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Kim Clement: "Stand in Awe as I Reveal in the Next Few Months How I Will Bring Peace in the Elements"

Prophesied on April 24, 2009, in Ashtabula, Ohio:

Kim Clement"Cast Your Nets into the Deep For a Great Catch"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There are people watching from all over this nation. They have mocked and they have ridiculed the Christ that you serve. I'm about to break forth and prove something. Even as I spoke to Simon Peter and told him to launch out into the deep for a great catch, there is a great catch that is about to take place; it is not in the shallow waters and it is not in the nighttime, but it is in the daytime when it is an inappropriate time for catching fish.

"The fishermen fished all night long and caught nothing, but it was the right time to fish; and when Christ came it wasn't the right time to fish, it was the inappropriate time. But at the most inappropriate time He told them to, 'Cast your nets into the deep for a great catch.'

"Now, when it is inappropriate for us to talk about abundance, when it's inappropriate for you to talk about some huge catch and some huge thing you're going to do—at this inappropriate moment"—the Words are coming from the Spirit's mouth— "Launch out into the deep for a great catch which will cause you to be a testimony unto this nation.

"This Nation Shall Come Alive in the Summer of this Year"

"People all over are crying out, 'God, what shall we do?'" The Spirit of the Lord says, "Your economy is a disgrace, but it shall be easily and quickly and swiftly recovered. Hear Me, there is no recession in the Kingdom of Almighty God. That which shall be shaken will be shaken.

"Notice the boats that are sinking, and you will see greedy men—I am capturing them. Hear Me tonight, this nation shall recover speedily, this Nation shall recover swiftly. People will say, 'What do we do to get out of it?'—You're out of it already. The prognosis of the media has strangled your faith, strangled your life, and given you an overdose of exaggeration. The exaggeration shall be exposed by My Spirit, and this nation shall come alive in the summer of this year. The summer of this year it shall come to life," says the Lord.

Prophesied on April 25, 2009, in Ashtabula, Ohio:

"I Will Take You to a Place of Deep and Utter Protection Where Nothing Will be Able to Touch You"

"The Spirit of the Lord speaks to the nations of the earth. There is a line that has been drawn in the sand. There is a mark that has been placed where the powers of darkness have no access beyond that place. There is a line that most people have not seen where the power and the presence of evil, where the power and the presence of darkness cannot stand. For," the Spirit of the Lord says, "there is a line that I have drawn, and angels have drawn this line. Your enemy is waiting for you to get into that place and say, 'You've come this far and no further, you can get no further than this.'"

God says, "Once you get beyond that line, once you get beyond the veil," the Spirit of the Lord says, "I will take you to a place of deep and utter protection where nothing will be able to touch you; nothing can touch you, nor harm," says the Spirit of God. "I've drawn a line."

"Your enemy has operated and stood in the nation's door, in the capitals of this nation. Stop!" For the Spirit of God says, "In the capitals of this nation, the enemies have stood and declared war on the governors and the senators, the leaders, the spiritual leaders, the pastors, and the gatekeepers of this nation. The enemy has endeavored to take My people and bring them to shame. But have you forgotten that you will not suffer shame? Do you not realize that the blessings of Abraham have come upon you? Do you not realize that tonight there is a line that has been drawn and the enemy has no power to cross that line? Come beyond that line, come beyond that line," says the Lord. "Let Me take you into that place."

"Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!"

The Spirit of God says, "Hear Me. Hear Me, hear what your prophet says tonight, for there have been prayers that have gone forth, there have been prayers that have come from the chambers of hell to lucifer their king, endeavoring to try and bring upon this earth the judgments before their time. They have caused the people to go into fear, and to say that, 'The seals have been opened, and judgment has come upon this nation and upon the nations of the earth.'

"But," God said, "this is not the time spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 8. This is not the time spoken of in Revelation 7 and Revelation 6. This is not the time for them to be opened," says the Lord. "This is the time for refreshing, this is the time for restoration, this is the time for revival, this is the time for the earth to rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!"

A Prophetic Word for Pennsylvania and Ohio

"Listen to the word of the Lord, for there is something coming tonight in Ohio, and it is going to Pennsylvania." For the Spirit of God said, "I am taking these two states and I'm causing a union to take place between Pennsylvania and Ohio. For," God says, "where there has been war I will bring peace. Where there has been friction I will bring unity," says the Lord.

Why am I telling you this? "For," God says, "as you gather, it is far greater than you realize. Spirits of darkness have come around and they have stood over these states, as if to say, 'I will bring them to poverty, I will bring to nothing. They will be ashamed and be put to shame.' But even as the prophet stands on your soil, there is an address that is going forth, for the powers of hell have endeavored to cause My people to fear."

But God says, "Tonight I'm getting you to understand that this is what's about to happen, and hear the word of God: The kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ, and this shall take place NOW," says the Lord!

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Stand in awe as I reveal in the next few months how I will bring peace in the elements; where there will be a time of a peaceful summer, where the hurricanes will not rage, where the tornadoes will not have control of the atmosphere and of the cities. There will be a wind that shall blow upon the mid-section of America, and," God said, "you in Ohio will feel this wind. It is an unusual wind that I will bring. This shall not be a destructive wind. But they shall say, 'Something came in and it has settled down.' It will settle as a protection over the people of Most High God."

"Yet You Will Recover All!"

God said, "When you look in the Book of Revelation and when you see the revelation of Jesus Christ, many have trembled and many have feared, and they have said, 'Is this the day for the Lion to roar?'" But God says, "Hear what I tell you today, the dragon of old has no power or authority, for I have gathered you to a place of protection where you will not be affected by the presence of your enemy. You will not be affected by the presence of the economy. You will not be affected by the presence of things that have been coming against you," says the Lord.

"But I will cause multitudes, multitudes of birds. I will cause a multitude of birds, for there will be a sign that shall come to you.

"America, you have been waiting for this day. It is not the day of judgment. It is the day of an outpouring of a kind that you have never seen before," says the Spirit of God!

For the Spirit of God says, "Hear tonight, for there are men and women crying out for the manifestation of God's men and God's women, and they are saying, 'Where do we go, where do we run? But don't you understand that there has been too much grief, there has been too much pain.' There will be a swift recovery that will take place in your economy. There will be a swift recovery that will take place in the economies of nations throughout the earth."

For God said, "There has been a raging bull that has come against you." But what is this that is happening? What is this that I'm seeing? The Heavens are opened up wide to bring a brand new light that will shine, arise and shine upon you, for the glory of the Lord shall come upon you and you will be changed.

"This Next Move is a Physical Move"

Listen to this: "What is about to take place," says the Spirit of God, "is literally going to affect your personal lives and your bodies. This next move is a physical move," says the Spirit of God, "where you will literally feels things physically. This will be a physical move where you shall no longer have to take the ephod and put it upon your shoulders to hear the voice of God."

For even as David went and he said to the priest, Our children have been stolen, our wives have been stolen. Our families have been taken by the Amalekites, and God said to them, "Yet you will recover all"—(but before that, David said to the priest, "Give me your ephod that I may hear from the Spirit of God"). The Lord said, "You will no longer be going to need the presence of the ephod that was resting upon the shoulders of the priest; they could not hear correctly, and they were to throw dice to hear the word of the Lord."

God said, "Not so anymore; you shall hear My voice clearly. You shall hear My voice as the prophets of old heard. You will know what to do, and," God said, "you shall no longer walk, but you shall run," says the Lord!

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