Saturday, November 1, 2014

We are now in Phase Two of Terry Bennett's prophetic timetable given him by the angel Gabriel

For five days in December 2001, Prophetic minister Terry Bennett received visitations from the angel Gabriel revealing to him a 21-year period marking the rise of the antichrist to a position of ruling the world economy, government, and a new one-world religion.

Terry said the angel appeared to him in December 2001, starting the 10th day of December and going through the 14th. He said Gabriel visited with him for several hours each day and told him what would occur during a 21-year period starting in 2008 through 2028. He divided the period into three seven-year periods. He then spoke about each seven-year period revealing what would be the predominant issue of each period. As Gabriel spoke about these things Terry was shown visions allowing him to see the events happening.

Each period will have a predominant issue beginning with economic trouble, then governmental changes, and finally the rise of a one-world religion. In all of the 21 years (from 2008-2028) there will be some elements from all three of these areas.

Period One – Economic Trouble:
The predominant issue of the first period, from 2008-2015 would be economic problems. Gabriel told Terry, “2008 will be the beginning of economic sorrows in our nation and in the world. During this time the great economic wealth of the United States will be neutralized and the military power of the United States will be greatly diminished.” The economic problems will be the primary cause for the military power being weakened.

Gabriel told him, “The status of the United States as a world power would end during this time.“
Terry explained there was at least some good that would come from this, “In one sense of it this is the protection of the Lord because if it were not for this downfall the spirit of antichrist that is coming out of Europe would make a grab for this nation.”

There will be a change in the U.S. currency. A different currency is going to come, at least one. That will entail us no longer being the reserve currency of the world. I believe we are on the verge of seeing those things take place in our nation and the banking system failing again. So there are very serious things coming economically.

Period Two – Governmental Changes:
The economic problems of the first seven-year period would be the primary cause for the next major issue occurring during the second period from 2015-2021. 2014-2015 would be a transitional year leading to the next seven-year period, which would be a time of dramatic changes in governments around the world, great political turmoil, and wars.

Terry explained, “What the United States is going to go through is civil conflict, civil war, and then invasion. This will greatly diminish the desire of the spirit of antichrist to take hold of this nation. So there was a side of it, particularly if we pray, that all of this would result in a blessing from the Lord to keep us from the domain of the spirit of antichrist. I saw in the governmental arena we will go through a dramatic change in our government and there would be a time of anarchy and chaos. For a while we will have a fractional government, which means basically our government will come down to the state level because of the military stepping in and having to seize control of our federal government. We would call it a coup, but in all honesty it will be to help our nation. That is why the military will step in. I believe we are now on the verge of these things happening. Lawlessness and chaos was shown to me, and civil unrest.”

The angel Gabriel told Terry, “When the checks from our government stop coming to the people the chaos will ensue.”

Terry explained, “Then we are going to see a major change with our government. The great economic turmoil in the 2014-2015 year of transition will bring on these changes in government. Then there will arise a new government in Europe, which Gabriel warned me. Here is what he said to me back in 2001, “Keep your eyes on four nations. They are signposts to what is coming. Firstly keep your eyes on Greece. Secondly, keep your eyes on Italy. Thirdly, keep your eyes on Spain. Fourth keep your eyes on France. Greece is going to want another Alexander the Great. Italy is going to want and emperor. Spain is going to want a king and queen. France is going to want another Napoleon. Satan is going to offer that to them in one person. They will say yes. Through chaos they will gain control.”
Terry explained, “I believe some of that chaos will be created, purposeful, while other chaotic events will come because once they get it going they will be unable to control it. The economic chaos will lead to dramatic governmental change in Europe, as it will here in our nation. It will begin in the economic arena and then go forth into the governmental arena. Major governmental changes are going to happen in various parts of the world, particularly in Europe.

Period Three – The Rise of a One-World Religion
The final phase revealed to Terry occurs in 2022-2028. The predominant part of the governmental troubles will be in preparation for, particularly in Europe, the arising of the spirit of antichrist. What is coming is called the new world order, but behind that is the spirit of antichrist and the false prophet spirit with that. With that is coming a one-world religion.

Terry explained, “I was told it would be a combination of three world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all brought together into a one-world religion. Those three would be combined as a compromise, a mixture. Each of those three religions believes in one god whereas other religions have many gods. The one-world religion will be presented as a solution that will bring peace, when in reality it will be a compromise and a mixture offered by Satan to turn the world away from the absoluteness that there is no other name under heaven whereby men can be saved than the name of Jesus Christ. Anybody who refuses to accept the new one-world religion will be labeled as a radical terrorist and a threat to world peace. As it goes forward it will move to murder. It will be declared by a religious leader in Europe that this person whom they will receive as their governmental leader is god, when in reality it is the antichrist”

When this religious leader declared this man to be god, Terry saw hundreds of thousands of Catholics rose up and said no. They resisted what they knew was an attack against the Lord Jesus himself. As a result many Catholics were murdered. He also saw many Protestants resisting and they were also put to death in great numbers. He saw millions of these resisters put to death, martyred for their refusal to accept the divinity of the antichrist.

Terry explained, “There will also be resistor nations and tribes of people, even in the European area, who will be unwilling to go down that path, but it was at great cost of life that they will resist, and some of them will resist. Satan is going to push for worldwide acceptance of the antichrist, but he will never be fully accepted. There will be sheep nations that absolutely resist and there will be people groups who absolutely resist.”

Gabriel told Terry, “The people of Ireland and Scotland will never bow to the antichrist.”
Gabriel told Terry, “You will see 666. You will see the number of man demonically controlled in economics, government, and religion. When it goes to religion that is when the mass martyrdom begins.”

