Thursday, January 1, 2009


On 7-7-07 I heard your cry as tens of thousands of you called out in Nashville TN. "Tear down the Baals in our lives" you said. You called, I answered.

On September 29th 2008, the first day of a New Moon, Rosh HaShana, the first day of the year 5769, a year of judgment, on the 440th day after you cried out (a full double fast), I ripped them down and gave you a sign of in market fall of 777 exact point Dow Jones Average in one day to let you know that this is of me. The Baals are torn down. Don't rebuild the altar.

The high places are being disgraced. This is not loss, you will not suffer loss, this is purification.

Set aside everything that is not of ME.

All hope and confidence must be placed in ME or it will become idolatry. I will tear down and destroy anything you place above me or in my place. I will remove anything that hinders love. Everything.

Security is only in ME.

I will take away anything that appears to look secure that isn't of ME.

When the enemy attacks, I am your hiding place. Stay under my wings in the secret place.

There will be disasters and confusions. Prepared but not surprised.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD. It was a movie.

Yes, there will, and it's free and it heals. When the time comes be ready to tap into the precious flow. I have provided all you need.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

No matter how bad it seems. I am always with you.

When the times come, man will not be able to respond. Only I am able.

My judgments on the world and the world system are not harsh nor are they offensive. As you draw closer to me they will seem just and right. Don't judge. The sin in the church will be the sin of offense. If you are offended in me, I will be offended in you.

I started with a cleansing of my Bride, my Body, It is not yet done, judgment must begin and finish in MY house or it is NOT MY HOUSE. The refining fire must continue until you shine as pure gold.

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