Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Glorious Days to Come are like Stripping Paint

There has been a lot of turmoil in the prophetic realm.  Shemitahs, Blood Moons, Apocalypses.  Leading to nothing. Then there are refugees and ISIS.  And incompetent governments. And economic uncertainty.  It looks a mess.. BUT GOD!!

All of this causes people to think something has to break.  Well, I'm here tell you prophetically it is.  It's very good.  Much of the facade is being stripped away.  It has been covered over for a long time like many layers of paint on a beautiful piece of furniture. 

Sitting right here in front of me is a solid rock maple table.  Many years ago we almost tossed it out.  But Peggy decided to strip off the paint and refinish it.  It is today one of the more beautiful things we own.  Yet it was hidden, Dirty, Covered.

When paint is stripped away the reality of the piece is exposed.  Some paint being stripped is revealing deceit and incompetence.  Some is revealing misleaders.  Some is revealing false prophets. Even in politics, the deceivers are being revealed.  Sin is being exposed.  People no longer can get away with what they used to. 

It's a time to stay humble, contrite and broken.  God is on the move.  Everything shakeable is being shaken.  The high and mighty are coming down.  The whole world is groaning.  At the time when it seems most difficult, JESUS REIGNS. 

There has been evil afoot for a lot of years.. but it's time for the Body of Christ, the Kingdom of God, the Nation of the Redeemed to come into a greater and higher position.  Don't allow the doomsayers to cause you to draw back, the giants in the land are being prepared for the Davids to topple. Don't let anyone tell you that you are simply a grasshopper in their sight. YOU ARE GREATER because HE is in you.  We are well able to take the land.. but stay humble, stay in the purpose of God you are called to.  Speak truth.. it sets people free. 

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Fallout said...

I do not know how much paint will be removed, but I have made an outline of what I believe Satan's scheme is for America. We must keep this nation in prayer.

Illuminati (hidden powers that be)
Democrats party
Hollywood---TV, movies, music

Introducing into the American mix:
Pope Francis (aka false prophet)

Pope meeting with Obama
Pope meeting with UN

Current goals:
The synergy between Obama and Pope Francis to accelerate:

climate change
social justice
integration of beliefs
more immigration
“Country without borders”

Major goal:

Fueled by:
Democrat party
Hollywood---TV, movies, music

1) Make chaos to destroy the foundations of the nation
A) Flood illegals into the country
a) causes cultural and economic problems
B) Burden the country with debt
a) weakens the financial creditably which will eventually cripple the nation
C) Cause a division of trust between the people and the police
a) setup for Marshall Law when it all comes apart
b) government forces working with police
D) Force the action---never let a crisis go to waste
a) Create a False Flag Event or allow a major terror attack to occur
2) Have Hollywood flood the news with propaganda
A) Topic for talking heads
a) highlight police shootings that are unjust
b) show sympathy for needy immigrants
c) question the need for border
d) need for government security in the cities

Or maybe I have an over active imagination?