Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Vision of Days to Come

I have shared this with a few people privately. It's now time to go public with a vision of the days to come. I see what will (or might) happen as Radical Islam expands in the USA. What we saw in Israel in the Synagogue will happen here.

No one in government seems to realize that Radical Islam in the USA is a clear and present danger that must be dealt with at once. They are out to cause fear and havoc. They want to divide the USA into groups.. that process is already underway. The racial divide is deepened because of Islamic influence. The right to HATE the OTHER has become normative. Ferguson is adding to this divide. I see Islam as part of this division.

There must be an aggressive answer to Islam on our shores. I know many see these people as a mission field and Jesus is reaching many, but this demon released in November 2012 is manifesting more aggressively than anyone thought they could. We cannot let them victimize this nation without an answer. God will not sanction a weak response.

I am praying against an attack being planned right now. I have heard their strategy in a vision (a dream). It will happen at a shopping mall on the east coast.. Maryland or DC. They will grab some shoppers at random around Christmas time and behead them publicly in a parking lot. Yes the attackers will be killed (72 virgins await) but the deed will be done. This is designed to create fear and anger. This will work for a while, but until we face the reality of the internal threat to our nation, we cannot deal with it. Islam is a demon that has invaded this country and will not rest till it brings the nation to it's knees. Our leadership has no answers.


spark said...

"am is a demon that has invaded this country and will not rest till it brings the nation to it's knees" sad but true. how ever once this country on it knees it turn to god. once this nation turn back to god this treat will go way.

Unknown said...

I appreciate your sharing with us what the Lord has laid on your heart - it is an encouragement to me so often. Thanks also for the facelift on your website, I'm Lov'in it! Shalom.