Friday, November 14, 2014

Reserve Glory for the Perfect One.. for HE is Jealous of HIS Rightful Honor

The death of Myles Monroe, and others that will follow had once again illustrated to me a flaw even Christians have.  We hold up those who have passed from time into eternity and remember them incorrectly.  It creates an unrealistic standard that has caused many to reject people who are not "Perfect" in every way.

Yet many of those who were great leaders in many ways were flawed and in the hard light of day could have been ridiculed by a cynical crowd.  I do not live under any such illusion.  I know my own flaws too well.  I know that every great man I have ever known (and I have known some great ones) have some enormous flaws. 

When we look back in History we can point to great men and women of our past who did great exploits and yet with close examination you find them deeply flawed.

BUT.. as is human, we hold them up as paragons of virtue, near Godlike.  We give untoward Glory to msn that belongs ONLY to God.

I think about the men held in High Reverence today.

Martin Luther King jr
Martin Luther (Himself)
Abe Lincoln
John F Kennedy
Malcolm X
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Amie Semple McPherson
Nelson Mandella
Oprah Winfrey
Barack Obama
Winston Churchill
King David

and Millions others we remember thru rose colored glasses.   Yet all of these men and women had flaws, flaws that without the grace of God would be fatal.

The issue for Father is, we expend secular worship on people which should be reserved for him. Sports figures are worshiped today.  Entertainment figures are worshiped (think Kim Kardasian), musical talent is worshiped.  The glory you waste on them is truly wasted.

It doesn't mean we cannot honor goodness... but that seems to no longer be the case. All Glory and Honor and Praise belongs to the King of Kings alone.

My prophetic warning is to consider to whom we pay extraordinary honor.  They are human, flawed and fallible.  Only ONE is worthy.  Reserve your honor for him ALONE... only He has the perfect reputation.

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