Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Everybody in ministry today seems to have some angle, some secret revelation, some unique factor.... this attempt by senior leaders to carve out a niche is polluting the word of God, the message of the Gospel, Robbing God of Glory and Confusing the saints. What we need to do is revisit the core truths of the Gospel once again. We have so many preachers claiming this or that insight into the DEEP things of God that people are drowning.

This is all a blatant attempt on the part of some to build a ministry, attract members, find acceptance, create notoriety and ministerial career advancement.

Please stop. You embarrass many of us with your foolishness. Rightly divide.. but don't get nutty. I have heard some of the dumbest preaching on things like the color of Aaron's beard, Moses wife and the knife and the ever famous LODEBAR which only works because of it's phonetic sound. I have heard so many preachers intone "LOW DE BAR" with sonorous tones and no meat at all... clouds without rain.

Much of the recent things regarding Blood Moons, Shemitah and Harbinger is this kind of deep stuff. As foolish as the guy who claimed that Jesus would return in 1988 because he had 88 reasons. Harold Camping did the same thing. Sold a lot of books and made the Body of Christ less because of it.

These things pollute the message of the Kingdom.. the same one Jesus preached for 40 days after rising from the dead.

Let's get back to the basics, if you have some revelation, it's probably just for YOU.. keep it to yourself. Ponder it. Jim Jones had unique revelations and it killed hundreds.  Mohammad had deep revelations and wrote the Koran.. that led to the mess we have today.  When the world buys into the foolish deep things it causes panic where none should be, or misleads gullible people.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't wrestle with the things of God and dig for truth, but let's try to stay out of stupid.. OK?

THAT is the word of the Lord for SOMEONE TODAY

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Fallout said...

The teachings on the rapture strikes me in the way that you describe...I have dug deep into the scriptures and have insight into the rapture. At the end of the program is my special offer to you, “The Rapture Revolution”. This DVD set includes, “The Ten Hidden Messages in the Bible on The Rapture of the Church.” Plus the bonus CD, “Why the Bride Will Be Taken Before The Tribulation.” Please stay turned and our announcer will tell you where I'll be for the next 5 years...(if I'm not raptured before then.) *

Why all the emphases on the rapture doctrine? If I had never heard about it and was suddenly taken out of this world, would knowing about it make a difference? If I intently studied it for the past 10 years and died tomorrow, did I benefit from the studies? I don't think so. If I studied God's Word for the 10 years about faith and His promises and died tomorrow, did I benefit from that? Absolutely.

The point is that the study of the rapture doctrine is nothing more than a recreation topic and does nothing to build a foundation or even a relationship with God. It's a distraction that removes us from the important things of building our growth in the Lord.

*Any similarity to a well know TV evangelist is not an accident. :-}