Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Word of the Lord for 2009 from another Prophetic Voice

I got this as a comment. It's really good. And, if you read it you will see it parallels closely what the Lord is Telling the rest of his prophets, including me. It always seem to work out that way. God tells his prophets all at once the same thing. It's happened over and over and over. It's one way the Lord of Hosts communicates with his people.

I am going to direct you to her site rather than re-post here. I want you to see what she has written. It's worth reading. It will give you hope. It will also help you see how when you stand this next to the word given and posted by me how consistent the Lord is in what he says.

Thanks for sending it Michele . I am going to link your new blog as well. We need as many prophetic voices as possible. The Church needs to get it's ears back and it's eyes open. It has gone to sleep in the light. Many good fellowships that at one time embraced and encouraged the flow of the Prophetic in their meetings, now have all but ignored the 1 Corinthian 14 admonitions of how to conduct worship. God has duct tape placed over his mouth when he comes to visit them. He is in the midst of them, He's just told to stay seated and keep silent.

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Anonymous said...

wait til you get to part 7 when he took music out of worship at his church because of their discontent and complaining about dumb stuff. sometimes whats inside the leaders wanes because of whats missing in the hearts of who youre trying to lead (deaf ears=dead hearts). nobody, not even mt, can force god to be worshiped on someone. he calls it laziness. some call it dead or play church. i think hes right on. talant dont mean squat when theres no heart from either end. hopefully in 09 the church will be shaken up so much theyll remember it isnt about music or sermons or windy prayers. its about matters of the heart. remember you cant be made whole til youre broken. people need to be broke to the point that all they have left is jesus. its already started. theres a reason for everything. look at the cross.