Friday, January 30, 2009

A Picture of what the Church of Jesus will look like in the Future

This morning in a conversation with a friend of mine we were talking about the economy in the USA and what the coming changes will bring for the Church of Jesus. He is from South America. We have all seen and heard what things have been like in South American churches. Argentina. Brazil.

Huge churches full of very poor people. Not people who were always poor. Particularly in Argentina. These churches are substantial, but not glitzy. People are passionate and hungry but broke.

God supplies. He protects. Miracles happen.

During our conversation, I got one of those flashes of revelation that comes sometimes.

I saw churches, churches I care about, churches hungry for revival, full to the brim like the churches I attended in Rio years ago. Full to the brim. Standing room only. 10 services a day. Full of people who desperately need Jesus, who worshiped him with all their heart. But those people were so poor they couldn't support the church they attended. Churches of tens of thousands trying hard to just keep the doors open.

Here's what the Lord says, "I am about to pour out my spirit on all flesh. Get ready for a harvest of souls beyond what you could imagine."

In my spirit I see American churches like those in South America. Full but very very basic. All meat, no glitz. Much different from what you see today.

Anyone who has ever spent much time on the mission field in developing countries knows exactly what I am talking about. My concern is how can the Church of Jesus be ready for the coming revival? Maybe they won't. Think about how Willow Creek will do with 1/4 the giving it has now and twice the people to serve. Is it possible.

Now transpose that to the Church you are in leadership of. What will this mean?


Anonymous said...

what will this mean? Back to Acts 2:42-47 ???

Gene said...

Like Acts 2?

Maybe. Yes. I don't know. I do know that as Adam said to Eve when they left the Garden, "We are in for a change"