Sunday, May 24, 2009

Completed in the Faith - Yet under construction

Peggy cleaned the garage yesterday. While doing so she came across a term paper from my first year in college. I got a B+. I would have been 18 years old.

It was on my belief in God as expressed in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the church I grew up in. It was a doctrinal review. Reading this was like going back in the wayback machine. It was interesting to see what I thought was important in the Faith.

On one level, it's pretty good work. I'm guessing many people who attend the Lutheran Church today could not articulate what that 18 year old boy did back then.

However, as I read it, I see in it some Hubris, some dependence on Heritage and some incomplete development in the Faith.

I can honestly say there is not a core theology I reject that was espoused in that paper. All of them are fully in place. There is one difference however, I have become immersed in the Spirit of God. I am in HIM, and He is in me. We are intimate and known of each other.

I am more convinced of the Healing power of God than any other. I am more convinced of the word of Prophecy than I was and I am an example of being completed in the faith - under construction, from Glory to Glory, from Faith to Faith, by the Power and Grace of the Holy Ghost.

Now, if I could convince a whole lot of good Lutherans that there is SO much more, SO much they are missing, SO much that that if they just came in they would never be the same. They would be completed in the Lutheran Faith of their fathers....Yet under construction.

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