Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought of GIGO this morning. Computer Phrase from long ago. Garbage in - Garbage out.

It's more appropriate when one considers what we think or see or read or allow into our spirit.

The ones most in danger are those who think they are strong. Lest they fall.

I wonder how many Christian leaders were led astray by movies, books and other things.

Whatever we fill our hearts with will come out, under pressure, accidentally, in pain.

Hit your finger with a hammer and see what comes out..... That's what was in there all along.

Now who put it there? GOD?

I use the hammer example because the others are closer to the marrow. This has to do with our reaction to anything or anyone. No one is so spiritual that they (or I) can keep putting filth in our spirits and not expecting that there will come a day when......

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