Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We have Chistian Books because we have so little Holy Ghost Revelation

I'm not against reading. I'm not against Christian Books. I have many that are Holy Ghost inspired and full of the Glory of God. Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, Rick Joyner, Yunngi Cho, Brother Yun, and others. They are not studies about the Bible, they contain the inspired Word of God. They are encouraging.

Yet, if you enter into a bookstore and look over the offerings you see many books. Theologians have hundreds, even thousands. It's a lot of voices, some are confusion factors.

Yet, when I hear from Spirit Led believers it's nearly always the pure word of God or a word of revelation. The closer they come to the Heart of Jesus the closer they are to the pure word of God.

Today I heard the Spirit of God say,
"Hear from heaven. Listen to the sound of my voice. I will lead you into all truth. I will cause you to be instructed as I instructed Paul. I will give you reassurance. I will direct your paths. The voices you allow into your life with movies, television, books and other things that cause you confusion. Hear ME. Hear what the Spirit says. Depend on ME. I am your all in all. Just as the glory of the Son will dim the Sun in that day, so my revelation to you will cause all the books and other things to fade from view as you see MY Glory."

Yes Lord, Come Lord, my eyes are fixed on you.

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