Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pain reveals unhealed scars

I have a scar on my body. It's not painful except when I touch it wrong. Then it is.

Yes I have had it looked at. It's OK. It's just a scar. But if I bump it wrong, if I torment it, it will flare up and cause problems. Pain.

People are like that. I have discovered over the years that people in ministry are a lot like that. I keep running into ministers, particularly those with a national platform, who are unable to be questioned or corrected. They are like that scar. If you bump them wrong they are inflamed.

I don't run into that in the world as much. It seems like people who are particularly driven to be in ministry for the most part are driven by a need to keep salve on the pain in their lives.

This helps me understand why so many ministries are so self centered. They sing the worship song, "It's all about MEEEEE". They have failed to read the first line in Rick Warren's good book, "It's not about you".

I'm not critical as much as becoming aware of the need to let those who are called of God to a ministry be who they think they are.

I wish they would read Final Quest (again if they read it once). We are far less important than we think we are.

And it's not about YOU.

This comes in response to an interaction I had this last week with a man I don't actually know, but who is on a platform. His response tells me that his scab is still pretty tender. Hurting people hurt people.

God told me that I need to know and recognize this. He also uses this little thorn to remind me.

My Grace is sufficient for the day.

It is.

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