Monday, January 26, 2009

Witness of the Spirit - Hearing from God - Wisdom

I won't point to it but some prophetic people use the Subjective Prophetic, Things in the natural are indications or messages of God's purposes and plans.

While I don't deny the subjective prophetic, it takes a great deal to convince me that every bird that flies by, every rainbow, every clap of thunder, every event has a message. At some level we become slave to seeking a sign.

What we must do as people of the Prophetic is look for God's hand in everything and then ask the Spirit of God to reveal which are his voices.

That happens in rehearsing scripture. Not just reading. Chewing it.

That happens sometimes in a song.

It happens sometimes in a happenstance.

Mostly because Holy Ghost says to you, This is of me. Hear my voice. I am speaking.

I mention this because I have a friend who is fasting and asking God for Guidance. I want him to win. Maybe just a still small quiet place is where he needs to go. He needs to look and see and wait on the Lord to renew his strength. It's a promise. And that promise has a premise. Wait.

God wants to speak to you more than your ability to listen.

One other thing. Go ahead, listen to the news, read newspapers, even read books and then ask the Holy Ghost to reveal lies and falsehood. Ask him what truth is? He is the God of Truth and he will show you. The tower at Shiloam that fell didn't take Jesus by surprise. He knew the word of the day.

We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Wisdom at it's root is a knowing. Never surprised.

I am saddened by Christians who make a policy of being ignorant. We are not called to be ignorant but to be wise. If anyone lacks, let him ask.

God uses foolish things to confound the wise. The inverse of that God uses the "WISE" things to inform the "Foolish".

Peace comes from KNOWING the God of Peace in a world of Turmoil. That's the wisest thing we can do.

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