Friday, May 8, 2009

What does it mean when a Prophet doesn't see?

A few years ago right after Ted Haggard fell I was at an apostolic conference Peter Wagner was conducting. Several national prophets were there. Chuck, Cindy etc. The whole bunch.

The question on the floor was how come none of them saw this coming? There was lots of shuffling around the outside of the issue. Lots of we saw it BUT.....

It seemed like an embarrassment for the prophetic. It was if you didn't understand what was really happening. I do now.

Last summer there was the issue surrounding the Lakeland Outpouring. There were lots of problems with Todd's life despite the significant anointing on his ministry. Several prophets were there with Todd at the time and no one spoke up about the situation. Sure, there were people who questioned his ministry, his activity, but not himself. One prophet was there when Todd spoke to a group of leaders and she told me a couple days ago that she didn't see it coming.

I just had such an experience that rattled me. I began questioning myself, not the gift, that's without repentance, questioning my faithfulness to the calling in my life. In one of the Churches where I try to operate in my gifting I was blind to an out of order life in of one of the leadership. One I had interacted with often. Just never alone. Never one on one. Always in a group. It turns out he was not being open and transparent with the people as he stood and ministered. I didn't see it. I wanted to think the best of him. Despite being prophetic, I am not that judgemental. I will think the best of people to edify them. I wanted things to be OK. Just as I had wanted it to be OK with Todd and with Ted. I don't know if his lack of willingness to confront the situation before the assembly will destroy his ministry. I do know he is now going to find it much more difficult to stand and burn before the throne and the congregation than he did before. What was hidden has surfaced in the worst possible way. By tongues that wag.

I was having lunch with Kelly and bemoaning missing this situation. She was wise and gave me insight into why. I think if you find yourself in this situation as a prophet you would benefit from her prophetic perspective:

A prophet is to be judged on what he or she prophesies, not by what he or she doesn't. If a prophet doesn't receive a word about a certain issue it may be that God has chosen not to tell his prophets about it. He is after all sovereign God. Judge Prophets on what they Prophesy, that's biblical. Don't judge them on what they don't say. They are not God, nor are they omniscient. They are Prophets. Gifts of God, yes, but Servants of God as well.

God sometimes in his mercy conceals a thing to give the person out of order time to repent. We must allow for the mercy of God and his love for us all. He won't hang out your dirty laundry while he gives you time. When a person doesn't repent Father will withdraw his protection and allow exposure to bring the situation to light. Nothing can be nor will be hidden.

God doesn't call His prophets to walk in perfect knowledge of all at all times. They didn't in the Biblical record. Many times the prophet was called on by the king a word regarding going to war or what to do and the prophet would have to spend time to inquire of God over the issue. I didn't do that in this occasion because I saw no need. It didn't seem like there was a good reason to spend the time inquiring of God over this person. When I HAVE inquired of God for people and situations, He is always faithful to provide a vision of what is going on in the Spiritual realm.

So now what does it all mean? God is faithful. He shows His prophets what he does to display his love, mercy and glory on the earth. His prophets are not to be artificially exalted when they are accurate nor must they be demeaned by a lack of omniscience. They should only be judged by what the DO prophesy.

As a prophet, Kelly told me one other thing that I needed to hear. My frustration about missing what I thought I, the great prophet, should have seen what was false pride. It wasn't about the Honor of God, it wasn't about His reputation. It was about me. Whack. I needed that.

I said before and I'll say it again, prophets NEED other prophets. If a prophet stands alone he is much more vulnerable than if he stays in a company of prophets. A prophet needs another prophet to help him hear God for HIMSELF. Being the sole prophet in a house has a certain panache and position to it. It also carries with it a danger you don't need. I am beginning to see this more clearly every day.

I thank God for Every Prophet in my life. Those who walk along side. If one puts a thousand to flight, two ten thousand. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

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Unknown said...

I like your humility in posting this, & in sharing your personal growing ( which, really, we all can learn from )-- thank you.