Friday, January 16, 2009

Seeing Man as God Does

This morning I was impressed to consider how God sees a man. He gives us clues in scripture.
  • Not on the outside but on the inside.
  • Considers the heart.
  • Foolish to confound the wise.
There are many ways to consider God's view of a man from what he says. What seems to be lacking in our consideration of others as qualification for leadership is the God factor. King David wasn't even on the Radar Screen of those who knew him best when the Prophet came to anoint a King. Yet God chose the man after his heart.

What does that mean? How does that manifest?

The word impressed on me is, consider the heart first, consider the inside, don't let "foolish" trip you up, worldly success can be a trap that will blind you to whomever God would choose.

There are a lot of Sauls placed where Davids were supposed to be.

God would say, "Be discerning, my ways are NOT your ways, I chose a stutterer to speak to Pharaoh, I will choose whom I will choose. If you choose differently from me, I will not be able to provide what you need thru that person. Look to the inward man first."

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