Monday, September 7, 2015

When Martyrdom Doesn't Count

People try very hard to demonstrate what martyrs they are for the cause of Christ.  I have been looking at a number of these and have come to the conclusion that some is martyrdom by intent. In this they are a clanging gong and noisy cymbal.

It's not the first time. It's common in the Muslim religion to blow yourself to smithereens because according to their warped theology it results in the immediate sanctification and heavenly reward for those who do such.  And if you kill several infidels along the way, that's even better.  We laugh at them.. but then look at ourselves.

There are those on earth in Christendom who put themselves in martyrs position to extract pity and ultimately money from well meaning people.  Those suffering for the cause are easy to spot.  They tell of how they have struggled, what pain they have gone thru, what difficulties they have endured. A tear in their eye, the intone the difficulties they have endured.

IF the truth were uncovered, there certainly have been those who lived among the unsaved and paid a mortal price for the decision.  There are also those who use implied difficulty to live from the generous largess of others.

I am talking about professional sufferers.  Those who's key credit in their ministry is the suffering they endure, and they are ready and willing to tell you all about it.  The apostle Paul suffered, greatly but he didn't complain.  Maybe they could learn..

Be discerning by the appeals coming across your desktop from those who have polished suffering and use it to their gain. 

I was impressed of the Lord to Call such out.. and did..

It is more and more critical in this day and age to be discerning.  There are suffering all around us, tend to them first.. God will lead you to other you are supposed to go to.. it's the way it works.  First Jerusalem, then Samaria.. the rest of the world is and will be there.

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