Sunday, January 25, 2009

Holding Back the Judgement of God

This is a prophetic statement.

God is about to kick out the props of everything that depends on anything but him. He is going to be aggressive. If it takes a drought there will be drought. If it takes storm, there will be storm. If it takes economic want, there will be economic want.

Dependence on anything other than Him will no longer be winked at. Everything that can be shaken will be. This time He's going to sift. Many will be offended at his judgments. Many will be angry at God for his actions. Many will turn cold and hard as Pharaoh did. He is doing these things not because he is angry, but because he wants to call all men unto him.

But don't be deceived God is not mocked. We have sown and now we will reap. The next years will be very difficult. "Where's God" will become the sound of the lukewarm in the Church. There will be a great falling away.

The reality is God is where He has always been.

We can hold back the Judgement of God by repentance as the King of Nineveh called for repentance and Judgement was held off. There is no King. Today, everyone does what seems right in their own eyes. They do what they believe makes sense. Everything except repentance.

The path to judgement is ahead. When the drought comes, it will mean even the Godly will see it. The Widow of Zarephath was still starving until Elijah came to her. He willingness to be obedient, to obey the word of the Lord didn't keep her from suffering from the famine in the land. Here's a little known fact. Her faith, not her heritage saved her. She wasn't living in Israel. Maybe even not a Jew. She was from the area of Sidon. An outlander.

The rain and storm will fall on the Just and Unjust alike. It's time to hear the word of the Lord and come together in faith believing. We can be preserved even when the storm comes, but it will take great faith. Faith not in government, faith in God alone.

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