Monday, January 19, 2009

Wave of the Prophetic

It's always amazing. There have been two very strong prophetic waves that have come over me in the last couple days as I have been watching bits and pieces of the inauguration of Barack Obama.

I'm not impressed with the crowds, not impressed with celebrities, not impressed with all the press coverage, not impressed with the hoopla and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this.

He won, if he wants to spend 3 times the amount of money on the inauguration that George Bush spent, I'm not surprised.

The prophetic wave that I and many have been sensing is that in at least two ways we have a unique opportunity to reach heaven for him and for our country.

One is for his protection. I have been told that there is something strange regarding his term. There is a substantial risk to his safety. He will need supernatural protection to complete his term. Christians must pray, proclaim and prophesy protection for the President. If he is able to complete the first year of his term he will be much closer to completing the rest. The consequence is not about the President, but the division and discord that will result if he is unable to complete his presidency. We need to have President Obama succeed not in policy but in unity of our country.

Second is for his spiritual sensitivity and depth. I have been concerned about the voices he heard over the years, but if at the core the love for Jesus was great, he will come quickly to a crisis point and turn to his creator for understanding. Who he allows to speak into his life, who he allows to counsel him spiritually will have much to do with the decisions he makes and directions he takes. As Christians we can pray that as the crisis and pressure comes he will find strength and hope in Jesus alone. We can ask the father of all to send ministering angels, we can ask Holy Spirit to dwell next to him. He will never be more subject and vulnerable to the influence of Jesus than he will be in the first few days. Help him to understand the curse that stays with trusting Man and not GOD.

Then this morning I saw this accurate prophetic word from Kimberly Daniels. It's exactly the same. That's how the wave of the Spirit moves.

Read it all:

A Prayer for Barack Obama
By Kimberly Daniels

Father, You instructed us to pray for those in authority, and we lift up Barak Obama. We thank You for the anointing that has abided over the office of the president of the Unites States since the time our forefathers dedicated this country to Jesus Christ. We pray that our new president will abide under that same covering. We extend the common honor to Barak Obama that has been ascribed to all in his position.

God, we thank You for placing favor on the highest office in our land. We ask for Your protection for Obama and his family during the upcoming presidential inauguration. We bind every attack from the Arian Nation, covert Nazi organizations, skinheads or any other racist group that specifically hates and targets people of color. We bind all terrorist assignments from local, national and international conspiracies against our president, government and other political leaders.

We bind the resurrection of the Black Panthers (specifically the New Black Panthers). We break the power of demonic influences from any race retaliation groups in the inner cities of America. We turn the words of their demonic doctrine and declare that black people are not taking over America. We break the power of revenge from these groups against the president because he did not put all black people in his cabinet. We decree that innocent black people will not be terrorized in their neighborhoods by white supremacists, and innocent white people will not be terrorized by black supremacists.

Father, we ask You to reveal Your Son Jesus to our new president as the only way to God. We ask You to cause him to have a Saul-to-Paul experience. Release the pricks and goads upon his heart at an accelerated pace so that his heart will turn to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Deliver him and let him experience a genuine new birth in his spirit. God, deal with our president about the innocent bloodshed of the unborn and the sanctity of marriage.

Open doors for true prophets to speak to Obama in the White House. We bind the ministry of psychics, the teaching of black liberation theology, and every New Age and secular humanist doctrine away from the White House.

God, put Your angels around the White House. As the president is escorted down the streets of Washington, D.C., during the inauguration, let there be no breaches in security. Let the angels fill in the gaps, in Jesus' name.

Anoint the secret service agents with a double portion during the inauguration and throughout the rest of Obama's tenure. We bind the spirit of the double agent. We come against the Judas spirit in the secret service, CIA, NSA and FBI in the name of Jesus.

Lord, we come against every stronghold that keeps the president from the truth. We break every soul tie and vow that has been established between him and Harvard, secret societies and the illuminati.

We declare that even the cabinet that is around him will bow to Jesus. We plead the blood of Jesus over Obama's head so that the pressure of the office will not keep him up all night. Every tormenting spirit sent by a witch or warlock is bound in Jesus' name.

Lord, expose the work of every witch, sorcerer, spiritualist or person from the dark side operating through his cabinet members or through anyone else closely associated with him. We block the power of the influence of the Yoruba religion and all other groups of black people who worship their ancestors, in Jesus' name. We put barriers around the Unites States that will bind and block the witchcraft coming from Kenya to influence our president in Jesus' name. Let the power of every dedication of his past be broken, in Jesus' name.

Keep and protect our new president, his wife, his children and his mother-in-law from kidnappings, assassinations, harassments and any other kind of attacks while they are in the White House. Let every hidden secret and dark thing operating behind the scenes be exposed expediently, in Jesus' name. Let every hindering spirit that would oppose the progress of our country be removed—now—in the name of the Lord.

Father, we pray that our president will not sit in the counsel of the ungodly. We bind all alliances that would hinder the peace and protection of our country. Let all the covert plans of the enemy be infiltrated with light. Put people in the path of our president who will tell him the truth and speak the word of the Lord.

We ask You, Lord, to shut the door to every spiritual leader who desires to frequent the White House for fame and glory. Shut the doors and shut their mouths. Let their words hold no weight in the Spirit. Remove every compromising, lukewarm Christian leader who wants to whisper sweet nothings in our president's ear. Send spiritual leaders who have kingdom mind-sets and hearts for the nation.

We break the iron rod of hatred, racism and prejudice in the United States. We apply the blood of Jesus over our nation. We decree that disunity concerning Obama is being uprooted in the church, and the church will find common ground to stand in the gap concerning the matter.

Lord, help us to build up the walls around our nation that were destroyed during the recent presidential election. We pray that our enemies will not launch a sneak attack on us while we are distracted. Wake up the sleeping church. Let us make supplication, prayers and intercession, and give thanks for all men, especially all who are in authority over us, so that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in America, in godliness and honesty (see 1 Tim. 2:1-2).

As we pray, let every ungodly and dishonest thing be exposed and dealt with by the Holy Ghost. Lord, we know that our prayers and supplications concerning this matter are good and acceptable in Your sight because it is Your will for all men to be saved and to know the truth (see vv. 3-4).

We drown every spirit traveling from overseas to wreak havoc. We bind the spirit of havoc and chaos from birthing martial law in the land. We bind spirits that would cause us to lose our constitutional and civil liberties. We declare that the gospel and those who preach it shall have free course in the earth.

We break all agreements between Obama and the nations of the Middle East that would cause America to turn its back on Israel. We decree that a love for Israel will be released in America like never before. Lord, Your Word says that You will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse that nation (see Gen. 12:3). We bless Israel!

Father, we ask You to move over Barack Obama and America. Keep and protect him. Your Word says that the heart of the king is in Your hand, and like a river You turn it wherever You will (see Prov. 21:1). Father, turn his heart in the direction of Your favor, timing and plan.

In closing, Lord, we ask You to supernaturally intervene concerning the laws that will affect the civil liberties of believers. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


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Bill Dotson said...

I came upon your post from a Google Alert I set up on the phrase, "plead the blood". Many of the hits I get on my blog,, come from searches done on that phrase. I thought you may be interested in reading what God showed me about pleading the blood over your family. I do this every morning. Check it out at: and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

I'm with you praying for our next president. Be blessed!