Friday, January 16, 2009

On This Day - A word of new beginnings

Beloved, Moses has passed away. John the Baptist has passed away. Old ways of thinking and living have passed away. Moses is dead and so is the life you had before Me, so move on and cross over the Red Sea of any circumstance in your life(Joshua 1:2). I am with you to make a way where there is no way.

You no longer have to live a life void of power and its demonstration. . A whole new avenue…whole new covenant of intimacy came when the veil was rent in two. Yes, a whole new order…a whole new dominion came and is fulfilled. Beloved, it is fulfilled in you. I have given you all you need. For whatever is born of Me overcomes and you are born again in Me; therefore, you overcome. The victory that has overcome the world is your faith. It is faith that overcomes…it is your faith that overcomes (1 John 5:4).

Time has come to press on…leave the Red Seas behind and listen carefully to all I say. Never get so frustrated you behave like Moses and strike the rock after I have told you to speak to it. After all, you are made for the promised land…and I am always near to give you fresh revelation so fear not and press ON!…

“Moses My servant is dead. So now arise [take his place], go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land which I am giving to them, the Israelites” (Joshua 1:2 Amplified)

From Brenda Craig

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Brenda Craig said...

Thank you so very much for including this Word on your website...what a blessing...I pray it is a blessing to all your readers...thank you

Blessings In Him
Brenda Craig