Thursday, May 28, 2009

The spirit of sloth is consuming a generation - Hard Word Two

Here's what I believe I hear the Lord Saying:

The devil has come to steal kill and destroy. If he cannot destroy a generation by war, by famine, by addiction, by infanticide, he is now attempting to kill it by a spirit of sloth.

This is an spirit that looks like luxury. A spirit that seems to have at it's root status and privilege. Instead, it is a spirit designed to crush the capacity for productive activity even when inspired by my spirit. It's advertised, it's promoted, it's published. You deserve this the world system says.

Look and you will see those who take shortcuts, do not work, find ways to avoid doing what is needful. Even in the church. Even among those who are my called ones. Sloth, even laziness has cast a shadow over them. Many among my people believe they are living by faith, but are in fact possessed by a spirit of sloth. They have bought a lie that causes them to sit and do nothing expecting me to reward their sloth.

They have become accustomed to living from the goodness of others and from the government. Some even couch what they are doing in taking my name in vain by saying that they are doing nothing but seeking ME. They are blinded to the requirements and warnings in my word about the perils of sloth.

Entertainment in the form of television, movies, video games, personal devices, computers plus over medication legal and otherwise, are added to labor saving devices even education systems that have inspired a spirit of "winning at any cost even if you have to cheat", doing everything except working at it.

This spirit has been set upon the world to derail the destiny I have for this generation. Generations that went before were good examples for work, but now there are many even of the generation in authority today that no longer demonstrate productivity. They now model the very slothful spirit for this generation. They are being used of the enemy for evil.

A Hispanic woman has risen to be nominated to the Supreme Court of the land. The story of her hard work, her parents sacrifices, the obstacles in poverty she overcame are being lauded. This is a common story in MY WORD. The fact that she is being held as an example means she now is the exception. Overcoming difficulty thru diligence is now considered unusual. This contrast is a prophetic example of how far you have drifted from diligence.

It is unusual because the spirit of sloth is loosed on the land. Your children and your children's children are most targeted. I am calling on my prophets and preachers to speak out against this spirit that has been loosed to destroy heritage on the earth. They are MY heritage. I gave them to you to steward. Take back this ground from the enemy by prophetic and apostolic action.

Some have seen difficult economic times as a curse. I say to you, this is my judgment on many things. This is restoration of the truths of my word. This is in part how I will purge the spirit of sloth from the earth from this generation. See what I am doing and cooperate with my moving.

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Anonymous said...

How does one get rid of a sloth spirit. If you feel you might have it how do you get rid of it.