Monday, August 17, 2015

How to ID the DEVIL

Just this morning I came across a scam, it smelled at once.  Using racism to try to incite riot and extract money from sympathetic people. It was demonic.

There are a lot of things the devil is, but when you spot him, his calling card has only one word on it.. LIAR.

Of course scripture has other words Deceiver, Accuser, Misleader,  all types of things designed to trap and derail the Christian.

This is why we are given the gift of Discernment.  To spot the lies.

We can't give the devil too much honor or power, he is a defeated foe.. yet to underestimate his evil intent and capacity to deceive even the very elect would be a mistake as well.

Jesus is the TRUTH. When Pilate asked Him, what is truth.. He said..

I am the truth and the way.. no man comes to the Father..

Yet there are deceivers used by satan in human flesh.. they come as angels of light.  Watch for them. They are looking for ways to trip you up.  When a story is too easy, too convenient, too motivating to take negative action, it's probably the devil.

He's wandering about like a roaring lion looking for those to devour.  Don't be one.

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