisper to you in the night is enough to carry you for years.

Thank you Holy Ghost for your calling to be your voice in the world. Even if the world doesn't receive you. Speak Lord, your servant listens.

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