Saturday, May 2, 2009


Below is the decree Graham Cooke proclaimed over the body of Christ at the Voice of the Prophets gathering in Harrisburg, PA, April 2009.

This is a great moment for you. This is about favor and it’s about vengeance. Let’s just wait for a moment.

Father, I thank You. Holy Spirit, You are such a genius at life, and I know right now You are rubbing your hands with glee. I want to say to all who hear this word, this is your moment to turn the tables on the enemy, to live the life of instead. So, Father, we just wait.

I want you to sense the Holy Spirit brooding over you. Is this too good to be true? You betcha, it’s the good news. Does He border on fantasy? You betcha, it’s the gospel. Glad tidings of great joy, heaven has come instead of hell, Jesus has come instead of the devil. You can have the life you always wanted, instead of the life you have always had–instead. That is possible because of the absolute, incredible, incomparable favor of God.

So I declare to you in Jesus’ name, you have entered this evening. I am not prophesying something that is to come, but something that is here and now present. You are in it. God has created an atmosphere in your heart, in your life, where now the favor of God lives as a tangible reality. You are going to discover in these next days, weeks, months and years, the power of that favor. The power of moving in the opposite Spirit, that God grants you things instead of what the enemy would purpose. God is an alternative for you to have instead. And it is rooted in the favor of God.

And so I declare to you in the name of Jesus by the authority that God has given me as a prophet in the kingdom, I declare to you, this day marks the beginning of a life of unprecedented, unparalleled favor of God. That the favor of God is upon you right now, even as I speak. That you are going to learn to bask in that favor, to think in that favor, to live in that favor, to see from that place of favor, to move out in that place of favor, to proclaim rather than to pray. To proclaim favor upon yourself, favor in your circumstances.

You are going to learn how to fight in favor so that you may get vengeance. You are going to learn how to overcome, you are going to learn how to be more than a conqueror. You are going to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, you are going to see the goodness of God in such ways that are unprecedented, unparalleled, that everyone around you will notice there is something different about you, there is something on you, there is something happening. What happened to you? What changed in you?

And you are going to say, I have learned an alternative lifestyle instead of the one I had, I have learned an alternative lifestyle, I am a different person. I am not living that life, I am living a different one, I have the favor of the Lord. So I declare to you in Jesus’ name, this is a time and a season of unprecedented, unparalleled favor of God that has come upon you.

God’s favor will stay with you and will remain with you all the days of your life. You will abide in this favor because I have sent My Holy Spirit to teach you how to stay, to teach you how to dwell, to teach you how to remain, to teach you how to focus, to teach you how to pray, to teach you how to see, to teach you how to speak, to teach you how to walk and how to move, and how to live and how to have your being in My Son.

This is the favor of God upon your life and it will never go away. It is eternal, it is everlasting to everlasting, it is an eternal favor, it has no timeframe on it, it has no timeframe on it, it has no timeframe on it. It has begun now, and it will stay with you forever and ever and ever because it is everlasting, because I am your favor, I am your favor.

It’s Me, it’s Me, says the Lord. I am your favor, I have always been your favor, I will always be your favor, I am the instead, I am your instead, I am your promise, I am your prophesy, I am your blessing, I am instead, I am your instead. I am, I am your instead. I am, I am, My presence shall go with you.

I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you and My favor is wrapped around you like a cloak. It is in your breath, it is in your lungs, it is in your heart. Every thought you have will be wrapped in favor. Every word you speak will bring favor to somebody. You will be favorable because you are highly favored. The favor of God is on you and it will never leave you.

So I say to you, says the Lord, trade on My favor, trade on My favor. Do not look at Me as though I am reluctant to bless you. I am extravagant, test Me, I am extravagant, and I am teaching you how to move from measure to fullness, how to live in abundance. I will teach you how to live in a place of abundance that’s beyond your ability to think. You will need to dream, you will need to use your imagination, just to keep on conceiving about the goodness of the Lord and how strong it is and how powerful it is.

There is no place of despair because you live in the land of blessing, you live in the land of goodness–it is your inheritance. I am your inheritance, I am your territory, I am your promised land, I am your Canaan. I will give you houses you didn’t build, I will give you vineyards you did not plant, to drink from wells you never had to dig. I am your inheritance, this is your day, this is your time. But you must take advantage of the goodness of God.

Beloved, this is not a concept, it is a tangible reality and you must now step into that place. You must cross that Jordan, you must enter into this space, you must occupy this place of favor until I come, because this is never-ending. And so says the Lord, I challenge you, I challenge you. I challenge you to believe, I challenge you to live, I challenge you to face everything in favor. I challenge you to position yourself before Me in every situation, in every circumstance.

There is always an instead, there is always an instead. And I am teaching you a life that is lived from heaven rather than from earth, instead. I am your instead and you have entered this place and now I am teaching you the joy of staying, dwelling, abiding.

Every problem, every bill, every situation, every circumstance, there is an alternative, instead. Beloved, it is important for Me, says the Lord, that you learn to live in My fullness, because the more fullness you draw from Me—the more fullness I will have to give you, because what works for you, it works for you because it works for Me. I give and it is given back to Me. It works for you because it works for Me.

Pull favor out of Me and more favor will come. Pull favor out of Me and glory will come back to Me. So I challenge you, pull favor out of Me, pull favor down into your circumstances. I touch your eyes this evening and I give you a prophetic ability to see in the Spirit to see the opposite, to move in the opposite, to turn your problem into a prophesy, to turn your passivity into a promise. I give you an anointing to see the way I see and to speak the way I speak.

And beloved, I am so challenging you. Come after Me, come after Me, bankrupt Me if you can. Listen, I need, I need My people living in abundance, I need it, I need it. I don’t have a budget. The enemy has a budget, I have abundance. I need you to flow in the abundance of heaven. It is critical to what we are doing on the earth. It is critical that you become a people of abundance, of fullness, of favor, that you know how to get revenge, so you will learn to be more than conquerors, you will learn to be overcomers.

There are high places available here, beloved, come up, come up, come up. This is the year of your rising, this is the year of your rising. This is the year when you become untethered and unfettered. This is the year when impossible things will begin to occur around you because you are living in the power of instead. So I say to you, make a covenant with Me even as I have made a covenant with you. Make a covenant with Me, that you will follow through and partner with My Holy Spirit in these days. That you and I would have the pleasure together of working through your list. And know that we shall enjoy ourselves with you as we teach you to be unfettered, unbound, untethered, and you shall have your freedom.

You shall rejoice and you shall become worshippers. Your very life, your very breath will glorify Me. This is My will. My will is your instead, I am your instead. Make a covenant with Me even as I make a covenant with you for your good, to do you good, to do you good. That you would live in the goodness of the Lord, that you would overcome evil with all the good that I intend instead. And that you, beloved, shall live in a place of high favor and high renown and that you should have your vengeance, you should have your vengeance.

Father, we pray, we say amen, we say yes to You, Lord. I am in, I am in, I am tired of this life, I want another one instead. I am in, Lord, for Jesus’ sake and for His honor, that He may look back on the travail of His soul and be satisfied. This is what He saw, this was the joy that was set before Him. His people, living in a difference place, instead. So, Father, we say yes to You, for the sake of Jesus and for His honor and glory. Amen.

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