Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ultimate Healing

I love a good healing service. I love when people are touched by Jesus and restored physically.

This morning in contemplating a healing service, I was reminded in my spirit.....

Ultimate Healing is always the end result of physical healing. Jesus healed often and then admonished people to come to faith in God.

A healing service should NOT be focused on healing but on ultimate healing.

I have been part of lots of healing services. I have been part of lots of services where people are called to repentance, to find the way to the Father thru Jesus.

Many people come, not all respond. They leave as lost as they came. Just like healing. People come, sick, wounded, hurting. Then they come forward for healing ministry. They leave sick, wounded, hurting. SEE they say, it didn't work.

Nope, it didn't. You come to the Father thru Jesus by faith. You come to wholeness in body by faith in the healer, Jesus.

Now, you can have faith for healing and not be healed. But you will never be healed unless you come to him for healing.

I think it's time for healing services once again.

I love what Pastor Jim says, "Bring your sick, bring your dead". Jesus is here to heal and restore.

That's not only physical, it's spiritual. Both are critical. Both matter.

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