Unprecedented Exploits from a Remnant:
We know from the Bible a time of great trouble is coming upon the whole earth. However, for those who walk close with God will see great things during these times.

Terry Bennett explained, “At the same time as the unprecedented in the earth is happening I believe there is going to be the unprecedented moving of the spirit of God among His people. I believe a lot of that is going to be a remnant issue. I want every person to be involved in that, but I believe, especially in western culture, there is going to be a remnant issue, although I think there is going to be some very major moves of God in western areas of the world, but even more so in the east. The Lord keeps saying to me that His people are going to do unprecedented exploits. He is saying to expect the unprecedented, what has never even been written and what has never even been heard about. What we have recorded in the scriptures, but I believe we are in the final showdown here. The Lord said to me, ‘Prepare for the invasion of heaven.’ The unprecedented is upon us. God is going to do that which has never even been heard about and that is exciting.”

Consider What Has Already Happened: 
Since Terry received these revelations in 2001 and he saw events that would start in 2008 we now have the benefit of hindsight to see how accurate he was. He saw economic problems would begin in America and the world in 2008, and that is exactly what happened when the housing market collapsed. Anyone who thinks our economy has recovered from the 2008 collapse is mistaken. Despite the non-stop propaganda coming from the mainstream news media to convince us of a recovery, there has been no recovery because none of the problems that caused the 2008 collapse have been addressed. In fact, the problems are much worse today than they were then. Just consider these points:
  • Our government debt is now nearly double what it was in 2008.
  • Our Congress has now suspended the debt ceiling.
  • The too-big-to-fail banks are now even bigger.
  • The FDIC has approved plans to use depositor accounts for bank bail-ins.
  • Our southern border is now wide open, making us more vulnerable than ever to terrorist attacks.
  • Median household income in the United States has declined 8% since 2007 (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).
  • Despite a growing population there are 1.4 million fewer full-time jobs in America today than in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Gene I presume you wrote this. Bless you for it. I have come to know Terry's ministry very well and this man is a true prophet who is having stunning encounters with heaven.

He actually has a conference this weekend that began last night. Here is a link to the webstream.

God bless you...

Anonymous said...

Terry Bennett' word has always rubbed my spirit the wrong way. Plus what he is saying is a dead, direct contradiction what your recent prophetic word was as follows:

"I told you that the year to come would be a year of turning. 2015, A year when things that seemed like there was no hope would become hopeful. The past is past, there is now a new day of Grace and Victory."

"The economy that seems so fearful will find new strength, it will build back on a more solid foundation. There will be renewed vigor. The world will be surprised by what seems to be a turn around. Even the energy being produced has created a new human potential. I led those who know my name to find hidden riches in secret places. They did and it will cause you to find more peace."

Gene said...

No I did not write this, I would have linked to it, but the blog from which it came is full of things that are way off base. I just noted that this was on the money. I wrote exactly the same prophecy that Bennett did at the turn of the year in my little booklet, facing the end. I will post some references to it. I think we need to know that these prophesies are accurate. This one is.. and it has been stated more than once but other prophets. I did not know that Terry had written all this. BUT since it was already in the public domain, I posted it.

Gene said...

About the recent prophecy. It doesn't contradict, it just amplifies the fact that there are ebbs and flows. It's not a straight line. Look at the word I brought again you referred to and look at what Bennett brought. He says a change will take place and it will cause things to come to a place of unrest. So did I. 2015 IS a turning point, for better... yet there will be a day.

spark said...

I think he was given a possible future. in order satan plan to work economic collapse has to happen. your prophecy seem that god give his people a way to stop satan plans
""I told you that the year to come would be a year of turning. 2015, A year when things that seemed like there was no hope would become hopeful. The past is past, there is now a new day of Grace and Victory."

"The economy that seems so fearful will find new strength, it will build back on a more solid foundation. There will be renewed vigor. The world will be surprised by what seems to be a turn around. Even the energy being produced has created a new human potential. I led those who know my name to find hidden riches in secret places. They did and it will cause you to find more peace."
in anther time line the economic collapse did not happen and new order agenda move at much slower place.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will shed some light. There are 2 kingdoms operating on this earth. The Kingdom of satan, Babylon, and the Kingdom of the Lord, Zion. We are about to enter the best of times and the worst of times. The remnant is about to be empowered beyond our wildest imaginations with staggering signs and wonders following. The Bride's revival is about to begin. All hell is also about to unleash on this earth as is already in motion....Fasten your seatbelts. Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Mick said...

"The economy that seems so fearful will find new strength, it will build back on a more solid foundation. There will be renewed vigor."

Terry recently did a video saying 2015 will be the beginning of a long economic downfall, leading to the US's near total destruction.

I cannot reconcile the quote above with this prediction.

Anonymous said...

People of God, be fully aware that most negative comments made on on the internet,attacking God" people are coming from witches, warlocks and satanist. What kind of people would hate Terry Bennett? This man is basically laying his life down so that some of us can come out. Even though religious people kill the prophets of old. Am still believing that most involved in the net war on the saints are direct attack from satan

Anonymous said...

Personally for my family we are seeing the signs of turmoil and potential shemitah judgment/global currency reset...yet my wife just accepted a promotion increasing our income x3... and the same week got news that our house will sell in June leaving us with a nice chunk of change to possibly finally purchase a home w land enough to begin a more sustainable lifestyle and by the grace of God lead others and help others to know God in the midst of crisis.
All of that said , I see Terry's word as legit in both regards