Monday, May 18, 2009

When Deaf Dumb and Blind meet the giver of sight and hearing

I want to open your eyes, you will see what you could not have imagined, such beauty, such light. If you will allow me to touch you, if you will allow me to come to you without fear and with just a mustard seed of faith your eyes will open. See, here. I'm ready, I'm willing, just cry out, even silently and I'll open them.

I will open your ears, speak Ephphatha, you will hear clearly, I will touch your tongue and you will speak clearly. Now you have heard just noise, just mumblings, just lies, just deceptions. You think you hear one thing and the truth is the other. Therefore you speak as one without understanding. You speak rants and raves that have nothing but wind and storm in them. If you will just let me put my fingers in your hears and open them you will hear the sweet sounds of heaven. You will hear with a discerning ear. You will know the truth that sets you free. You will begin to speak out of your mouth the truth that your new and hearing ears hear.

Just ask, I'll be right here, waiting. Ask in faith. It's all yours.

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